New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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FANNY born Nov. 5, 1810 to Simeon Jr. and Martha Perkins Fairfield reported from Littleton

FLAVILLA born Oct. 2, 1792 to Nathan and Pamela Pomeroy reported from Chesterfield

FLOSSIE B. born Oct. 23, '93 Franklin second child of Reuben C. born Barnard Vt. 44 residing Franklin teamster and Alice M. Russell born Grafton 25

FRANCES BLANCHE born Nov. 8, 1861 Newbury second child of George Herbert born and residing in Newbury mechanical and Henrietta Fowler born Newbury

FRANCES ESTY born June 8, 1852 to Gideon F. and Sarah A. Baldwin

FRANCES FISK born May 28,1816 Amherst to Bartholomew Jr and Polly Fiske

FRANCES MARY born Sept. 22, 1819 to John born Exeter and Lydia Gerrish born Portsmouth

FRANCES ROSANNA born June 19, 1854 Marlow to Rufus farmer and Sarah Bradford

FRANCIS CLEAVES born Nov. 29,1842 to Eli and Polly Cressey reported from Newbury

FRANCES ESTY born June 8, 1852 to Gideon F. and Sarah A. Baldwin

FRANCIS HOWARD born Mar. 12, 1887 Concord third child of Howard A. born Lempster 44 residing Concord hardware dealer and Frances E. Webster born Barnstead 40

FRANCIS PUTNAM born Sept. 20, 1808 Amherst to Bartholomew Jr. and Polly Fiske

FRANCIS S. born Feb. 28, 1837 Henniker fifth child of Carlton Symonds cooper and Delilah Stephens

FRANK born June 22, 1865 Piermont first child of George born Bradford Vt. 22 residing Piermont merchant and Betsy Cutting born Piermont

FRANK BALDWIN born Aug. 15, 1887 Croydon to Eugene W. born Newport residing Croydon farmer and Millie Alvina Humphrey born Croydon

FRANK Ellsworth born Sept. 23,1862 Londonderry to Malachi Foster and Hannah p. Edwards

FRANK SCHUYLER born Jan. 5, 1889 Whitefield first child of Van Herbert 30 born and resided in Whitefield farmer and Alice M. Stebbins born Newbury > 26

FRED W. born Oct. 5, 1873 Concord first child of John Barzilla born Hopkinton 25 residing Concord glazer and Mary S. Merrill born Boscawen 30

FREDERICK born Nov. 23, 1842 Keene to James born Lunenburg Mass., Feb. 21, 1795 and Randilla Bundy born Westminster Vt. July 22, 1802

FREDERICK MILLET born Jan. 1867 Stoddard fifth child of William born and residing in Stoddard farmer and Harriet Maria Richardson born Stoddard

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