New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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RACHEL E, born June 30, 1840 to Samuel and Monice, reported from New Boston

RALPH born June 28, 1795 Stoddard to Joseph residing Stoddard and Joanna

RALPH HENRY born Oct. 28, 1885 Enfield to Emore J. born Chateaugay, NY age 27 residing Enfield, farmer and Hattie R. Brown born West Boxford, Mass. 31

RALPH J. reported year end Mar. 31, 1883 (written in birth date of May 8, 1882) Stoddard to Edward B. born Francestown residing Stoddard carpenter unknown mother born Dunstable, Mass.

RALPH MORTIMER born Dec. 4, 1876 Hampton Falls to George D. born and residing Hampton Falls miller and Marianna Leighton born Portsmouth

RALPH MUNROE born Nov. 25, 1891 Swanzey second child of Frank O. born Chester Vt. 31 residing Swanzey blacksmith and Alma J. Ballou born Richmond 25

RAYMOND A. born Sept. 7, 1900 Lyman third child of Francis A. born and residing Lyman farmer 27 and M. B. Astle born Waterford Vt. 21

REBECCA born Sept. 13 or 15 1796 Hancock to Joseph residing Hancock and Molley

REBEKAH born Apr. 20, 1762 Winchster to Nathan Brown Dodge and Lydia

RESIA born Aug. 26, 1796 (Concord) Lisbon to Asa residing Lisbon farmer and Sarah

REUL born Nov. 12, 1780 Stoddard to Joseph residing Stoddard and Joanna

RHODA born Aug. 12, 1815 Stoddard to Elijah residing Stoddard and Sally

RHODAY born May 13,1794 Stoddard to Joseph residing Stoddard and Joanna

RICHARD born May 5, 1780 Hampton Falls to Nathaniel H. born and residing in Hampton Falls and Sarah

RICHARD J. born Mar. 2, 1779 Sutton Mass, reported Grantham no parents listed

RICHARD MALCOLM born Feb. 16, 1898 Manchester first child of Louis J. born Belfast Me. 31 residing in Manchester, bookkeeper and Mabel Ella Todd born New London 22

ROBERT born July 8, 1888 Wilmot to Edward B. born New Boston residing Wilmot lumberman and Martha D. Gove or Gore born Lowell, Ma.

RONALD D. born Aug. 19, 1885 born Lempster first child of George H. born Acworth 28 residing Lempster blacksmith and Nette L. Allen born Lempster 27

ROY ELIPHALET born Sept. 30, 1891 Francestown third child of Albert born Wenham 48 residing Francestown farmer and Emily J.? Patch born Francestown 45

RUBEN born Nov. 20, 1800 to John and Mahitable reported Marlow

RUFUS born June 28, 1795 Stoddard to Joseph residing Stoddard and Joanna

RUSSEL JEAN born July 29, 1889 Grafton first child of Reuben C. born Barnard Vt. 40 residing Grafton laborer and Alice Russel born Grafton 21

RUTH born Feb. 13, 1788 Francestown fourth child of Simeon born Beverly 33 residing Francestown farmer and Mary Balch born North Beverly 33

RUTH surname written "Doge" born Dec. 18, 1762 Kingston to John "Doge" and Anna Heath

RUTH ELIZABETH born Jan. 4, 1900 Raymond third child of John W. born S. Berwick, Me 27 residing in Raymond shoemaker and Nettie p. Healey born Raymond 22

RUTH L. born May 12, 1878 Acworth first Clarence M. born Lempster residing Acworth mail carrier and Carrie F. born Manchester

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