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Dodges Who Fought For Their Country
War of 1812
The 2nd war of Independence

USS United States and HMS Macedonia
Songs of the War of 1812
American Uniform for the war of 1812:
Uniform Coatee, white linen shirt, black neck stock, straight bottom trousers, half gaitors, low quarter shoes, shako, cartridge box with white buff sling, white buff baldric for bayonet scabbard, haversack, knapsack, tin canteen
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John Dodge of Middle Chinnock, Somerset, England, was the father of William and Richard who came to America in 1629 and 1638, respectively. They settled in what is now, Salem, Massachusetts.
Tristram Dodge came to Block Island, Rhode Island in 1660/61. He came from England, via Newfoundland, via Taunton, Massachusetts. We believe that his ancestors were came from Northern England

Lineage -
Nathan Dodge, Foxcroft's Regiment New York Militia; Rank Induction: Corporal Rank Discharge: Corporal
Lineage -
Nathaniel Dodge, 1st Regiment (Bloom's) New York Militia; Rank Induction: Private; Rank Discharge: Private;
Lineage - John Dodge of Middle Chinnock, England, through Richard
Nathaniel Brown Dodge, served in the Army Sept, 6 through Sept. 16 1814 for 10 days in Capt. Warren Ellis Company. He volunteered to go to Plattsburgh.
Rev. Nathaniel Brown Dodge, who served as superintendent of Harmony Mission from its beginning until 1829, was born in Winchester, New Hampshire, Jun 5, 1781. He was a school teacher in his younger days, then served in the war of 1812, very possibly, as a chaplin. He had been preaching as a Congregational minister in Underhill, Vermont for eight years before he went to New York early in 1821 to organize the "Missionary Family" to be sent to the Osage country by the United Foreign Missionary Society. He left New York Febrauary 12, 1821, and arrived at Harmony August 8 , 1821. After serving eight years as head of this mission, he moved to Independence, Missouri. Early in 1830, he was asked to take charge of a mission among the Osages on the Neosho, which he accepted. The Boudinot Mission was then established by him, two miles northwest of the present St. Paul, Kansas. He left this mission in the spring of 1835, and moved to Balltown, in Vernon county, Missouri, where he farmed and preached until his death on September 3, 1848. He was buried in the Little Osage grave yard in Vernon county.
Rev. Nathaniel Brown Dodge was the son of Nathaniel Brown Dodge and Tabitha Newhall. submittted in part by Whitney Maxfield