New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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LARKIN DODGE married Abigail Mason, both residents of Tamworth on Oct. 30, 1800 in Tamworth

LEANDER F. DODGE married Sally Ann Colby both residents of Grantham on May 27, 1847 in Grantham

LEE p. DODGE 21 married Mattie B. Holmes 18 Aug. 6, 1894 in Woodsville. He was born in Haverhill; she was born in Middlesex Vt. A granite polisher he was born in Calis Vt. and was the son of Oramel S. 60, residing in Worcester Vt., born Montpelier Vt. and Rheuhama p. Brown 57 born Calis Vt. She was the daughter of Almond Holmes, 64 farmer born Woodbury Vt. and Fanny N. Holmes 62 born Woodbury Vt.

LEON DODGE 24 married Eliza L. Gore. He was a resident of Moultonboro and she of Oxford. He was a farmer; she was a teacher. He was born in Tamworth and she in Sandwich. Intentions filed Dec. 5 1893, married Dec. 9, 1893 in Wentworth. He was the son of Charles W. Dodge residing in Sandwich born Tamworth and Sarah E. born Ossipee. She was the daughter of John Gore resident of Oxford a farmer and Emily

LEONARD DODGE married Mary A. Nason, both residents of Portsmouth Oct. 14, 1838, reported from Portsmouth

LEONARD W. DODGE 44 married Louisa Rhodes 20 Jan. 9, 1885 in Whitefield. Both were residents of Whitefield., He was a laborer born in Dalton. She was born in Williston Vt. His second marriage, a widower. Her first husband was still living. He was the son of Elijah Dodge and Eliza Bowles. She was the daughter of Richard Rhodes and Lucy Rhodes

LEON p. DODGE 21 married Mable M. Bronson 25. He was a resident of Whitefield and she of Landaff. He was a clerk and she a school teacher. He was born in Whitefield and she in Landall. Intentions filed Dec. 2, 1895, married Dec. 4, 1895 in Landall. He was the son of Loren W. Dodge 48, resident of Whitefield, born Dalton and Jennie M. Howland resident of Whitefield, 43, born Whitefield. She was the daugher of Myron S. Bronson 54 resident of Landaff farmer, born Landaff and Clara Rich 46 born Lisbon

LEVI DODGE married Eunice Fisk born Amherst on Dec. 30, 1795 in Amherst

LEVI DODGE married Keziah Standley June 11, 1811 in Francestown. He resided in Greenfield and she in Francestown. She was born in Beverly and was the daughter of Richard Standley 76 resident of Francestown

LEVI DODGE married Emily E. Mullett Oct. 5, 1845 reported from Bedford. He was a resident of Manchester and she of Bedford.

LEVI DODGE, JR. married Olive Blanchard, both residents of Croydon Dec.14,1823 Croydon

LEVI DODGE married Hannah Clap. Jan. 8, 18?5 in Newport. He was a resident of Sutton and she of Wendall

LEWIS HENRY DODGE 23 married Edith M. Farwell 23. He resided in Stoddard and she in Harrisville. A contractor he was born in Peterboro and she was born in Nelson. Intentions filed June 4, 1894, married June 20, 1894 Harrisville. He was a son of Edward B. Dodge 56 residing in Stoddard, machanic, born Francestown and Laura J. Wood 51 born Dunstable, Mass. She was the daughter or Corbin C. Farwell farmer, born Nelson resident of Harrisville and Delia Yardly, born Nelson

LOREN W. DODGE 25 and Jennie W. Howland 20 filed intentions May 10, 1873. both residents of Whitefield. A farmer he was born in Dalton and she in Whitefield. He was the son of Elijah Dodge and Eliza. She was the daughter of Charles Howland farmer in Whitefield and M. E.-- Reported from Whitefield. No marriage date given.

LORENZO AZEL DODGE married Lizzie T. Winn Sept. 27, 1883 Newport. He resided in Reding Vt. and she in Sunapee. He was a commercial traveler. She was the daughter of David Winn farmer

LOUIS J. DODGE 29 married Mabel E. Todd 20. He resided in Manchester and she in Concord. He was a bookkeeper, born Belfast, Maine. She was born in New London. Intentions filed Sept. 5, 1896, married Sept. 8, 1896 Concord. He was the son of James E. and Anna L. She was the daughter of Nathaniel C. and Delia S.

LOYAL DODGE married Susan -abbe, both of Peterboro Mar. 28, 1832