New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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ABEL DODGE married Nabby Thatcher, both of Lempster, July 8, 1804 in Lempster

ABNER B. DODGE of Nashua and Mary G. Hall of Auburn married Nov. 25, 1847 in Boscawen Dec. 24, 1884 in Gilford. He was a carpenter, born Tamworth; she was born in Laconia. This was her second marriage; she was a widow. He was the son of Theodore, a carpenter, born in Wenham and Mary born in Maine. She was the daughter of Nathan Wadleigh

ALBERT E. DODGE 19 married Mary E. Richards, both of Manchester on Jan. 19, 1882 in Manchester. He was a bookkeeper born in Manchester. His father's name listed only as "Smith:"

ALBERT DODGE 41 married Emma J. Patch 37, both of Francestown, December 6, 1883. He was a farmer born in Wenham. She was born in Francestown. He was the son of Adoniram J. dodge, born Wenham and Lucinda born in Topsfield, Mass. She was the daughter of William Patch born in Greenfield and Sally Patch born in Francestown

ALLEN DODGE, 22, of Milford married Mary J. Gregg 19 of Greenfield Oct. 5, 1858 in Greenfield. Both were born in New Boston. He was the son of Elzaphan Dodge farmer born in Wenham and Levina. She was the daughter of Col. John Gregg dealer in lumber born in New Boston andMary B. Gregg born in New Boston. A duplicate record of this marriage has the bride's name as Jennie M. Gregg and the groom's father as Alzaphan Dodge

ALLEN DODGE married Mary Upton of Mont Vernon Nov. 16, 1819 in Amherst

ALVAH DODGE married Alice W. Carr, both of Antrim Sept. 20, 1855 in Antrim

ALVAH DODGE of Dunstable married Lydia Eliott of Mason Dec. 29, 1835 in Mason

ALVAH DODGE married Elizabeth R. Twiss, both of Fisherfield Mar. 9, 1837 by William Dodge

AMASA DODGE married Cynthia Hall, both of Grantham Feb. 23, 1819 in Croydon

AMOS DODGE married Lydia Jacobs, both of Amherst, Nov. 7, 1811 in Amherst

AMOS DODGE, JR. married Mehitable B. Weston, both of Antrim Apr. 18, 1844 in Antrim

ANGELO p. DODGE 22, resident of Mass. married Blanche S. Porter 21 of Manchester. He was a clerk born in North Weare. She was born in Suncock. Intentions filed July 28, 1899, married on Aug. 2, 1899 in Manchester. He was the son of Angelo p. Dodge, deceased, born Penacook and Willie D. Goodham, residing in Manchester, age 43, born Boston. The bride was the daughter of Frank, residing in Manchester, age 65, mill operative, born Dunstable, N.H. and Louisa Sargent, age 53, born Lowell

ANTIPAS DODGE of Hamilton and Polly Goodhue of Dunbarton married Feb. 8, 1798 in Dunbarton

ANTIPAS DODGE, JR. of Goffstown married Sarah Brown of Candia June 4, 1801 in Candia

ANTIPAS DODGE married Mary Merrill July 18, 1816 in Stoddard

ASA DODGE of Hopkinton married Anna Rice of Henniker Dec. 12, 1822 in Henniker

ASA DODGE married Esther Smith, both of New Boston Feb. 8, 1825 in New Boston