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John Winslow Dodge and Five sons
John was the son of Peter Ingerfield Dodge. Peter was the uncle of Ireneus Bruce Dodge
We have this family back to John Dodge who married Ruth Ruddock.  This line is from our William/Richard Dodge line proved by DNA. Now we just need to find the connection from John who married Ruth Ruddock
These photos were sent to us by Jann Dodge.

Click here to read about the parents, an uncle, and a brother of Ireneus Dodge.  Click here to view genealogy of  Ruth Ruddock who married John Dodge.
Obit for Ireneous Bruce Dodge Obit for Wife Matilda Caruthers Obit for Mary A. Dodge
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Back: George Everett, Sherwood Fayette, Elmer Ellsworth, and Herbert Raymond
Front: John Winslow Dodge, Benjamin Earl.
Benjamin was the son John had with his last wife Elizabeth Lamb. Benjamin was born in Crete, Nebraska.John and Elizabeth are buried 20 ft. from Elmer and Herbert in Tumwater, WA.
Elmer Ellsworth Dodge at two different ages.  The photo on the right might be his wedding picture. He went to Alaska during the Klondike era. Sherwood Fayett Dodge, son of John Winslow Dodge. Taken in Oelwein, Iowa.