New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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S. F.? Dodge died Manchester July 30, 1866, married, painter, anaemia

Sally Dodge died Antrim Nov. 10, 1867, age 76, widow, fever, father Mr. Lowe

Sally Dodge, died Sutton, reported for year ending Mar. 31, 1878, age 91, born Framingham, Mass, single, old age, father Thomas Richardson, born Hopkinton, Mass., mother Anna Richardson, born Sudbury, Mass.

Sally Dodge, died Hopkinton Oct. 31, 1886, age 90 years 6 months 17 days, born Warner, single, old age

Sally A. Dodge, died New Boston Apr. 2, 1852, age 33 consumption

Sally A. Dodge, died Lisbon June 1, 1890, age 63 years 4 months 22 days, born Lisbon, married, housekeeper, carcinoma of bowels, father Hamilton Marden, born Winchendon, Mass., farmer, mother Mary Ann Kenniston, born Acton, Mass.

Sabra C. Dodge, died Nashua Aug. 8, 1881, born Nashua, married, tumor, father Isaac McKean, mother Adaline

Salome Dodge, died Nashua Oct. 4, 1884, age 82 years 3 months 29 days, born Unity, widow, housewife, paralysis, father Stephen Huntoon, farmer, mother Abagail

Samuel Dodge, died Grantham Dec. 5, 1829, son of Joshua Dodge and Lovina Samuel Dodge, died Exeter June 2, 1868, age 85, born Exeter, married, potter, diarrhea, father Isaac Dodge born Exeter, unknown mother born Exeter

Mrs. Samuel Dodge, died Exeter, Sept. 21, 1851, age 66, disease of stomach

Samuel Dodge, died Nashua, Jan. 29, 1884, single, pericarditis

Samuel J. Dodge, died Portsmouth May 25, 1867, age 52 years 7 months, born Portsmouth, married, consumption, father Joseph Dodge, mother Jane, both born Portsmouth

Samuel Dodge, died Concord, Apr. 4, 1897, age 70 years 5 months, born NH, farmer, organic heart disease, buried New Boston

Sarah Dodge, died New Boston Dec. 5, 1838 or 1888 age 55 or 66

Sarah Dodge, died Deering Dec. 22, 1892, age 88, born Bennington NH, widow, heart disease, buried Bennington, father Samuel Abbot, farmer born Andover, Mass, mother Ann Moore, born Londonderry NH

Sarah Dodge, died Sept. 22, 1825, father Jonathan Perkins, mother Polly

Sarah A. Dodge, died Newport Nov. 29, 1895, age 71 years 2 months 3 days, born Grantham, housewife, rheumatism of the heart, buried Grantham, father Gilmore Colby farmer, born Hopkinton, mother Sarah Straw, born Hopkinton

Sarah A.? C.? Dodge, died S. Birch Street, Manchester July 5, 1893, age 69 years 11 months 29 days, born Canaan, heart failure, buried Pine Grove Cemetery, father Joshua Pillsbury, mother Sarah Fletcher

Sarah B. Dodge, died Marlow Ķept. 6, 1885 Age 56 years 10 months 28 days, born Mrlow, married, housewife, paralysis, father Curtis Bradford, mother Pattie Giffin

Sarah E. Dodge, died Greenfield Nov. 2, 1899, age 67 years 7 months, born Beverly, housewife, Bright's disease, father Richard Stanley, mother Sally Patch

Sarah H. Dodge, died Hopkinton Dec. 15, 1884, age 86 years 10 months 15 days, born Londonderry, widow, old age, father John B. Hiland,mother Sarah Burnet, born Londonderry

Sarah J. Dodge, died Mar. 5, 1870, age 43 years 3 months 12 days, born Merrimack, widow, consumption, father Samuel B. Patterson born Goffstown, mother Polly Griffin, born Manchester

Sarah S. Dodge, died Hopkinton, removed to Lowell Mass for funeral services July 6, 1893, age 63, cancer of stomach, buried Nashua, father Samuel Dodge born New Boston, mother Sophia Chandler, born Hopkinton

Seth Dodge (wife of ), died New Boston Oct. 24, 1841, age 27 consumption

Sherman W. Dodge, died New London Mar. 11, 1881, 21 years, born Croydon, single, consumption, father Martin V. Balaid born Sutton, mother Mary Dodge born Croydon (appears born out of wedlock)

Simeon Dodge, died Lisbon Feb. 8, 1895, age 79 years 6 months 20 days, born Littleton, blacksmith, paralysis, buried Lisbon, father Simeon Dodge, farmer, born Francestown, mother Patty Fairchild, born Francistown

Simeon Dodge, died Francistown Jan. 25, 1827, age 75 years, born Beverly, widow, farmer, buried Francistown, father William Dodge, mother Mary Ba--

Simeon S. Dodge, died Newbury Mar. 23, 1885, age 61 years 4 months 27 days, born Sutton, married, mechanic, disease contracted in army, father William Dodge, born Newbury, mother Sally Wells, born Newbury

Simon Dodge, died New Boston Dec. 8, 1838, age 87

Simon Dodge, died Vineland, N. J., Aug. 7, 1895, age 76 prostatitis, bur. Pine Grove Cemetery, reported from Manchester

Dea. Sollomon Dodge, died New boston 1853, age 82

Solomon Dodge, died Bennington, NH Dec. 9,1876, age 72 old age.

Solomon Dodge, died New Boston Mar. 16, 1881, age 73 years, born New Boston, farmer, pneumonia, father Solomon Dodge, born New Boston, mother Elizabeth, born NH

Solomon Dodge, reported from New Boston, written in "died in Topsfield" May 17, 1777, born Topsfield July 23, 1775, father Solomon, mother Sarah

Sophiae C. Dodge, died Nashua June 6, 1885 age 93 years 10 months, born Hopkinton, widow, gangrene, father John Chandler, mother Sarah

Sophie E. Dodge, died Mont Vernon June 9, 1898 or 88, age 84 years 5 months 16 days, widow, housekeeper, paralysis, buried Mont Vernon, father Robert Emerson, mother Rachel Harwood/Horwood, father woolen manufacturer

Sophie Jane Dodge, died Merrimack Oct. 1, 1897 age 71 years 1 month 19 days, born Merrimack, widow, housewife, probable heart failure, father Christopher Field, mother Sophia Cotton

Stephen Dodge, died Hampton Falls, Oct. 23, 1886, age 66 years 8 months 23 days, born Hampton Falls, single, carcinoma, father Stephen Dodge, mother -- Dimond

Susan Dodge, died Lyman Apr. 8, 1862, age 25 years 4 months, born Littleton, housewife, father Joshua Mason, born Wheelock, Vt., mother Lydia Mason, born Jefferson, NH

Susan E. Dodge, died Bennington Feb. 1,1887, age 80 years 11 months, born Societyland, housekeeper, found dead, father John Felch, born Societyland, farmer, mother Ruth Smither Felch

Susan E. Dodge, died Acworth Dec. 13, 1888 or 1880, age 77 years 6 months 7 days, born Providence R.I., married housewife, pneumonia, father David E. Mann, policeman, born Bellingham, Mass, mother Amey Hopkins, born Providence, R.I.

Susan E. Dodge, died Hopkinton July 25, 1884, age 92 years 5 months 5 days, born Hopkinton, widow, old age, father Nathaniel Eaton, mother Elizabeth Bowan/Boman

Susan M. Dodge, died Manchester Sept. 26, 1855,age 20 years 16 days, consumption, buried Manchester

Susan p. Dodge, died Warner Apr. 8, 1870, age 80 years 15 days, widow housewife, palsy and old age