New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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Gardner Dodge, died Walpole Apr. 20, 1880, age 68. Born Marlow, married, farmer, paralysis. father William Mitchell

George Dodge, died Piermont Oct. 9,1877, 39 years, born Bradford, Vt., married, merchant, consumption. Father Corydon born Groton and Lydia L., born Haverhill

George C. Dodge, died New Boston Oct. 11, 185?, consumption, buried Manchester, removed May 6, 1852

George F. Dodge, died Fitzwilliam June 8, 1886, age 50 years 12 days, born West Brookfield, Mass, widow, laborer, cancer of the bowels. Father Pliney, born West Brookfield, Mass. farmer. Mother Catherine Converse

George H. Dodge, died Hampton Falls, Feb. 14,1862, age 54 years, albuminuria, married. Father Dudley Dodge. Mother Betsey.

George W. Dodge, died Henniker Jan. 18, 1818, son of Ephraim

George W. Dodge, died Manchester Feb. 7, 1897, age 66 years 5 months 24 days, born Henniker, disease of the brain, buried City Tomb. Father Israel born Topsfield, mother Anna Conner

Grace F. Dodge, died Antrim Nov. 28, 1890, age 60 years 1 month 21 days. born New Boston, softening of the brain. Father Nathan Hall, born Brookfield, Mass, farmer. Mother Lucy Dodge, born Amherst. Grover Dodge, died Hopkinton Aug. 12, 1880, age 88 years, born New Boston, married, farmer, old age. Father Nehemiah, mother Lydia Sofford