New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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GENEVIEVE CUSACK born Jan. 25, 1900 Greenfield first child of Charles E. 37 born Greenfield farmer and Mary Cusack 25 born Prince Edward Island

GEORGE born Jan. 26, 1817 Francestown third child of Joshua born and residing in Francestown 33 millwright and Deborah Merrill

GEORGE ERNEST born July 16, 1868 Fitzwilliam child of George Ferdinand born Massachusetts and Celia M. Wheeler born Massachusetts

GEORGE FRANKLIN born Oct. 25, 1830 Francestown seventh child of William 39 born New Boston mason and Lucy Gould born Francestown 41

GEORGE HENRY born May 6, 1850 Hopkinton to Jonathan W. and Elizabeth GE0RGE HENRY born July 11, 1837 to Asa reported from Acworth

GEORGE HERBERT born Apr. 17, 1834 to Eli and Polly reported from Newbury

GEORGE W. born Aug. 8, 1830 Henniker 4th child of Israel p. and Anna Connor

GEORGE W. born Apr. 15, 1816 Henniker sixth child of Ephraim and Hannah Pillsbury

GEORGE W. born Nov. 14, 1823 Henniker first child of Israel and Anna Connor

GEORGE WILLIAM born Dec. 11, 1830 Nelson to William J. and Anna

GEORGEANNA I. born Oct. 21, 1882 Bennington, first child of Dinsmore O. born and residing in Bennington laborer and Hattie Muzzey born Newport 20

GEORGETTA born June 1, 1859 New Boston third child of William born and residing in New Boston innkeeper and Pamelia Spofford

GILBERT p. born Aug. 3, 1832 Henniker fifth child of Israel p. and Anna Connor

GLADYS born Nov. 17, 1893 Pembroke first child of James E. 27 born and residing in Pembroke farmer and Mabel E. Ahmity? born Blackstone, Mass. 25

GOLDIE CARRIE born Aug. 28, 1880 to Clarence born Dalton residing in Littleton farmer and Losa born Canada

GROVER W. born June 4, 1871 Hopkinton third child of William p. born and residing in Hopkinton farmer and Martha J. born Meredith

GURLEY born Mar. 24, 1809 (Concord) Lisbon to Asa residing Lisbon farmer and Sarah

GUST H. (twin) born Apr. 7, 1889 Windsor third child of John H. 42 born and residing in Windsor farmer and Nellie M. Drew 25 born Pembroke

GUY ALBERT born Oct. 30, 1889 Croydon to Elmer E. born Newport residing Croydon farmer and Lovisa A. Paul born Newport

GUY C. born Sept. 12, 1888 Acworth to Ceylon M. born Lempster residing Acworth mechanic and Augusta born Charlestown, Mass.

GUY F. born Oct. 20, 1885 Swanzey to Frank O. born Chester Vt. residing Swanzey blacksmith and Alma Jane Ballou born Richmond

GUY H. born Apr. 7, 1889 Windsor fourth child of John G. born and residing in Windsor 42 farmer and Nellie M. Drew 25 born Pembroke

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