New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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HARLEY D. DODGE 21 married Dora J. Bennett 21,both residents of Haverhill NH. He was a carpenter; she a seamstress. He born in Haverhill and she in Bethel, Maine. Intentions filed Nov. 19, 1898 married Nov. 21, 1898 in Woodsville. He was the son of William H. Dodge, deceased and Julie L. Bartlett residing in Woodsville, 51, bornWells River, Vt. She was the daughter of Leander Bennett a resident of Gorham NH 50, laborer, born Magaloway, Maine and Olive Kendall, 45, born Iowa.

HARRY D. DODGE 20 married Mary J. Deane 17, both residing in Newport. He worked in a shoeshop and was born in Dunniston Vt. She was born in Newport NH. Intentions filed Sept. 20, 1900, married Sept. 27, 1900 in Newport. He was the son of Joseph Dodge resident of Bellow Falls, Vt., mason, born Putney Vt. and Elizabeth O'Neil deceased, born Putney Vt. She was the daughter of --- Deane, laborer and Emma Walker a resident of Putney, born Newport NH

HAZEN G. DODGE 24 married Anna F. Fisher 21. He a resident of Manchester and she of Merrimack. A carpenter he was born in Merrimack; she in New London. Married Oct. 10, 1861 in Manchester. He was the son of Caleb Dodge and Thirza and she the daughter of Levi Wilkins and Fanny.

HENRY A. DODGE 26 married Mary L. Stetson 26 Dec. 25, 1883 Nashua. He resided in Newark NJ and she in Nashua. He was an agent born in Providence RI. She was born in Oxford Maine. He was the son of Alvin G. Dodge and Frances. She was the daughter of Edwin and Sarah.

HENRY A. DODGE 21 married Miss Laura Nicholson 20 both residing in Lynn June 19, 1897 in Nashua. He was a coremaker born in Nova Scotia. She was born on Prince Edward Island. He was the son of Edwin C. residing in Lynn Mass about 57 a mechanic born in Nova Scotia and Emma Smith about 47 born Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of Donald deceased, born Prince Edward Island and Sarah Kingston born England.

HENRY CALVIN DODGE 42 married Abby F. Boylston 41, both residents of Amherst. He was a trader; both born in Amherst. Married Sept. 7, 1886 in Amherst. He was the son of Calvin, farmer born Amherst and Lucy M. Hubbard born Amherst. She was the daughter of Edward D. Boylston publisher and Mercy Perkins, born Dover.

HENRY CODMAN DODGE married Sophia Emerson, both residing in Mont Vernon June 14, 1836, reported from Mont Vernon

HENRY FRANCIS DODGE 25 married Laura R. Parker 29, he resided in Mont Vernon and she in New Boston. A farmer he was born in Mont Vernon and she in Peterborough. Married Jan. 7, 1864 in Francestown. He was the son of Henry Dodge farmer, born Mont Vernon and Sophia M. Emerson, born Marlborough. She was the daughter of William Parker Jr., farmer born Sharon and Sarah Smiley born Peterborough

HENRY LANCASTER DODGE married Mary L. Plumer, both residents of Boscawen, married June 17, 1841, reported from Boscawen

HENRY LEAVITT DODGE 28 married Emma L. Batchelder 28. He resided in Boston and she in Hampton. She was born in Hampton. Married Feb. 14, 1877, reported from Hampton.

HENRY WOODBURY DODGE 23 married Mary Ordway 21. He resided in Manchester and she in Francestown. He was a slater and she a milliner. He was born in Hennikjer and she in Manchester. Married Jan. 4, 1868 (could be 1860) in Francestown. He was the son of Carlton S. Dodge farmer and Delila. She was the daughtyer of Thomas Ordway farmer, born Fitchburg, Mass and Jane M. Brown born Manchester.

HERBERT E. DODGE 22 married Henrietta Fowler 20 both residing in Newport Dec. 24,1896 in Newport. He was a laster; she a stitcher. He was born in Antrim, she in Newport. He was the son of Hiram D. residing Antrim 51 butcher born in Antrim and Mary E. Philbrick 44 born Newport. She was the daughter of David G. Fowler 68 residing Newport farmer born Grantham and Lucy R. Patten 65 born Croydon.

HERMAN DODGE 17 married Lillian Rowe 14. He resided in Rochester and she in Barrington. A shoemaker he was born in Rochester and she in Barrington. Married Dec. 22, 1900 in Barrington. He was the son ofFrank S. Dodge, resident of Rochester, 51, farmer born New Durham and Rose Pearl 46 born Rochester. She was the daughter of Henry E. Rowe a resident of Rochester, 46, farmer, born Barrington and Emma Hingman 30, born Barrington

HIRAM DODGE married Olive Butterfield. He was a resident of New Boston; she of Francestown. Intentions filed Sept. 25,1843, married Oct. 3, 1843 in Francestown

HIRAM DODGE 22 married Mary E. Philbrick 17 both residing in Antrim Feb. 3, 1869 in Antrim. He as a mechanist born in Antrim. She was born in Sutton. He was the son of Alvah Dodge and Lydia Elliot. She was the daughter of Josiah Philbrick and Lydia Lear

HIRAM DODGE married Miss Sarah Abbott. He was a resident of Amherst; she of Deering. Intentions filed Oct. 1,1839, married Oct. 9, 1839, reported from Deering

HIRAM O. DODGE married Elsa Jane Colby, both residing in Manchester in 1851 in Manchester

HOSEA DODGE 25 married Almanda Smith 21. He was a resident of Concord, Vt and she resided in Lunenburg, Vt. A farmer he was born in Concord, Vt. and she in Lunenburg. Married Aug. 25,1864 in Lancaster. He was the son of Stephen Dodge, farmer, born Concord, Vt and Caroline Landoff. She was the daughter of Asa Smith born Lunenburg Vt. and Mary born Lunenburg.

HOSEA NAHUM DODGE 24 married Lucy N. Breed 19 both residing Charleston NH Sept. 10, 1862 in Charleston NH A farmer he was born in Rockingham Vt. She was born in Charleston NH. He was the son of Nahum Dodge, farmer born Stoddard and Louisa. She was the daughter of Elifihlet Breedfarmer born Unity NH and Eliza A

HOWARD A. DODGE 27 married Frances E. Webster 24 both residing Concord on Oct18, 1870. A merchant he was born in Lempster. She was born in Barnstead. He was the son of Amos born New Boston and Evily. She was the daughter of Robert S. born Gillmanton and Betsey J

HYLAND DODGE married Miss Hannah Cram on Mar. 8, 1835 reported form New Boston. He resided in Henniker and she in Hopkington