New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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L. F. Dodge, died Nashua July 30, 1866, married, painter, anaemia

Laura C. Dodge, died Nelson May 10, 1863, 28 years born Washington, married, housekeeper, diphtheria, father and mother born in Mason

Leander F. Dodge, died Newport Apr. 19, 1897, age 74, born Grantham, widow, farmer, la grippe, buried Newport, father Joshua born Grantham, shoemaker, mother Esther Weatherspoon, born Grantham

Leonard Dodge, died Portsmouth May 10, 1863 age 58, born Portsmouth, married, carpenter, consumption, father Joseph, born Portsmouth, mother Jane, born Portsmouth

Levi Dodge, died Greenfield, Apr. 1, 1898, age 78 years 8 days, born Greenfield, married, farmer, prostatitis complicated, buried Greenfield, father Levi farmer, born Beverly, mother Keziah Stanley, born Beverly

Levi Dodge, died Amherst 1842, age 72

Levi Dodge, died Croydon Dec. 8, 1835, age 64?, gravel

Levi B. Dodge, died Littleton Oct. 8, 1896, age 74 years 2 months 16 days, born Littleton, married, farmer, carcinoma of the liver, father Simon Dodge, farmer, mother Polly Crooks

Levina Dodge, died Grantham Apr. 29, 1836

Lizzie C. Dodge, died Temple Street, Nashua, Mar. 1, 1897, age 66 years 4 months, born New Boston, single, teacher, la grippe, buried Nashua Cemetery, father Jacob D. Dodge, mason, born New Boston, mother Thena Colburn, born New Boston

Lizzie E. Dodge, died Manchester Apr. 30, 1889, age 22, married, hemorrhage of stomach, father Thomas Kelly, born Canada, mother Matilda, born Canada

Lizzie M. Dodge, died New Boston Mar. 27, 1884, age 55 years 4 months 20 days, born New Boston, single, paralysis, father Jonathan Dodge, born New Boston, mother Mary Dodge, born Hamilton, Mass.

Louisa Dodge, died Henniker Oct. 3, 1888 age 77 years 8 months 3 days, born Francestown, widow, housewife, paralysis, father Kimball Emerson, mother Sarah Webster

Loyal Dodge, died Stoddard Mar. 20, 1859, age 48 years 10 months 17 days, born Stoddard, married, butcher, consumption, father Ruel Dodge, born Stoddard, mother Cloe (surname written in in pencil 'Dunn', born Stoddard

Lucy Dodge, died N.H. Asylum July 25, 1896, single, servant, uterine fibrous, softening of the brain, buried Farmington

Lucy A. Dodge, died Marlow Nov. 9, 1900, previous residence Washington, age 78 years 11 months, born Stoddard Dec. 8, 1821, widow, housewife, cystitis, heart disease, father Jepthar Richardson farmer, mother Emily Wright, buried Washington

Lucy Ann Dodge, died Keene June 14, 1844, age 33 years 5 months

Lucy J. Dodge, died Manchester, Apr. 19, 1896, age 76 years 2 months, born Weare, widow, complications of diseases, enlargement of the liver, buried Pine Grove Cemetery, father Jonathan Philbrick, mother Elizabeth J. Kent

Lucy M. Dodge, died Nashua July 30, or 3, 1881, age 62, born Nashua, married, heart disease, father John Ceneroy?, mother Hannah

Lucy M. Dodge, died Amherst Mar. 13, 1887, age 66 years 1 month 11 days, born Amherst, widow, pneumonia, father Amos Hubbard born Groton Mass farmer, mother Mary Hartsen, born Amherst

Mrs. Luke Dodge, died New Boston Nov. 18, 1850 disease of the throat

Lydia Dodge, died New Boston Feb. 5, 1832, age 37, married, consumption

Lydia Dodge, died New Boston Jan. 4, 1836, age 52, consumption

Lydia Dodge, died Winchester, Nov. 12, 1771, age 35, buried Winchester

Lydia Dodge, died Exeter Aug. 19, 1826, age 74, relic of Jabez Lydia Dodge, died New Boston May 7, 1830, age 97, widow, old age and cancer

Lydia Dodge, died Exeter Aug. 7, 1847, father Jabez Dodge, mother Lydia Philbrick

Lydia G. Dodge, died Exeter Nov. 1868, age 75, born Portsmouth, married, dropsy