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Ireneus Bruce Dodge
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.  Ruth Ruddock was the grandmother of Ireneus and that is as far back as we can go at present.

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Children of John Philip Dodge (11) and Mary Lu [Harness] Dodge

Married Name Gen Born Birthplace

Cristiana Mae Dodge 12 Aug 24,1954 Quincy, Illinois
May 3, 1975 John Roger Ehrhardt
July 26, 1951
Issue: Renee Lynn Ehrhardt 13 May 23, 1977 Quincy, Illinois

Elizabeth Rose Ehrhardt 13 Aug 28, 1980 Quincy, Illinois

John Ammon Dodge 12 March 28, 1956 Quincy, Illinois
June 14, 1997 Kimberly Kay Schuck
July 8, 1960 New Hartford, Iowa

Philip Leonard Dodge 12 Aug 4, 1957 Quincy, Illinois
June 6, 1981 Ninita S. Casto
June 21, 1961 Libertad Nabos
Aklan Phillippines
Issue: Philip David Dodge 13 Oct 10, 1982 Pryor, Oklahoma

Heather Lynn Dodge 13 May 24, 1987 Tacome, Washington

Matthew Leigh Dodge 12 Sept 28, 1959 Quincy, Illinois
Aug 3, 1979 LaTreesa Gail Aldridge
Jan 21, 1961 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Issue: Matthew Leigh Dodge 13 May 13, 1981 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Steven Matthew Dodge 13 Nov 4, 1982 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Following information received by phone from Vaughn Dodge to Marge "Dodge" Greene 1993:
  • Mary Dodge lived in Walnut, Illinois and owned a shop. She was not married.
  • Will Dodge was a roustabout who in later life was cared for by his sister Anna.
  • Carrie Dodge married a man named Palmer and lived in Dixon, Illinois.
  • Anna Dodge married Earl McMurray. They farmed at Walnut, Illinois on the Dodge Family farm. After Anna died Earl married a younger woman and then after his death lef 4/6 of the farm to Dodges and 2/6 to his younger wife.
  • Frank Dodge was Mayor of Dixon or some town around there.
  • Cebe Dodge was married to a woman named Anna and they ran a second-hand store in Galesburg, Illinois.
  • These are all children of our great-grandfather I. B. Dodge and great-grandmother Matilda "Crothers" Dodge of Walnut, Illinois. There were 11 children - 4 girls and 7 boys.

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