New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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CALVIN born Oct. 12, 1814 (Concord) Lisbon of Asa farmer and Sarah

CALVIN born Mar. 22, 1815 Amherst of Levi and Eunice

CARL AUSTIN born Jan. 29,1884 New Boston fourth child of C. H. 36 born and residing in New Boston merchant and S.J. born Nashua 32

CARL HENRY born Nov. 20, 1892 Acworth of George H. born and residing in Acworth blacksmith and Nettie L. Allen born Lempster

CARLTON NOYES born Apr. 13, 1884 Hennikjer second child of Ransom T. born and residing in Henniker and Jennie Noyes born Franklin

CARLTON SYMONDS born Aug. 11, 1806 Henniker third child of Ephraim and Hannah Pillsbury

CAROL (male) KIMBALL born Oct. 31, 1881 Manchester of James E. and Helen G. Kimball

CAROLINE born May 13, 1824 Francestown sixth child of Joshua B. born and residing in Francestown carding and gristmill and Deborah Merrill

CAROLINE born Sept. 8, 1801 Henniker third child of John and Hannah

CAROLINE A. born June 9, 1866 or 1844 of Jonathan p. Jr. and Martha p. reported from Newbury

CAROLINE J. born July 11, 1817 Exeter of John born Exeter and Lydia Gerrish born Portsmouth

CARRIE MARIA born Dec. 24, 1867 Nashua of Dana D. born Nashua and Nancy Otterson born Nashua

CARROL (male) born Apr. 22, 1892 Nashua sixth child of an unnamed father and Annie Dodge born Devonshire England, washerwoman

CATHARINE born May 3, 1783 of Nathan and Pamelia

CHARLES EDWARD reported year ending Mar. 3, 1863 Greenfield third child of Levi born and residing in greenfield farmer and Sarah born Beverly Mass.

CHARLES born Mar. 6, 1865 reported from Charlestown of Hosea born Rockingham residing Charlestown farmer and Lucy born Unity

CHARLES born Dec. 25, 1837 Keene of James born Lunenburg, Mass Feb. 21, 1795 and Randilla Bundy born July 22, 1802 Westminster Vt.

CHARLES EARNEST born Jan. 30, 1870 Peterboro fifth child of Edward Blanchard Dodge born Francestown 31 residing Peterboro carpenter and Laura J. Woods born Dunstable,


CHARLES FREDERICK born Aug. 24, 1834 Francestown, eighth child of William born New Boston 43 residing Francestown mason and Lucy Gould born Francestown 45

CHARLES FRANKLIN born July 2, 1838 of Solomon Jr., reporting New Boston

CHARLES HENRY born Nov. 23, 1838 of Eli and Polly reported from Newbury

CHARLES NEALLY born May 19, 1862 Hampton Falls of James D. born and residing in Hampton Falls farmer and Harriet F. Hadley born Waterville

CHARLES O. born June 4, 1872 Raymond third child of John H. born and residing in Raymond shoemaker and Martha M. born Chester

CHARLES PERLEY born Sept. 8, 1864? Amherst first child of Perley W. born and residing in Amherst and Sophia Phelps

CHARLES WILLIAM born Sept. 4, 1842 Amherst of Perley and Harriet W.

CHARLES WILLIAM born Mar. 8, 1826 Amherst of Bartholomew and Polly

CHARLOTT born July 20, 1769 Winchester of Elijah and Anna

CHARLLOTT born Feb. 23, 1790 of Benjamin and Unas

CHESTER born Mar. 24, 1802 (Concord) Lisbon of asa farmer and Sarah

CHESTER C. born Dec. 4, 1825 Grantham of Joshua and Louisa/Lavina

CLARA born Aug. 6, 1843 Hampton Falls of John W. born and residing in Hampton Falls and Harriette p. Dunklee born Concord

CLARA born July 19, 1804 Grantham of Richard and Lavina Ellis

CLARA F. born May 27, 1853 Francestown, fifth child of Adoniram J. 45 born Wareham, Mass 45 residing Francestown farmer and Lucinda? Bixty born Topsfield Mass 33

CLARA NELL born Oct. 30, 1874 Manchester of Thomas F. and Addie H. Ashley

CLARENCE A. born Dec. 23, 1883 Nashua first child of George F. born Greenfield 26 residing Nashua cabinet maker and Annie L. Pate 23 born Denenshire England

CLARENCE B. born Aug. 30, 1884 Hopkinton, first child of Henry born and residing in Hopkinton student 21 and Josephine born Wareham Mass. 20

CLARENCE FRED born Apr. 6, 1891 Lancaster first child of Fred born Lyman 25 residing Lancaster farmer and Jennie Hartford 19 born Lancaster

CLARANCE LEROY born May 10, 1887 Littleton fifth child of Clarence born Hyde Park Vt. residing Littleton farmer and Lucy born Canada

CLARENCE MUNROE born May 28, 1847 of James M. reporting from New Boston

CLARENCE WALTER born Dec. 11, 1900 Manchester first child of Clarence Munroe born New Boston 53 residing Manchester physician and Annie E. O'Brien born Wolfstown p.2 age 31

CLARK born May 25, 1798 Winchester of Ebenezer and Eunice

CLARRISA born Aug. 11, 1803 of Ruben and Anna Smith reported from Marlow

CLEON "Dodg" born Apr. 12, 1881 Sunapee first child of George Dodg born N. Tunbridge Vt. 41 residing Sunapee lawyer and Antoinett Bartlett born Bradford

CLIFFORD RAYMOND born Apr. 17, 1885 Rochester of Frank S. born New Durham and Rosella Pearl born Strafford

CORA born June 16,1884 Littleton of Clarence born Hyde Park Vt. residing Littleton farmer and Lucy Fiske born Dalton

CORA E. born Sept. 1, 1867 Keene first child of James W. born Keene Apr. 13, 1845 residing Keene freight agent and Ella E. Perley born Gardner Mass.

CYRUS born Sept. 23, 1807 of Daniel and Salla Wright reported from Hanover

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