New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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ISAAC DODGE married Hannah C. Blanchard both residing in Sanbornton Feb. 1, 1829

ISAAC DODGE married Eliza Long Dec. 25, 1822 Claremont

ISAAC F. DODGE 46 married Julia Carter 32 both residents of Littleton. A farmer he was born in Lisbon. She was born in Lyman. Intentions filed Aug. 23, 1895, married Aug. 26, 1895 in Littleton. He was the son of Rhinalds Dodge, residing Littleton 74, farmer born in Lyman and Nancy Gilman 70 born Lisbon. She was the daughter of Chester Carter deceased farmer born Littleton and Percis Dodge residing Shetford Vt. 50, born Lyman

ISAAC FOSTER DODGE married Abigail C. Jackman Sept. 28, 1862 in LITTLETON

ISAAC LOWELL DODGE 31 married Abba C. Sanders 22 on Dec. 19,1878 in Claremont. He resided in Chelsea Vt. and she in Springfield Vt. He was a stager born in Claremont. She was born in Springfield. He was he son of ISAAC born Weathersfield Vt and Martha Lovell born Springfield. She was the daughter of Charles Sanders born Weathersfield and Augusta Brown born Springfield

ISAAC MILTON DODGE married Ruth Walker. He a resident of Lempster and she of Unity, Apr. 28, 1844, reported from Lempster

IRA DODGE married Hannah Hunt June 4, 1829 Hancock. He resided in Greenfield and she in Hancock

ISRAEL DODGE married Miss Lucy Burnham Nov. 26, 1835, reported from New Boston

ISRAEL p. DODGE married Mrs. Judith Clark June 11, 1844 reported from Henniker. He resided in Henniker and she in Hopkinton.

ISRAEL p. DODGE married Anna Connor, Oct. 2, 1823 in Henniker. Both residents of Henniker

ISSACHAR DODGE 23 residing in Lowell, a carpenter and builder, married Louisa Emerson 21 of Francestown on Oct. 11, 1832 in Francestown. He was born in New Boston; she was born in Francestown. He was the son of Francis Dodge, resident of New Boston age 61 and Sarah Dodge age 66. She was the daughter of Kimball Emerson of Francestown, farmer and Sarah Webster, age 48