New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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NATHAN DODGE married Parmelia Pomeroy Jan. 18, 1781 reported from Chesterfield

NATHAN DODGE married Abigail Hall, both residents of Winchester Jan. 9, 1805 in Winchester

NATHAN BROWN DODGE married Martha Stinson, both residents of Washington Mar. 22, 1824 in Dunbarton

NATHANIEL DODGE married Mary Elms Chase both residents of Stark July 2, 1849 in Stark

NATHANIEL DODGE married Becca Walton, Dec. 15, 1782, reported from Hampton. He was a resident of Hampton Falls and she of Seabrook

NATHANIEL DODGE married -- Poland, both residents of New Boston July 17, 1797 in New Boston

NATHANIEL B. DODGE 25 married Edith C. Ladue 18, Sept. 7, 1881 Greenville. Both residents of Greenville. He was a fireman F.R.R. born Newcastle Me. She was born in Hyde Park, Vt. He was the son of Charles A. Dodge and Sarah M. Dodge, born Edgecomb, Me. She was the daughter of Joseph Ladue born Canada and Edith Lamarshe born Canada

NATHL. H. DODGE married Mrs. Anna Hillyard Aug. 17, 1795 Stratham; they were not of Stratham