New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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J. T. Dodge, died North Conway, previously residing in Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 11, 1900, born Hamilton, Mass, Feb. 24, 1824, married, salesman, found dead in bed, son of James B. Dodge, born Hamilton, Mass and Hannah Stanned, born Ipswich
This is actually, Joseph Felt Dodge

Jabez Dodge, died Jan. 28, 1803, Exeter, son of Jabez and Lydia


Jabez Dodge, died Apr. 11, 1806, son of Benjamin Dodge, Exeter

Jabez Dodge, died Portsmouth, Oct. 16, 1884, age 79 years 10 months and 26 days, born Portsmouth, shoemaker, dry gangrene of the foot, son of Joseph Dodge, born Exeter and Jane Dennett, born Portsmouth

James Dodge, died Lyman May 7, 1851, chronic hepatitis

James Dodge, died Keene, Sept. 30, 1814 age 46

James Dodge, died Keene, Aug. 28, 1872, age 77 years 6 months and 7 days

James Dodge, died Pembroke, May 11, 1897, age 68 years 5 months and 27 days, born Goffstown, married, farmer, pericarditis, buried Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord, son of John G. Dodge, born Goffstown, farmer and Polly Tallant, born Canterbury

James Dodge, Jr., died Goffstown Apr. 17, 1814, son of James Dodge

James D. Dodge, died Hampton Falls, Sept. 13, 1887, age 61 years 4 months 25 days, born Hampton Falls, widower, farmer, consumption, son of Stephen Dodge, farmer, and Unknown Dimond

James M. Dodge, died Stark, June 23, 1898, age 74 years 9 months and 14 days, born Stark, married, farmer, heart disease and uraemia, buried Stark Village Cemetery, son of David Dodge, farmer and Rachel Lund

James N. Dodge, died Peterboro, resident 52 years, previously residing in Hancock, died Aug. 14, 1900 age 73 years 6 months, born Windsor, married, farmer, septicemia of 4 weeks and appendicitis, buried Pine Hill Cemetery.

Jane Dodge, died Webster, Dec. 19, 1862, age 88 years 4 months and 9 days, born Byfield, Mass, married, typhoid fever, father Jeremiah Pearson and mother Elizabeth, both born in Newbury, Mass. Jane Dodge, died Portsmouth March 9, 1867, age 88 years 6 months, born Portsmouth, widow, old age, father Joseph Dennett, mother Jane, both born Portsmouth

Jane Dodge, died Bedford Feb. 14,1870, age 78 years, born Wethersfield, Vt, single erysipilas, father Thomas Fletcher and Priscilla Unknown, both born Vt.

Jedediah Dodge, born Croydon, Aug. 20, 1825, age 25 years, fever

Jemima Dodge, died New Boston, Feb. 28, 1826, 88 years, old age

Jerusha Dodge, died Goffstown July 29, 1799, married, reported by James Dodge

Jessie Benton Dodge, died Hampton Falls, resided there 44 years, died Jan. 26, 1900, age 44 years 5 months, born Hampton Falls, single, fractured skull from fall, buried Hampton Falls, father John William Dodge, born Hampton Falls, mother Harriet Perksins Dunklee, born Hanover

Joanna Dodge, died New Boston Oct. 19, 1883, age 94 years 19 days, born New Boston, widow, apoplexy, resident 94 years, father Daniel Dane, born Ipswich, mother Sarah Goodhue, born Ipswich

Job Dodge, died Dec. 1814, 83 years, buried Jaffrey Centre

John Dodge, died New Boston Mar. 15, 1839, age 76 apoplexy

John Dodge, died Henniker Sept. 2, 1829, age 24 years, dysentery

John Dodge, died Exeter Jan. 31, 1865, age 73 years, old age, son of Jabez and Lydia Philbrick

John Dodge, died New Boston Mar. 5, 1871, age 79, married, farmer, congestion

John Dodge, died Jan. 8, 1874, age 57 years 10 months, married, mason, suicide by hanging

John Dodge, died Goffstown, reported for year ending Mar. 31, 1883, age 79 years, born Goffstown, married, farmer, heart disease, father James Dodge, born Goffstown

