New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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DANIEL DODGE married Nancy E. Otterson on APR. 21, 1864 in Nashua

DANIEL DODGE married Abigail Wright, both residents of Hanover, on Dec.30, 1793

DANIEL DODGE married Sally Wright on Feb. 22, 1798 in Hanover

DANIEL DODGE married Esther Morse both of Winchester, on May 5, 1802 in Winchester

DANIEL DODGE married Polly Wheeler? both of Winchester Nov. 24, 1811 in Winchester

DANIEL DODGE married Eunice Gates? both of Cornish May 25, 1826 in Cornish

DANIEL DODGE married Judith Gates, both of Bow on Aug. 16, 1821 in Bow

DANIEL DODGE married Caroline Clark on Dec. 19, 1834 in Amherst. He resided in Roxbury and she in Amherst.

DANIEL Rugg DODGE married Lorinda Gould 26 on Dec. 6, 1849 in Weare. He was of Newbury and she of Weare. She was the daughter of John Gould a resident of Weare 57 farmer, born in Weare and Ruth Nichols 56, born in Weare

DAVID DODGE married Mercy Pressy on Sept. 17, 1765 in Sandown

DAVID DODGE married Martha Esgate no date given but recorded about 1749

DAVID DODGE married Rachel Lunn on Jan. 20, 1815, both of Percy

DAVID DODGE married Polley Stevens Feb. 18, 1798 in Hillsboro. They were both of Hillsboro

DAVID D. DODGE 30 married Lucy L. Hall 28 (maiden name Mendough) on Mar. 9,1871 in Hillsborough. He was a resident of Windsor and she resided in Hillsborough. He was a farmer, born in Goffstown. She was born in Hillsborough. His second marriage, widower. He was the son of Daniel G.? born Goffstown and Elvira Dodge born Hancock. She was the daughter of Samuel Mendough farmer and Sarah B. Mendough

DAVID E. DODGE, Jr. married Maria Foster Aug. 6, 1837 in Lyman. He was of Littleton and she of Lyman

DIMON DODGE married Anna Wilson 20 on May 14, 1811 in Francestown. He resided in Antrim; she resided in Francestown. She was born in Pelham, the daughter of James Wilson farmer of Francestown and Mary Eaton 46.

DUDLEY DODGE married Betsy Fifield both residents of Hampton Falls on June 30, 1796 in Hampton Falls.