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New Hampshire Deaths to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus
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Abbie A. Dodge, died Webster, previously of Hopkinton, Apr. 14, 1900 age 59 years 7 months and 25 days. Born Hopkinton Aug. 20, 1840, housewife of pneumonia of 5 days' duration and a weak heart lasting several years. Widow of Moses E. Dodge. Daughter of Charles Weeks farmer of Hopkinton and Phebe Hemphill born in Bow. She was buried in the Stumpfield Cemetery in Hopkinton.

Abigail Dodge, died Randolph Mass. April 21, 1861, age 52 years 10 months born Westmoreland, NH, dropsy. Widow of Schuyler Dodge. Daughter of Eliphalet Wilbur and Abigail of Keene, NH.

Abigail Dodge, died Amherst, NH Jan. 22, 1872 age 65, widpw of Ninian Clark Dodge. Born in Amherst, daughter of Isaac Brooks of Woburn and Abigail of Amherst, NH.

Abigail Dodge died Greenville Oct. 2, 1894 age 55 years 6 months 17 days, of Mason, NH, of apoplexy. Widow of Merrill C. Dodge. Buried Greenville. Father Franklin Merriam farmer born Mason, NH and Mary Ann Lane born Bedford, Mass.

Abigail Dodge, died New Boston Dec. 15, 1836 age 79 years 28 days, housekeeper, of paralysis. Widow of Hiram Dodge. Born New Boston daughter of Greenough Marden born Bradford Mass farmer and Sibyl Hadley, born Nottingham, NH.

Abigail Dodge, died New Boston Apr. 30, 1831 age 73 years, consumption. Wife of Simon Dodge. Born in Beverly, Mass., daughter of Joseph Cook and Abigail Winship of Cambridge Mass..

Abner B. Dodge, died Nashua Sept. 12, 1860 of heart disease. Born 9 April 1823 in New Boston Married Mary G. Hall. Son of Abner Dodge born Beverly Mass. and Hannah Buxton born New Boston.

Achsah Dodge, died New Boston July 5, 1873, age 76, of paralysis. Widow of John Dodge. Her maiden name was Campbell, born in New Boston.

Adaline p. Dodge, died Goffstown, Jan. 4, 1895 age 67 years 8 months, born Pittsfield, housekeeper, bled to death; buried Pittsfield. Widow and second wife of John Gordon Dodge. Parents were James Hoag and Lucy Andrews, both born Pittsfield.

Addie Dodge, died June 27, 1872, age 22 years, born Portsmouth, congestive fever. Wife of William Henry Dodge. Parents Augustus W. Simpson and Harriet W. Knight, both born NH.

Adelaide H. Dodge, died Manchester October 20, 1895, age 61, born Northwood, diabetes. Wife of George W. Dodge. Buried City Tomb. Parents Stevans James born Northwood and Sarah Shaw born Pittsfield.

Adoniram Judson Dodge, died Francistown, Mar. 11, 1889, age 81 years 11 days, born Wenham, Mass., farmer, of pneumonia. Married Julia A. Perley. Son of Jacob Dodge, born Wenham and Mary Corning born Beverly Mass.

Albert D. Dodge, died Francistown Apr. 10, 1883 age 23 years 6 months and 26 days. Born Peterboro, buried Francistown. Married Mary Ann Patterson. Son of William Dodge stonemason and Lucy Gould.

Alexander Dodge died Oct. 27, 1830, 8 months old, son of John Dodge, born Exeter and Lydia Gerrish born Portsmouth.

Alfaretta S. Dodge, died Weare Feb. 16, 1872, age 18 years, 7 months, 12 days of consumption. Born Hennicker. Daughter of Israel p. Dodge, born Weare and Judith B. Dodge (her maiden name).

Alice Augusta Dodge, died Hampton Falls June 22, 1866. Born Hampton Falls, single. Daughter of Oliver Augustus Dodge and Alice Cheney, both born Hampton Falls.

Alice C. Dodge, died Newport, NH Oct. 6, 1894 age 80, born Hampton Falls. housewife, consumption of the bowels, bur. Lexington Mass. Widow of Oliver Augustus Dodge. Parents were William Cheney, tanner and mother T. Hatch, both born Alstead, NH.

Allen Dodge, Jr. died Mar. 13, 1852 Mont Vernon, born Mount Vernon. Married AbbyHildreth. Son of Allen Dodge and Mary Upton.

Allen Dodge, died Jan. 13, 1863, Mont Vernon. Born 18 Jan. 1780 in Amherst. Married first Abigail Langdon. Married Second, Mary Upton. Son of Josiah Dodge and Eleanor Edwards.

