New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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MALICHI T. DODGE JR. married Charlotte A. Ober May 12, 1838 reported from Hopkinton, He resided in Nashua and she in Hopkinton

MALICHI T. DODGE married Hannah p. Dodge June 6, 1862 reported from Springfield

MARK DODGE married Sarah Page Nov. 25, 1840 in Manchester. He resided in Henniker and she in Goffstown.

MARSHALL C . DODGE 28 married Martha A. King 26 Jan. 2, 1879 in Littleton. He resided inLittleton and she in Landaff. A farmer he wwas born in Lyndon and she in Landaff. He was the son of Levi B. farmer and Hannah Dodge. She was the daughter of Michas? King farmer and Elivi King.

MERRILL C. DODGE 30 married Orra Balch 31, both residing in Francestown. He was born in Mason and she in Francestown. Intentions filed May 20, 1844, married May 23, 1844 in Francestown. He was the son of Joshua Balch Dodge 60, carding and grist mill, born Francestown and Deborah Merrill, both residents of Francestown. She was the daughter of Israel Balch farmer of Francestown, born Francestown and Elizabeth Epps 68 born Lyndeborough

MERRILL C. DODGE 64 married Abigail R. Merriam 39 both residents of Greenville, Mar. 12, 1879 in Greenville. He was a painter born in Mason; she was born in Mason. His second marriage. He was the son of Joshia B. Dodge born Francestown and Deborah Merrill born Francestown. She was the daughter of Franklin Merriam born Mason and Mary A. Lane born Bedford, Mass

MILAN DODGE 19 married Laura C. Baily 17 Apr. 22, 1852 in Stoddard. He resided in Stoddard and she in Washington

MILAN A. DODGE 57 married Mary J. Hall 44 July 21,1889 Stoddard. Both residents in Stoddard. A farmer, both were born Stoddard. His second marriage, widower. He was the son of Ralph Dodge, born Stoddard. She was the daughter of George M. Hall, born Mass

MINOT B. DODGE 22 married Mrs.? Mary E. Bemis 20. He resided in Whitefield. A carpenter. Intentions filed Dec. 8, 1866 reported from Whitefield. No marriage date given. He was the son of Baker Dodge, of Whitefield, farmer. She was the daughter of Oliver W. Bemis, blacksmith of Whitefield and -- Abbott

MILTON CEYLON DODGE 21 married Myrtie L. Juma 20 on Oct. 3, 1895 Charlestown. He was a resident of Alstead and she of Langdon. A wheelwright, he was born in Lempster. He was the son of Ceylon Milton resident of Alstead wheelwright born Lempster and Augusta Clarke Dodge daughter of George Juma? deceased and Mary Juma? resident of Langdon

MOSES DODGE married Caroline Scalis Sept. 13, 1829 in Bath

MOSES EATON DODGE 33 married Abbie A. Weeks 21 both residing in Hopkinton Jan. 29, 1860 Hopkinton. He was a farmer; she a factory girl, both born in Hopkinton. He was the son of Henry Dodge farmer born Beverly and Susan Dodge, born Hopkinton. She was the daughter of Charles Weeks farmer born Greenland and Pheba Weeks born Bow

MOSES G. DODGE married Elizabeth Bryant both residents of Francestown Mar. 16, 1837 reported from Antrim

MOSES DODGE married Susan Powers Oct. 29, 1818 in Bath