New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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PARKER DODGE married Marey Little on Jan. 4, 1770 in Hampstead. He was a resident of Londonderry

PARKER DODGE married Mrs. Mehitable Ricker Oct. 19,179? (5 or 6) in Bath

PERLEY DODGE married Helena Cooper Nov. 28, 1811 in Croydon. He resided in New Grantham and she resided in Croydon

PERLEY DANIEL DODGE 23 married Azelia Lemay 26 Feb. 21, 1 900 Manchester. He resided in Pembroke and she in Manchester. A farmer he was born in Pembroke and she was born in Canada. He was the son of David D. residing in Pembroke 59 farmer born Goffstown and Lucy L. Murdough 57 born Hillsboro. She was the daughter of Joseph residing in Manchester 62 retired, born Canada and Ellionard Parent 60, born Canada

PERLEY HUNT DODGE 26 married Abbie A. Drew 18 on Jan. 1,1879 Hillsboro. He resided in Hillsboro and she in Pembroke. A farmer he was born in Windsor and she was born in Pembroke. He was the son of Daniel Dodge and Eliza Dodge and she was the daughter of John Drew residing in Pembroke, farmer and Lucinda Drew

PERLEY WOODBURY DODGE married Sophia E. Phelps Aug. 13, 1865 in Amherst. Both were residents of Amherst. He was the son of Perley Dodge lawyer and she was the daughter of Horace Phelphs laborer

PHILLIP M. DODGE 46 married Emma F. Wilder 18 both residents of Amherst on July 16, 1884 in Amherst. A farmer he was born in Stratford, Vt. and she in Cleveland O. He was the son of David M. Dodge farmer born Halifax Vt. and Sophia (Stevens) Dodge born Russell Mass. Her father was carpenter born Shrutesburg, Mass and Mary E. (Hunt) Wilder born New Salem, Mass

PHINEHAS DODGE maried Betty Morse resident of Swanzey on Feb. 8, 1791 in Swanzey

PHINEHAS DODGE married Miss Betsy Dodge both residents of New Boston Aug. 2, 1812, reported from New Boston

PLUMER W. DODGE married Harriet Gilman both residents of Bristol on Dec. 25, 1823 in Bristol

PORTER DODGE married Elsa L. May. He was a resident of Francestown and she of Bradford. A carpenter, builder it was his second marriage. Intentions filed June 5, 1850, married June 10, 1851. Duplicate record has marriage year as 1850