New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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SAMUEL DODGE married Salome Bickford June 3, 1835 in Croydon. Both were residents of Croydon

SAMUEL DODGE married Rachel Shepard July 4, 1784, reported from Amherst

SAMUEL DODGE married Olive Putney Nov. 29, 1807 in Unity

SAMUEL DODGE married Miriam Dodge Nov. 12,1856. He resided in Exeter and she in Hampton Falls

SAMUEL DODGE married Hannah Davis July 8, 1838 in S. Hampton. He was a resident of Newburyport and she of S. Hampton

SAMUEL DODGE married Jane Dodge Apr. 12, 1821, reported from Antrim, both residing in Society Land

SAMUEL DODGE married Miss Sophia Chandler Sept.12, 1814 New Boston

SAMUEL DODGE married Monice Dodge Feb. 7, 1817 in Weare, both residents of New Boston

SAMUEL DODGE married Fanny Pearson June 30, 1812, reported from Exeter, both residents of Exeter

SAMUEL DODGE married Mary Hasseltine 1805 reported from Chester. He was a resident of Londonderry and she of Chester

SAMUEL DODGE married Life Putnam May 17, 1787 reported from Hillebow

SAMUEL ARTHUR DODGE 29 married Fannie A. Lane 27 on July 4, 1878 in Manchester. He was a resident of Bennington and she of Manchester. A knitter he was born in Antrim and she in Boston. He was the son of S. G. and L.-. She was she was the daughter of Alpha Lane and Sarah Lane

SAMUEL GILLMAN DODGE married Lucinda S. Carr Sept. 21,1843 reported from Antrim. He resided in Bennington and she in Antrim

SAMUEL JOHN DODGE married Elizabeth M. Laighton June 27, 1839 reporte from Portsmouth. Both resided in Portsmouth.

SETH WINTHROP DODGE 26 married Madana Therese Beck 24 June 23, 1874 in Newport. He was a resident of Newbury. She was a resident of Goshen. A farmer he was born in Sunapee and she in Goshen. He was the son of Simeon S. Dodge born Sutton and Betsey Ann Dudley born Newbury. She was the daughter of William Beck born Goshen and Mary Carr born Jefferson Me

SEYMOUR H. DODGE 33 married Mary Alice Chase 23 Dec. 31,1879 in Bristol. Both resided in Bristol. He worked in meat provisions and was born in Bath. She was born in Bristol. He was the son of Elias B. Dodge born Newbury Vt and Celenda b. Dodge born Newbury Vt.. She was the daughter of Ira S. Chase born Gilmanton and Cordelia p. Chase born Alexandria

SIMEON DODGE married Patty Fairfield Nov. 25,1804 reported from Mont Vernon. He resided in Francestown and she in Mont Vernon

SIMEON DODGE married Miss Polly Crooks Feb. 19,1816 Bethlehem, both residents of Littleton

SIMEON DODGE married Miss Mary Ann Slade Dec. 9,1841 reported from Hopkinton. both resided in Hopkinton

SIMEON DODGE married Mrs. Sarah Dodge May 24,1824 Fisherville. He resided in Francestown and she in Fisherville

SIMEON J. DODGE married Hannah Dodge Nov. 12, 1822 in Weare, both resided in New Boston. A duplicate record has his given name as Simon J. It appears that Simeon is a correction of Simon

SIMEON S. DODGE married Miss Betsey A. Dudley Jan. 21,1847 reported from Newbury. Both resided in Newbury

SIMON DODGE 68 married Sarah A. N-- 48, both residents of Manchester. A painter he was born in Grantham and she in Sullivan. His second marriage. Intentions filed Jan. 7, 1895 and married Jan. 16, 1895 Manchester. He was the son of Joshua and Lavina. She was the daughter of David and Sarah

SOLOMON DODGE, JR. 37 married M. A. Tucker 22 on Feb. 13, 1874 in New Boston, reported from Andover. He resided in Andover and she in New Boston. A farmer he was born in New Boston and she in Lowell, Mass. His second marriage, widower. He was the son of Solomon born New Boston and she the daughter of -- Tucker born Lowell. A second record has her given name as M. Augusta and he a resident of New Boston and she of Goffstown, first marriage for both with marriage date of Feb. 1, 1874 in New Boston. His father is listed as Solomon born New Boston and Mary Dodge and she was the daughter of Joseph Tucker and Asenath Tucker

SOLOMON DODGE JR. 26 married Mary E. Christy 20 on Aug. 9, 1862 in New Boston. Both were residents of New Boston. He was a farmer and she a seamstress. Both were born in New Boston. He was the son of Solomon farmer of New Boston and Mary Buxton born New Boston and she was the daughter of John K. Christy miller of New Boston and Joanna Balch born Francestown

SOLOMON DODGE married Miss Elizabeth Dodge May 26, 1805 in New Boston

SOLOMON DODGE married Susan Felch on Feb. 21, 1833 reported from Andover. He was a resident of Society Land and she in Sutton

SOLOMON DODGE, JR. married Mrs.Mary Buxton Mar. 13, 1834, reported from New Boston. Both residents of New Boston

STEPHEN DODGE married Mary Diman June 28, 1808 in Stratham. He resided in Hampton Falls and she in Stratham