A Second Dodge Bible Found

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The following letter has been  received by the Dodge Family Association.  After you read this letter, you may like to view the photos and the List of Marriages.  Just click on the links above. There are 4 tin types and 12 photos. 

I have inherited a Bible that has been in my family for many, many years.  In this Bible are pictures that are obviously Dodges.  I am interested in getting these pictures to someone who would value them. Unfortunately, many of them do not have names on them and several of them are of children.

There is a page of marriages of Dodges as follows:

1) Jonathan Dodge to Jane Franklin- Feb 20, 1840
2) Daniel Dodge to Harriet Clark- Oct 8, 1840
3) Noah Dodge to Calista Eaton- March 31, 1844
4) Asakel (or Asahel) Dodge to Mary Bugbee- Aug 8, 1847
5) Heman Dodge to Clarissa C Sheldon -Jan 18, 1848
6) Luther Dodge to Christiana Eaton- Aug 27, 1848
7) Heman Dodge to Olive Hulbert - June 20 1867 (2nd marriage for Herman)
8) and Heman Dodge to Amanda Morley Oct 5, 1889?

I can't read the last number well as it in pencil and very faint. This is where my family crosses with yours. This third marriage did not produce any children as they were clearly older. Amanda died in Lawton, Michigan.

Of the pictures that are labeled, there is Noah, Frances (looks like a young boy but has on a dress) Charles Dodge, son of Daniel, Francis, son of Noah (a handsome lantern jawed fellow) Jonathan, and a George Dodge whose name has become detached from his picture and I don't know which one it is. If these pictures belong to any of your lines, I will be very happy to send them on as they really have no meaning for me. I have cherished picures of my Morley ancestors that have been shared with me and with the internet I was hoping to connect with someone who wanted them. On the back of some of the pictures, it looks like they were done in a studio in "Napa City." The only Napa City I have ever heard of is in California so that may be a good clue for you. My Morley family was in Wisc. and Michigan at that time though. I will copy the marriage page for you also.