New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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LAURA born July 27, 1834 Nelson to William J. and Anna

LAVINA E. born Aug. 6, 1807 Grantham to Richard and Lavina Ellis

LAWRENCE H. born Aug. 29, 1892 Lancaster second child of Fred born Lyman 28 residing Lancaster farmer and Jennie Hartford born Lancaster 20

LEANDER born Nov. 13, 1822 Grantham to Joshua and Lavina

LEON TALLANT born May 8, 1837 Pembroke third child of James E. born and residing in Pembroke farmer and Mabel Ahmity born Pembroke 26

LENA MAY born June 2, 1874 Antrim first child of George F. born New Bedford, Mass residing Antrim carpenter and Emma J. Hall born Glover Vt.

LEONARD M. born September 21, 1885 Whitefield first child of L. Warren born and residing in Whitefield laborer and Louise Rhodes

LENORA G. born Aug. 19, 1864 Franklin first child of John F. born Bennington residing Franklin jeweler and Georgia A. born Franklin

LESLIE E. born Dec. 31, 1886 Stoddard twelth child of Edward B. born Francestown 48 residing Stoddard mechanic and Laura J. Wood born Dunstable, Mass. 43

LESLIE W. born Oct. 29, 1891 Croydon fourth child of Eugene W. born Newport residing Croydon farmer and Millie A. Humphrey born Croydon

LESLIE A. born Jan. 23, 1868 Croydon first child of Martin D. farmer and Anne born Prince Edward Island

LEVI WOODBURY born July 21, 1834 Whitefield to William and Eunice Newell

LEVI born Feb. 26, 1771 Amherst to Bartholomew and Martha. A duplicate record records his given name as Levy

LEVI born Nov. 17, 1798 reported from Marlow to John and Mahitable

LEVI born Oct. 3, 1819 Francestown fourth child of Joshua B. born and residing in Francestown 36 carding and gristmill and Deborah Merrill

LEVI W. born Feb. 12, 1832 to Samuel and Monice reported from New Boston

LEVI born June 21, 1788 to William and Sarah reported from Newbury

LEWIS born Oct. 25, 1864 Hopkinton first child of William born and residing in Hopkinton farmer and Martha born New Hampton

LEWIS E. born Oct. 25, 1863 Hopkinton first child of William F. born and residing in Hopkinton farmer and Martha J. born New Hampton

LIDIA born Feb. 16, 1790 Francestown fifth child of Simeon born Beverly 35 residing Francestown and Mary Balch born North Beverly 35

LIDIA born Nov. 18, 1790 Londonderry to Parker and Mary LITTLE

LILLIAN ESEPHINE born Aug. 31, 1898 New Hampton to George F. born Tamworth 25 residing New Hampton clerk general store and Winnie J. Worthen born Holderness 25

LIZZIE born Dec. 26, 1876 Andover to Solomon born New Boston residing Andover farmer and M. Augusta born Goffstown

LORA born May 3, 1796 Winchester to Ebenezer and Eunice

LORA born Nov. 3, 1823 Winchester to Clark and Elvira

LORENZO I. born July 13, 1834 Henniker sixth child of

ISRAEL p. and Anna Connor

LOTTIE MAY born Sept. 22, 1898 Lyman second child of Frank born Lisbon 26 residing Lyman farmer and Mabel Astle 19 born Wetherford Vt.

LOUIS born Nov. 30, 1882 Claremont to Clarence born Newport residing Claremont stablekeeper and Emma Hubbard

LOUISA born Jan. 16, 1819 to John Dodge and Nancy Paine reported from Jaffrey, Nancy dau of John Paine of Dublin NH.

LOUISA born June 11, 1805 Littleton to Simeon and Martha

LOUIS born May 4, 1890 Piermont second child of Charles born and residing in Piermont saleman and Anna Messer born Piermont

LOVICA born Oct. 14, 1790 to Nathan and Pamelia reported from Chesterfield

LOYAL born May 3, 1810 Stoddard to Rewel residing Stoddard and Cloe

LUCINDA born Nov. 22, 1791 Hancock to Joseph and Molley

LUCINDA born July 12, 1808 to Rewel and Cloe reported from Stoddard

LUCIUS A. born Feb. 2, 1877 Stoddard to Edward B . born Francestown residing Stoddard farmer and Laura J. born Dunstable Mass.

LUCY born July 28, 1773 Winchester to William and Elizabeth

LUCY born Feb. 14, 1843 Boscawen to

HENRY L. and Mary S.

LUCY born Apr. 21, 1817 to John Dodge and Nancy Paine reported from Jaffrey from Jaffrey, Nancy dau of John Paine of Dublin NH

LUCY A. born Jan. 23, 1832 Whitetown NY to James born Lunenburg, Mass Feb. 21, 1795 and Randilla bundy born Westminster Vt. July 22, 1802

LURA born July 27, 1834 Nelson to William J. and Anna

LUTHER born Jan. 5, 1793 Stoddard to Joseph and Joanna

LUTHER born Sept. 18, 1771 Winchester to William and Elizabeth

LYDIA born Mar. 2, 1806 first child of Solomon and Elizabeth reported from New Boston

LYDIA born Aug. 30, 1764 Winchester to Nathan Brown Dodge and Lydia

LYDIA born June 18, 1787 to Benjamin and Unas reported from New Boston

LYDIA born Jan. 4, 1822 Exeter to John and Gerrish born Portsmouth

LYDIA born Dec. 31,1780 fifth child of Jabez and Lydia Philbrick reported from Exeter

LYDIA born Jan. 9, 1801 Stoddard to Elijah and Sally

LYDIA born June 3, 1836 to Jonathan and Mary reported from New Boston

LYDIA Ann born Sept. 24, 1846 Henniker to Mark Dodge and Sarah Robinson Page

LYDIA JANE born Apr. 25, 1807 to Joseph and Jane Dennett reported from Portsmouth

LYMAN born July 19, 1811 Stoddard to Elijah and Sally

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