John Dodge, Jr. died New Boston Sept. 18, 1834, age 54 years

John B. Dodge, (John Boardman Dodge)died New Boston Mar. 24, 1840, age 72 years of fever

John Henry Dodge, died Hopkinton, Jan. 7, 1884, age 59 years, 4 months 10 days, born Hopkinton, married, farmer, pneumonis, father Henry Dodge, born Beverly and Susan Eaton, born Hopkinton

John K. Dodge, died New Boston, July 31, 1881, age 51 years 11 months, born New Boston, married, farmer, consumption, son of John Dodge, born New Boston and Achsah Campbell, born New Boston

John M. Dodge, (John Moulton Dodge), died Farmington Mar. 15, 1863?, age 62, born Wenham, married, laborer, consumption, father Oliver Dodge born Wenham, mother Sarah Unknown born Wenham. (actually, Sarah's maiden name was Springer)

John (middle initial not legible) Dodge, (John Newton Dodge) died New Boston Oct. 11, 1891, age 69 years 1 month and 8 days, born New Boston, married, farmer, cystitis, buried New Boston, Father Benjamin Dodge born New Boston farmer, mother Mary Smith born Francestown

John p. Dodge, died Nashua Apr. 4, 1899, age 76 years, born Goshen, widower, heart disease, buried Nashua, father John Dodge born ?Dublin farmer, mother Nancy Payne

John S. Dodge, (Actually, this is John L. Dodge), died Henniker Mar. 5, 1882, age 66, born Sutton, married, station agent, softening of ther brain, father William, mother Ruth

John S. Dodge, died Portsmouth Feb. 19, 1877, age 64 years 7 months 8 days, born Portsmouth, married, joiner, father Joseph Dodge born Exeter, mother Jennie born Portsmouth

John W. Dodge, died Enfield Feb. 13, 1897, age 81 years 4 months 9 days, born Hanover, married, manufacturer, angina pectoris, buried Bristol. Father Daniel Dodge, born Windham Ct. farmer, mother Sally Wright born Hanover

John W. Dodge, died June 3, 1875, age 56, married, disease of kidneys and liver, father Richard Dodge, mother Clarissa

John W. Dodge, (John White Dodge), died Antrim Mar. 29,1868, age 20 years 28 days, farmer, lung fever, son of Amos Dodge farmer born Antrim, mother Mehitable B. Weston, born Antrim

Jonathan p. Dodge, Jr., (Jonathan Perkins Dodge, Jr.) died Apr. 10, 1847, Newbury

Jonathan Perkins Dodge, died Nov. 12, 1848 Newbury

Jonathan W. Dodge, (Jonathan Woodbury Dodge) died Henniker Jan. 5, 1890, age 74 years 9 months 18 days, born Hopkinton, married, farmer, pneumonia with heart disease, son of Henry Dodge born Beverly and Susan Eaton

Joseph Dodge, died Stoddard Oct. 16, 1788, born Stoddard, son of Joseph Dodge and Joanna (maiden name, Dutton)

Joseph Dodge, died Stoddard July 24, 1791, son of Joseph and Joanna (maiden name, Dutton)

Joseph Dodge, died Bath July 14, 1853, age 77, husbandry, old age, born Bath

Joseph A. Dodge, (Joseph Allen Dodge), died Plymouth Aug. 10, 1883, age 65 years 3 months 10 months, born New Boston, married, railroad manager, Bright's disease, son of John Dodge farmer and Polly

Joseph L. Dodge, (Joseph Lyman Dodge), died Goshen Mar. 18, 1878, age 38 years, born New Boston, married, laborer, heart trouble, father Hyland Dodge

Josiah Dodge, died Troy Mar. 20, 1855, age 55, cancer of the stomach Judith G. Dodge, died Weare Jan. 9, 1877, age 67 dropsy Judith A. Dodge, died Canterbury Apr. 10, 1865, age 33 years 5 months, born Grantham, single, seamstress, consumption, parents not know by individual reporting

Julia A. Dodge, died Manchester May 2, 1880, age not legible, born Canada, weaver, pneumonia, son of Perley Canfield and Lydia