New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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Waldo S. Dodge, died Concord Nov. 23, 1879, age 28 years 10 months 14 days, born Sanbornton, single, merchant, typhoid fever, pneumonia, parotitis, father Amos Dodge, born New Boston, mother Emily E. Dodge, born New London

Warren W. Dodge, died Charlestown Oct. 20, 1884, age 76 years 6 months 20 days, born Stoddard, laborer, cancer, father Elijah, mother Sarah Jackson

Willard Dodge, died Nashua Apr. 24, 1892, age 85 years 5 months

Willie H. Dodge, died 530 Chestnut Street, Nashua, Dec. 5, 1893, age 42 years 17 days, born Nashua, married, engineer, consumption, born Vt., buried City Tomb, father Malachi F. Dodge, mother Hannah Edwards, born Springfield Mass.

Lt. William Dodge, died New Boston Jan. 8, 1829 age 55 or 66, palsy William Dodge, Jr., died New boston Apr. 12, 1827, age 39, consumption

William Dodge, died Claremont Dec. 7, 1870, age 56, married, farmer

William Dodge, died New Boston May 7, 1883, age 59 years 8 months 7 days, born New Boston, married, farmer, pneumonia, father Luke Dodge, mother Rachel, both born New Boston

William Dodge, died Stoddard Jan. 13, 1894, age 76 years 7 months 27 days, born Stoddard, married, farmer, pneumonia with heart disease, buried Stoddard, father Ruel Dodge born Stoddard, mother Cloe, born Sullivan

William B. Dodge, died Antrim Nov. 26, 1867, age 66 years 11 months, born New Boston, widower, millwright, killed by fall, father William B. Dodge born New Boston, mother Margaret Willson

William B. Dodge, died Antrim May 5, 1893, age 68 years, married, furniture manufacturer, aortic regurgitation, buried New Boston, father William B. born New Boston, mother Sophia Friend, born Beverly

William H. Dodge, died Haverhill Sept. 17, 1897, age 61 years, born Newbury Vt., married laborer, heart disease, buried Horse Meadow, Haverhill, father Elias B. Dodge, machinist, mother Sylinder Danforth, born Newbury, Vt.

William Wallace Dodge, died Milford May 9, 1895, age 60 years, born New Boston, married, clerk, cancer, buried New Boston, father John Dodge, born New Boston, farmer, mother Achsah Campbell, born New Boston Zadac, died June 9, 1860 Antrim, age 80, born Antrim, married, farmer, heart disease, father born Wenham,mother born Goffstown, duplicate record spells given name 'Zadock'