New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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Hannah Dodge, died Apr. 7, 1787. Father Jabez, mother Lydia Philbrick (possibly a child)

Hannah Dodge, died Winchester May 5, 1779, age 43, married. Buried Winchester

Hannah Dodge, died Goshen Sept. 10, 1882, age 72 years 11 months 8 days, born Weare, housekeeper, dysentery. father Joseph Crame born Weare. Mother Abigal Wheartley born Weare

Hannah Dodge, died Hancock May 4, 1865, age 58, born Hancock, married, housewife, lung fever. father Isaac Hunt born Hancock and Martha

Hannah p. Dodge, died River Road North (?), June 15, 1891, age 71 years 1 month 3 days, born Springfield, NH, cancer of the liver with hemorrhage. buried Pine Grove. father James Edwards; mother Betsey Colby

Hannah p. Dodge, died Claremont (month not legible), 8, 1899, 79 years 3 months 23 days, born Goffstown, widow, heart disease, buried Claremont. Father Daniel Kidder, farmer, born Goffstown

Hannah R. Dodge, died Hinsdale May 15, 1886, age 70 years 2 months, born Putney Vt, widow housewife, osteosarcoma. Father Andrew B. Mory, mother Lydier McLeon

Harriet Dodge, died Hampton Falls Sept. 27, 1884, married, disease of the lungs

Harriet Dodge, died Keene, 305 Main, Ward 5, resided 10 days, previously lived in Ward 2, Elliot City Hospital, Keene 10 days, died Apr. 10, 1900, age 59 years 7 months 28 days, born Keene Aug. 13, 1840, single, tailoress, exhaustion, cancer of the stomach. Father James Dodge, born Lunenberg, Ma. carpenter. Mother Bandilla Bundy, born Westminster Vt.; Harriet buried Woodland Keene

Harriet A. Dodge, died June 10, 1892, age 44 years 2 months, born Hartford Vt., married, Bright's disease, buried Pine Grove. father William A. Ashley, born Hartland, Vt., mother Harriet W. Jack, born Berwick, Vt.

Harriet E. Dodge, died Keene Dec. 27, 1897, 51 years 11 months, born Chesham, N.H., single, consumption, buried Adams, Mass. Father Joseph, born Adams, Mass. Mother Hannah born Putney Vt. Harriet Susan Dodge, died Chicago, Illinois Dec. 5, 1894, age 37 yuears 7 months 23 days, cancer, buried Dover, N.H.

Harriet W. Dodge, died Amherst Feb. 11, 1887 age 81 years 9 months 10 days, born Francestown, married, dropsy from heart disease. Father Peter Woodbury, merchant, born Beverly. Mother Mary born Amherst, NH Hattie R. Dodge, died Canaan (?) Dec. 13, 1892, age 38, born Boxford, laborer's wife, heart failure, buried Wells Cemetery. Father John

Hattie W. Dodge, died Bow May 3, 1892, age 27 years 7 months 8 days, born Pembroke,married, housewife, carcinoma utery, buried Pembroke. Father Hue G. Warren, born Canterbury; mother Lothnanda (?) More, born Loudon

Helena Dodge, widow of Parley Dodge, died Croydon Aug. 2, 1873, age 81 years fever

Henry D. Dodge, died Hopkinton Nov. 2, 1865, age 79 years 1 month. Born Beverly, Mass. Married, farmer, consumption. Father Jonathan, mother Hannah, born Beverly

Henry C. Dodge, died Mont Vernon Feb. 12, 1897 age 85 years 11 months 5 days, born Mont Vernon, married, farmer, malignant jaundice. Father Allen Dodge, born Mont Vernon farmer, mother Abigal Langdell, born Mont Vernon

Henry L. dodge, died Webster Dec. 14, 1897, age 83 years 4 months 25 days, born Boscawen, married, farmer, dropsy from valvular disease of the heart, buried Webster. Father Paul Dodge, cloth dresser, mother Jane Pearson, both born in Newbury, Mass.

Heziah Dodge, died Greenfield Apr. 15, 1871, age 92 years 3 months, born Beverly, Mass. widow, old age. Father Richard Stanley, born Beverly, mother Sarah Lovett, born Beverly

Hiram Dodge, died Amherst Aug. 4, 1876, age 73 years 7 months, born Amherst, married, farmer, kidney disease. Father Levi born Amherst. Mother Eunice born Windham

Hiram Dodge 2nd, died New Boston, Apr. 6, 1868, age 55 years, born New Boston, married, farmer, cancer. Father Daniel Dodge. Mother Joana Dodge

Holton Dodge, died Henniker July 3, 1811. son of Ephraim Dodge

Hosea Dodge, died Stoddard Sept. 2, 1800, born Stoddard, son of Joseph and Joanna Dodge

Hosea W. Dodge, died Marlow Feb. 6, 1844 (?, could be 1894), age 80 years 10 months and 16 days, born Stoddard, married, farmer, pernicious anatmia, buried Washingrton. Father Elijah Dodge, born Winchester. Mother Sally Jackson, born Washington

Huldah M. Dodge, died Hopkinton 6 months resident, previously lived in Sheldon Springs, Vt., died Aug. 12, 1900, age 74 years 2 months 21 days, born Winchendon, Mass., May 21, 1826, widow, housewife, neuralgia of the heart, buried in Sheldon, Vt.

Hylands Dodge, died Goshen Dec. 7, 1884, age 70 years 9 months 23 days. Born New Boston, widow, farming, brain softening and pulmo consumption. Father, Gideon, shoemaker, born New Boston. Mother Martha Hylands, born Putney, Vt..