New Hampshire Births to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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EARL ISSAC born Oct. 25, 1895 Littleton first child of Isaac F. 2nd born Lisbon 46 residing Littleton farmer and Julia p. Carter born Lyman 32

EBEN GOVE born Oct. 2, 1877 Wilmot fifth child of Edward born New Boston residing Wilmot lumberman and Martha Bradford Gove. born Lowell, Mass.

EBENEZER born Dec. 11,1783 Winchester of Ebenezer, Jr. and Eunice Hill

EBENEZER born Nov. 3, 1767 of David and Mary Pressey reported from Sandown

EDMUND PARSONS born Jan. 9, 1815 of Jonathan Perkins and Polly Perkins reported from Newbury

EDWARD born Mar. 16, 1794 of Simon and Abigail Cook reported from New Boston

EDWARD born Jan. 24, 1791 of William, Jr. and Sarah Williams reported from Newbury

EDWARD born May 25, 1859 reported from Portsmouth second child of Albert J. born Weld Maine residing in Portsmouth, railroad worker, and Mary Elizabeth Tarbox born Oxford, Maine

EDWARD BUXTON born Apr. 8, 1845 of Solomon Jr. and Mary Dodge (her maiden name) reported from New Boston

EDWARD DONALD born Mar. 10, 1896 Raymond first child of John Wilbur born S. Berwick, Me, 24, residing Raymond, laster and Annetta Penoria Healey born Raymond 18

EDWARD EDSON born July 13, 1794 (Concord) Lisbon of Asa farmer and Sarah Edson

EDWARD GRENVILLE born May 5, 1850 Henniker of Israel p. and Judith G. Clark

EDWARD WADLEIGH. born June 15, 1822 reported from Sutton of Edward and Polly Wadleigh

EDWIN born Oct. 14, 1865 Nashua 3rd child of Oliver residing Nashua nurseryman and Adeline E. Allen born Vt.

EDWIN born Sept. 1, 1835 Keene of James born Lunenburg Mass born Feb. 21, 1795 and Randella Bundy born Westminster Vt. July 22, 1802

EDWIN C. born Dec. 29, 1862 Lyman 8th child of Benjamin Moody Dodge born and residing in Lyman farmer and Sally Mardon born Dalton, Vt. Duplicate record has date of birth as Dec. 29, 1861 and mother's birth in Dalton, NH

EDWIN HARMON born Apr. 26, 1874 New Boston of Lendell born and residing New Boston farmer and Ellen Orissa Lamson born Mt. Vernon

EDWIN p. born July 2, 1842 Henniker 9th child of Israel p. and Anna Connor

EDGAR KIMBALL born Aug. 4, 1887 Manchester of James Everett and Helen Kimball

EDITH BLANCHE born Jan. 8, 1898 Franklin 7th child of �harles R. born Tunbridge Vt. 28 residing Franklin plumber and Caroline Howard born Andover 33

EDITH HUBBARD born Feb. 8, 1888 Concord, fourth child of Clarence W. born Lempster residing Concord, stable keeper and Carrie F. Hubbard born Manchester

EDMUND PARSONS DODGE born July 6, 1817 of Jonathan Perkins and Mary "Polly" Perkins, reported Newbury

EDMUND PEARSON born Dec. 22, 1795 of William and Sarah Williams, reported Newbury

EDMUND R. born July 17, 1884 Windsor second child of Perley Hunt 32 born and residing in Windsor farming and Abbie Amellia Drew 23 born Pembroke

EDNA born Nov. 27, 1771 Londonderry first child of Parker residing Londonderry and Mary Little

EFFIE LIZZIE. born Apr. 1, 1878 Gilford of John D. residing Gilford mechanic and Nellie Angelia Manson

ELDORA MIRETTE born Dec. 15, 1847 of Benjamin 2nd and Eliza G. Kendall reported from New Boston

ELEANOR born Feb. 5, 1785 of Elisha, III and Ginger Raymond reported from New Boston

ELEANOR born Feb. 26, 1900 Manchester second child of George B. born and residing in Manchester 28 shoe dealer and Nettie Moore Abbott 25 born Manchester

ELIAS born Sept. 29, 1824 Grantham of Levi, Jr. and Olive Blanchard

ELIJAH, III born Feb. 6, 1777 Winchester of Elijah, Jr. and Anna Butler

ELIJAH born Jan. 18,1795 Stoddard of Elijah H. and Sally Jackson

ELIJAH H. born Feb. 24,1769 winchester of Joseph and Sarah Taylor

ELIZA ANN born Sept. 28,1817 grantham of Joshua and Levina Carpenter

ELIRA M. or N. born Jan. 7, 1824 Winchester of Clark and Elira Rixford

ELIZA born Jan. 12, 1806 Boscawen third child of Paul and Jane Pearson

ELIZA JANE born Feb. 23, 1805 of William Batchelder and Margaret Wilson reported from New Boston