Alma Jane Dodge, died Swanzey, 25 years,1 month and 4 days. Born Richmond, pneumonia. Married Frank O. Dodge. Father, James Monroe Ballou, mechanic and mother, Jane Gilson.

Almira M. Dodge, died Sugar Hill, Lisbon Sept. 6, 1891, 75 years, 1month, 24 days, born Lyman, housework, paralysis and dysentery. Married Simeon Dodge. Buried Grove Hill Cemetery. Father David Moulton, born Rye, farmer, mother Sally Knapp.

Ammi Dodge, male, died New Boston Dec. 16, 1826, 74 years, numb palsy. Born Ipswich, Mass. Married Lucy Dodge (her maiden name). Father, Thomas Dodge and Mother, Elizabeth Dodge (her maiden name).

Amos Dodge died Sept. 30 1871, Concord 59 years, born Aug. 15, 1813 New Boston, merchant, typhoid fever. Married Emily Gates Everett. Son of Solomon Dodge, born New Boston and Elizabeth Dodge (her maiden name), born New London.

Andrew Dodge, died Clairmont Mar. 30, 1893, 89 years, 10 months, born Hartland, VT, machinist, old age, son of Andrew Dodge, farmer and Sally Bowers.

Andrew Dodge, Jr. died June 16, 1858, Cornish, farmer, cancer and fractured arm. Born Sept. 22, 1771 Woburn, Mass. Married Sally Bowers. Son of Andrew Dodge and Mary Rindge.

*Angelia Praiscilla Dodge, died Clairmont Jan. 17, 1877, age 60, born Newbury Vt., fatty degeneration of the kidneys. Married Amos Dodge. Daughter of Shadrack Dodge and Sophia Redding.

Angelo p. Dodge died Weare July 6, 1876, at 27 of consumption. Born Aug. 3, 1848 Henniker. Married Willie D. Godham. Father, Israel p. Dodge and mother, Judith G. Clark

Angie Lena Dodge died Whitefield Nov. 19, 1896, stenographer, consumption, buried in Whitefield. Daughter of William Franklin Dodge, farmer born Whitefield and Mary Jane Eastman, born Whitefield.

Ann F. Dodge, died Nashua May 3, 1886, 79 years, 17 days, housekeeper, pneumonia. Maiden name Faxon. Married Willard Dodge.

Ann Eliza Dodge, died Portsmouth Dec. 19, 1894, 78 years, 4 months, 9 days, of latent pneumonia. Buried South Cemetery. Married John Samuel Dodge. Daughter of William Damrell, born Portsmouth, sea captain and Annie Mott.

Anna B. Dodge, died Henniker, Sept. 18, 1843, age 40, typhoid. Born Henniker. Married Israel p. Dodge. Daughter of James and Dorcas Connor.

Anna Dodge, died Henniker, Oct. 11, 1841, 42, insanity. Born Henniker. Married Asa Dodge. Daughter of Elisha Rice and Patty Wood.

Anna Lovering-Hilliard Dodge, died Kensington Oct 14, 1839, age 82, born Kensington, consumption, buried Kensington.

Anna Dodge, died Goffstown Dec. 13, 1812, housewife. Married Antipas Dodge. Daughter of James Ramsey.

Annie Dodge, died Jan. 30, 1899, Croydon, buried Croydon Flat Cemetery, age 50 years, 4 months, 9 days, born Sept. 21, 1839, housewife, cancer. Body exhumed and removed to Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord. She was born on Prince Edward Island. Widow of Martin Dinsmore Dodge. Father, James McLaughlin.

Antipas Dodge, died Goffstown July 4, 1835, at 102 years, 4 months. Born Haverhill, Mass. Married Anna Ramsey.

Arthur H. Dodge, died Northwood Apr. 16, 1897 at 32 years. Born Wenham, shoe cutter of phithisis. Never married. Son of Calvin B. Dodge, born Wenham, Mass. and Lydia A. Conant, born Wenham, Mass.

Asa Dodge, died Mar. 8, 1897, age 87 years, 7 months and 24 days, widower, blacksmith, congestion of the lungs, son of John Dodge and Hannah Andrews.

Aurielia Dodge, died Whitefield Feb. 109, 1885, born Charlestown, paralysis. Maiden name Chase. Widow of Baker Dodge.

Austin C. Dodge, died Claremont April 29, 1899, 72 years, 1month, born Cornish, farmer, heart disease, buried Claremont. Married Mary C. Burbee. father, Daniel, mother, Eunice Gates.

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