New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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WALDO EDGAR born Apr. 2, 1882 Concord to Kirk Wallace born Tilton residing Concord, a gentleman and Bertha Hazen born Hillsborough

WALACE born Apr. 16, 1872 Stoddard tenth child of William born and residing in Stoddard farmer and Maria born Stoddard (Given name corrected to Wallace)

WALLACE D. C. born Nov. 26, 1878 Hampton Falls to George D. born and residing in Hampton Falls miller and Marianna Leighton born Portsmouth

WALTER born Aug. 20, 1873 Andover to Edward B. born New Boston residing Andover lumberman and Martha B. born Lowell, Mass.

WALTER DANA born June 12, 1870 delayed record #1480 not in file

WALTER FRED born July 28, 1869 Keene second child of Fred W. born Keene Apr. 13,1845 residing Keene freight agent and Ella E. perley born Gardner Mass.

WARREN born Mar. 31, 1809 Stoddard to Elijah residing Stoddard and Sally

WARREN p. born Aug. 17, 1843 Henniker second child of Mark and Sarah

WENDELL PHILLIPS born Aug. 12, 1883 Manchester fourth child of Arthur p. born Enfield residing Manchester lawyer and Elizabeth Ann Day born Boston

WILLIAM born Aug. 20, 1873 Andover to Edward B. born New Boston residing Andover lumber man and Martha p. born Lowell, Mass.

WILLIAM born June 11, 1814 to William Junr. and Lydia reported from New Boston

WILLIAM born Aug. 15, 1795 Francestown eighth child of Simeon born Beverly 40 residing Francestown farmer and Mary Blach born N. Beverly 40

WILLIAM born Aug. 15, 1795 Francestown reported Whitefield no parents listed

WILLIAM born Mar. 6, 1750 Winchester to William and Elizabeth

WILLIAM born May 16, 1817 Stoddard to Rewel residing Stoddard and Cloe

WILLIAM born June 6, 1791 to Nathaniel reported from New Boston

WILLIAM born Feb. 13, 1811 to Jonathan Perkins and Polly reported from Newbury

WILLIAM born Dec. 30, 1805 to John and Mahitable reported from Marlow

WILLIAM JR. born Jan. 10, 1781 to William and Sarah William s reported from Newbury

WILLIAM BATCHELDER born Dec. 24, 1800 to William B. and Margaret reported from New Boston

WILLIAM BATCHELDER born Apr. 27, 1840 to Solomon Jr. reported from New Boston

WILLIAM BATCHELDER born May 6, 1777 to Jacob and Anne reported from New Boston

WILLIAM BOWEN DINSMORE born Feb. 9, 1856 Bennington to Gideon F. residing Bennington and Sarah H

WILLIAM BIXBY born Apr. 17, 1819 Francestown third child of William born New Boston 28 residing Francestown mason and Lucy Gould born Francestown 30

WILLIAM CLARK born May 15, 1817 to Simeon and Polly reported from Littleton

WILLIAM COPELAND born Manchester Sept. 6, 1880 to Arthur Pillsbury born Enfield and Elizabeth Ann Day

WILLIAM RAMSEY born May 31, 1875 Dover first child of William Henry born Hampton Falls residing Dover lawyer and Harriet Foss born Dover

WILLIAM W. born July 6, 1817 to Samuel and Monice reported from New Boston

WILLIE born Jan. 9, 1882 first child of Willie born Charlestown residing Bellows Falls Vt. laborer and Ellen M. Robertson born Milton V

WILLIE A. born Jan. 26, 1857 Marlow to Rufus residing Marlow farmer and Sarah Bradford

WILLIE D. born Sept. 10, 1876 Weare to Angelo p. residing Weare farmer

WILLIE ELKINS born Jan. 25, 1880 Manchester second child of Willie H. born Nashua 29 (874 Elm Street) mill opt. and Susie Elkins born Canada 25

WILLIAM PARKER born Aug. 25, 1868 Hampton Falls third child of James D. born and residing in Hampton Falls farmer and Harriet F. Hadley born Waterville

WILLIAM OLIVER born Mar. 8, 1879 Nashua sixth child of Willard Jr. born New Boston residing Nashua farmer and Sabrah Caldwell McKean born Nashua

WILLIAM O. born Sept. 26, 1872 New Boston first child of Lendell born and residing in New Boston and Ellen born Mont Vernon

WILLIAM FRANKLIN born Nov. 7, 1829 Whitefield to William and Eunice Newell

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