New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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Martha Dodge, died Antrim age 86, born Danvers, widow, housewife, old age, father Joseph White

Martha Dodge, died Croydon Apr. 7, 1895, age 71 years 11 months, born Croydon, housekeeper, Bright's disease, buried Croydon, body removed to Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord. Father Reuben farmer, born Croydon, mother Hannah Blanchard

Martha Dodge, died Antrim, reporting year ending Mar. 31, 1875, age 86, born Danvers, widow, farmer, old age, father Joseph White (duplicate record)

Martha A. Dodge, died Newbury Mar. 27, 1883, age 45 years 8 months, born Hillsborough, widow, housewife, pneumonia, father Daniel Campbell born Henniker, mother Elizabeth Willoughly, born Hillsborough

Martha (middle initial not legible) Dodge, died Meredith Jan. 21, 1881, age 92, born Sandwich, widow, housekeeper, old age

Martha J. Dodge, died Manchester May 16, 1864, age 25 years 3 months 19 days, consumption, buried Manchester

Mary Dodge, died New Boston Sept. 15, 1897 age 92 years 9 months 8 days, born Hamilton, widow, housekeeper, old age, buried New Boston, father John, farmer, born Ipswich, mother Mary Dodge, born Winnam (?Wenham), Mass.

Mary Dodge, died Newbury Apr. 21, 1867, age 79 years, 3 months, 233 days, born Beverly, widow, farming, lung fever, father Israel Perkins,mother Ann, both born Beverly

Mary Dodge, died Francestown, May 21, 1861, age 35

Mary Dodge, died Hooksett Oct. 15, 1858, age 73 years, born Amherst, farmer's wife, dysentery

Mary Dodge, died Lyman Mar., 1861? age 91 years 1 month 2 days, born Haverhill, Mass, widow, old age, mother and father both born in Haverhill

Mary Dodge, died Hopkinton Mar. 12, 1890, age 73 years, born Hopkinton, widow, pneumonia, father David Stere (?Story) born Hopkinton, mother Mehitable Currier, born Warren

Mary (Mrs. Benjamin) Dodge, died New Boston June 17, 1876, age 82, born Francestown, married, old age (written in maiden name 'Smith', born Aug. 19, 1893)

Mary (Mrs. John) died New Boston Oct. 2, 1853, age 84, (written in 'maiden name Dodge born Jan. 11, 1771 Wenham, Mass.')

Mary A. Dodge, died Antrim Sept. 7, 1898, age 68, widow, neurosis, buried New Boston

Mary A. Dodge, died Portsmouth Dec. 26, 1891, age 83 years 2 months 6 days, born Portsmouth, widow, congestion of the lungs, buried Harmony Grove, father John Nason, joiner, born Portsmouth, mother Susan Walpy?, born York, Maine

Mary A. Dodge, died Antrim Sept. 26, 1887, age 69 years 7 months 8 days, born Newbury, married, housewife, valvular disease of he heart with dropsy, father Philip Kimball, farmer, born NH, mother Lydia Huntress, born Kennebunk, Maine

Mary A. F. Dodge, died Nashua July 9, 1855 Mary Andrews Dodge, died Plymouth Nov. 18, 1900, resident 50 years, previous resident of New Boston, widow of Joseph A. Dodge, age 82 years 7 months 15 days, born New Boston Apr. 3, 1818, widow, accident, old age, father David Tucksbury, farmer, born Weare, mother Sarah H. Hogg, born New Boston, buried Holderness

Mary Ann C. Dodge, died Strafford Feb. 10, 1897, age 73 years 7 months, born Belfast, Maine, widow, housekeeping, old age, buried Center Cemetery, father Elisha Chase farmer, born Maine, mother Mary C. Hoit, born Maine

Mary B. Dodge, died New Boston Dec. 19, 1868, 65 years, married, consumption

Mary C. Dodge, died Oct. 30, 1870 age 53, born Cyrrago Co., NY, married, carpet weaver, disease of the stomach, father Parley Dodge, born Sutton, Mass., mother Helena Dodge, born Croyden, reported from Springfield, NH

Mary E. Dodge, died Newbury June 25, 1893, age 71 years 6 months 15 days, born Newbury, widow, housewife, general debility, pyemia, buried Newbury Cemetery, father Jonathan p. Dodge, farmer, born Newbury, mother Mary Perkins, born Newbury

Mary E. Dodge, died Milford Feb. 3,1898, age 77 years, born Pittsfield, married, housewife, pericarditis, buried West Street Cemetery, father Joshua Parker, mother Eliza Hurd, born Lempster, NH

Mary E. Dodge, died Middleton, Mass. May 9, 1885, age 63 years 1 month 5 days, widow, reported from Hopkinton, NH

Mary E. Dodge, died Goshen Oct. 31, 1881, age 19, born Claremont, housewife, childbirth, father Dexter S. Freeto, born Newport, mother Mary J. Sargent, born Dunbarton

