USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and HMS Guerriere
Dodges Who Fought For Their Country
War of 1812
The 2nd war of Independence

"Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it. They suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, and died."

USS United States and HMS Macedonia

Songs of the War of 1812
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John Dodge of Middle Chinnock, Somerset, England, was the father of William and Richard who came to America in 1629 and 1638, respectively. They settled in what is now, Salem, Massachusetts.
Tristram Dodge came to Block Island, Rhode Island in 1660/61. He came from England, via Newfoundland, via Taunton, Massachusetts. We believe that his ancestors were came from Northern England

Lineage - Zimmer's ancestry is a mystery, however, we believe that he is listed in the Vermont VRs as 'Ziman' and in a couple of other places as 'Zimri'
Zimmer Dodge, Private, 11 Regiment, Infantry; Orange County, Vermont; died in the u. S. service, 11 Nov. 1813; left heirs, Lydia, Smith, and James Dodge, who rec'd 5 years half pay in lieu of bounty land, $4 per mo. from 17 Feb., 1815 to 17 Feb., 1820; Total, $240
Note: We think that Zimmer/Ziman, belongs to the family of Samuel Dodge and Olive Hoag. He lived in the same small town, Topsham, and his children were born within the same time frame as those of John Dodge who was a son of Samuel and Olive and he is buried in the small cemetery where others of the Samuel Dodge family are buried.
From the Topsham, Vermont records we find the following:
Hannah Jane, of Topsham, m. William Courier 12/25/1849.
James, b. 12/24/1811, s/o Ziman Dodge.
James, d. 7/31/1852, AE 40.1.0.
John, b. 7/21/1810
John, d. 9/21/1865, AE 55.1.3, b. Newport, NH, s/o Samuel and Olive Dodge, h/o Theodotia.
Lydia, b. 12/15/1805, d/o Ziman Dodge.
Lydia, d. 7/31/1861, AE 55.7.16, d/o Ziman and Mahitable Dodge.
Mahitable, d. 2/23/1844, AE 57, w/o Ziman Dodge.
Smith, b. 3/25/1809, s/o Ziman and Mahitable Dodge.
Theodotia, b. 1/8/1800, d. 2/23/1870, w/o John Dodge.
Theodotia, d. 2/23/1870, AE 70.1.15, d/o Joshua and Eunice Dodge.
Zimri, of Topsham, m. Mehitable Wood 3/19/1805.