ELIZABETH born Apr. 28, 1785 7th child of Jabesh and Lydia Philbrick reported from Exeter

ELIZABETH born June 25, 1785 Londonderry 7th child of Parker and Marey Little

ELIZABETH, born Jan. 29, 1762 Winchester of William and Elizabeth Thoits

ELIZABETH, born Jan. 13, 1783 of Benjamin and Eunice Boutell, reported from New Boston

ELIZABETH F., born Nov. 18, 1831 Goffstown to John G. and Polly Tallant

ELIZABETH B. born Nov. 29,1867 Nashua 4th child of Oliver born New Boston 30 residing in Nashua nursery man and Adeline E. Allen of Chelsea Vt. 29

ELIZABETH HURD born Dec. 18, 1834 Exeter of John Dodge born Exeter and Lydia Gerrish born Portsmouth

ELLA born Mar. 17, 1851 Peterboro of Jones N. born Windsor residing Peterboro farmer and Louisa Barber born Peterboro

ELLEN CHARLOTTE born Dec. 12,1845 of Levi B. and Charlotte E. "Hannah" Cobleigh. reported from Littleton

ELLEN M. born Dec. 18, 1879 of Marshall Cobleigh born Lyndon Vt. residing Littleton farmer and Martha King born Landaff reported from Littleton

ELLEN MARIAH born Dec. 21, 1847 of Eli and Polly Cressey reported from Newbury

ELMER DEXTER born Nov. 17, 1850 Marlow of Rufus residing Marlow farmer and Sarah Bradford

ELSIE B. born Mar. 28, 1878 Croydon to Martin Dinsmore and Anna McLaughlin

ELSIE H. born Nov. 4, 1876 to Thomas F. born New Hampshire residing in Manchester operative and Harriet Adeline "Addie" Ashley born Vt. reported from Manchester

ELVA BERNICE born July 10, 1880 Manchester to Thomas F. and Harriet Adeline "Addie" Ashley born Vt. reported from Manchester

ELVIRA born Oct. 19, 1807 to John Munroe and Mehitable Dwinnel reported >from Marlow

EMILY JANE born Feb. 24, 1843 of Jonathan Perkins Jr. and Martha Putnam reported from Newbury

EMMA born Nov. 18, 1846 Boscawen 2nd child of Henry Lancaster and Mary L. Plummer reported from Boscawen

EMMA FRANCIS born Dec. 26, 1860 Hopkinton second child of Jonathan born and residing in Hopkinton farmer and Jerusha Edgerly born Meredith

EPHRAIM J. born Dec. 28, 1836 Henniker 7th child of Israel p. and Anna Connor

ERNEST EDWIN born Dec. 17, 1894 Barrington first child of Edwin Solomons born New Durham 21 residing in Barrington and Mary A. Fingard born Barrington 18

ESTHER born Sept. 10, 1761 Goffstown of Antipas and Anna Ramsey

ETHEL MAUDE born Nov. 23, 1878 Lempster of Ceylon Milton born and residing in Lempster blacksmith and Augusta Izona Clark born Chelsea Mass.

ELSWORTH EUGENE born Oct. 17, 1881 Goshen of Eugene W. born Newport residing Goshen butcher and Mary E. Freedo born Claremont

EULA ROSE born May 8, 1895 Croydon of Elmer E. born Newport residing Croydon farmer and Lovisa A. Paul born Newport

EUNICE N. born July 15, 1825 Whitefield of William and Eunice Newell

EUNICE born Dec. 29, 1786 Winchester of Ebenezer and Eunice Hill

EUNICE born Feb. 7, 1809 Littleton of Simeon, Jr. and Martha Perkins Fairfield

EVA ANNIE born Sept. 28, 1882 fourth child of

CHARLES born England 36 residing in Littleton farmer and Ester Harris born England 34 reported from Littleton

EVA Frances born July 25, 1896 New Hampton first child of George Francis born Tamworth 23 salesman residing New Hampton and Winnie J. Worthen born Holderness 23

EVALINA born Aug. 24, 1890 Nashua sixth child of George F. born Greenfield 33 and Anna Sellivia Pate born England 29

EVALINE born Oct. 9, 1829 Whitestown N.Y.? to James b. Lunenburg Feb. 21, 1795 and Randilla Bundy born July 22, 1802 reported from Keene

EVERETT FRANCIS born July 7, 1884 Concord second child of Roger Everett born Lowell, Mass 35 residing Concord wholesale grocer and Frances Laracom born Beverly

ELVIRA S. born July 22,1893 Windsor fifth child of John Gordon residing and born in Windsor 47 farming and Nellie Mariah Drew born Pembroke 30

EZRA born Nov. 22, 1789 Hancock to Joseph, IV and Molly Ritter

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