Mary E. Dodge, died Moultonboro Aug. 6, 1853, age 42, born Haverhill, Mass, apoplexy

Mary E. Dodge, died Portsmouth Feb. 27, 1878, age 59 years 4 years 25 days, born Portsmouth, married, father John Laighton, mother Mary, both born Portsmouth

Mary Frances Dodge, died Sept. 8, 1862, Hampton Falls

Mary J. Dodge, died Nashua Apr. 13, 1896 age 65 years 4 months, born New Boston, housekeeper, exhaustion from complications of disease, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, father Stephen Burnham farmer born Wilton, mother Mary Rockford, born Wilton

Mary J. Dodge, died 271 Bridge Street, Manchester, Dec. 2, 1893, age 47 years 6 months 14 days, born Manchester, married, pneumonia, buried City Tomb, father Thomas Ordaway born Fitchburg, Mass, mother Jane


Mary L. Dodge, reported for year ending Mar. 31, 1878 from Pembroke

Mary Louise Dodge, died Raymond June 15, 1898, age 22 years 4 months 16 days, born Raymond, acute nephsitis, buried Raymond, father John H. Dodge, farmer, born Raymond, mother Martha M. Rand, born Chester

Mary p. p. Dodge, died Warner Aug. 21, 1883, age 28 years 6 months, born Denvers (?Danvers), Mass,married, housewife, apoplexy, father Samuel Preston,mother Lydia Proctor, both born Denvers

Mary Viola Dodge, died Whitefield, Feb. 19, 1832, born Whitefield, single, father William Dodge, born Francestown, mother Eunice (not legible) born Mason

Mehitable Dodge, died Lempster Apr. 21, 1849, 40 years

Mehitabel (Mrs.) Dodge, died Oct. 2, 1850, age 76. Duplicate record shows spelling given name as Mehitable

Mehitable (Mrs.) Dodge, died Walpole Oct. 19, 1853 age 77

Mehitable Dodge, died Piermont Aug. 19, 1884, age 54 years 10 months 21 days, born Haverhill, widow, housewife, chronic inflammation of the stomach, father Caleb Hamlet and mother Sarah Lawrence, both born in Haverhill

Maggie (Mrs.) Dodge, died Whitefield Feb. 16, 1884, age 48, born Canada, married, housekeeper, consumption, father Cramby Brigge, mother A. I. Rimus?, both born Canada

Malachi F. Dodge, died Manchester Dec. 10, 1888, age 73 years 11 months 2 months, born Eden, Vt., farmer, bilious colic, father Malachi F. Dodge, born New Boston, mother Jane Hutchins, born Weashirefield? Vt.

Mandy A. Dodge died 409 Pine Street, Manchester Sept. 4, 1892, age 76 years 4 months 19 days, born Wentworth, NH, widow, apoplexy, buried Pine Grove Cemetery, father Andrew Avery, mother Sarah Willey

Marcella C. Dodge, died Goshen July 30, 1884, age 46, born Henniker, widow, housekeeping, dilatation of the heart, father John Purington farmer, born Henniker, mother Caroline Clogston, born Strafford, Vt.

Margaret Dodge, died Newbury, Feb. 24, 1894, age 80 years 6 months 26 days, born Plaistow, widow, housekeeping, general debility, buried Newbury Cemetery, father Moses Ely or Bly, farmer, born Plaistow, mother Hannah Savary?, born Kingston

Martin D. Dodge, died Croydon Feb. 10, 1898, age 72 years 10 months 7 days, born Croydon, married, farmer, cancer, buried Croydon Flat Cemetery, father Jedediah mother Hannah Blanchard, body removed to Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord

Mason Dodge, died Apr. 8, 1825, father Jonathan Perkins Dodge, mother Polly

May F. Dodge, died Laconia, Mar. 2, 1894, age 36 years 10 months, born Laconia, married, blood poisoning, buried Bayside Cemetery Tomb, removed to Old Cemetery, Laconia, father Nathan B. Wadleigh, carpenter, born Meredith, mother Sarah E. Tibbets, born Barnstead

Milan A. Dodge, died Stoddard May 29, 1896, age 63 years, born Stoddard, married, farmer, heart disease, buried Munsonville, Nelson, father Ralph Dodge, farmer, mother Betsey Tarbell, both born Stoddard

Merrill C. Dodge, died Greenville Mar. 2, 1884 age 69 years 6 months 18 days, born Mason, married, retired, apoplexy, father Joshua Dodge, mother Debora Merrill, both born Francistown

Mrs. Monice Dodge, died New Boston, Dec. 4, 1882, born New Boston,widow, apoplexy, father Benjamin Dodge B.?

Moody Dodge, died Lyman June 27, 1893, age 77 years, widower, farmer, apoplexy, born Lyman, father John Dodge, farmer, mother Mary Tallent

Moses Dodge, died Hopkinton Dec. 16, 1889, age 63 years 2 months 17 days, born Hopkinton, married, accident by fire, father Henry Dodge, born Beverly, mother Susan Eaton, born Bradford