New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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DANA born Mar. 11, 1802 of John Munroe and Mehitable Dwinnel reported from Marlow

DANIEL born Nov. 22, 1791 Hancock of Joseph IV and Molly Ritter

DANIEL born June 8, 1781 of Lieutenant Solomon, Jr. and Sara Dodge (her maiden name) reported New Boston

DANIEL born Mar. 15, 1784 of Solomon and Sarah Dodge (her maiden name reported from New Boston

DANIEL born Oct. 15, 1767 Winchester of William and Elizabeth Thoits

DANIEL born July 3, 1796 of Daniel and Abigail Wright reported from Hanover

DANIEL born Apr. 10, 1779 Winchester of Elijah and Anne Butler

DANIEL born Apr. 2, 1790 Winchester of Ebenezer and Eunice Hill

DANIEL G. born Oct. 6, 1880 Windsor first child of Perley Hunt born and residing in Windsor farmer and Abbie Amelia Drewborn Pembroke

DANIEL GORDON born Mar. 29, 1812 Goffstown of James and Margaret Gordon

DANIEL L. born Jan. 11, 1842 of Jonathan and Mary Dodge (her maiden name), reported New Boston

DAVID born July 29,1765 Goffstown of Antipas and Anna Ramsey

DAVID born Mar.22, 1786 Amherst of Bartholomew and Martha Harthshorn

DAVID NOURSE born Jan. 27, 1810 Amherst of Bartholomew and Polly Fiske

DAVID born Dec. 25, 1796 of David, reported from Stark

DAVID born July 23,1766 of David and Mercy Pressy reported from Sandown

DAVID born Apr. 7, 1795 of Elisha III and Ginger Raymond reported from New Boston

DAVID JR. born Oct. 1, 1799 4th child of David and Letty Tallent residing Lyman reported from Lyman

DAVID Daniel born Oct. 20, 1840 Goffstown of Daniel Gordon and Elvira Hunt

DEXTER born Oct. 7, 1795Marlow second child of Willie Alfred 38 born and residing in Marlow farmer and Mary Jane Polly born Gilsum 35

DORCAS born Sept. 30, 1765 Winchester of Joseph and Sarah Taylor

DOROTHY born Oct. 12,1796 of Nathan and Pamela Pomeroy reported from Chesterfield

DUDLEY born May 24, 1773 Hampton Falls of Nathaniel Hubbard born and residing in Hampton Falls and Sarah Dodge (her maiden name)