The Dodge Family Association

Dodge Vital Records Extracted from Vermont Town Records
by Dell Hill

Susan R. Templeton is undoubtedly the same Susan Templeton Dodge whose picture we have posted inour photo section.  If time was available to check others of the names from Montpelier, Vermont that are listed on this page, very possibly more of the photos in that Florida Album could be identified.

130. Susan R. TEMPLETON was born on 23 Feb 1833 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (17) She died on 22 Jan 1919. (17)  She was buried in the Cutler Cemetery, East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.(17)  She was married to Ira C. DODGE (son of Stanly DODGE and Sabrina KELTON) on 29 Jan 1879 in Montpelier, Washington County,

Vermont. Ira C. DODGE was born on 14 Mar 1836 in Marshfield, Washington County, Vermont.(17) The grave marker indicates his date of birth to be March 14, 1886. However, this must be in error since he would have had to get married and die by age eight! The stone engraver must have mistaken 1836 for 1886.   He died on 3 Feb 1894.(17) He was buried in the Cutler Cemetery, East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (17) He is buried with his wife and her parents.

113. Henry H. TEMPLETON was born on 22 Aug 1839 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (220) He died on 6 Aug 1912 in East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.  He was married to Adelia C. "Delia" DODGE (daughter of Nathan Hammond DODGE and Marinda R. BASS) on 4 Jul 1878 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. Adelia C. "Delia" DODGE was born on 2 Nov 1853 in Hinman, Vermont. She died in 1937 in Orlando, Florida.   Henry H. TEMPLETON was born on 22 Aug 1839 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (220) He died on 6 Aug 1912 in East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.  He was married to Adelia C. "Delia" DODGE (daughter of Nathan Hammond DODGE and Marinda R. BASS) on 4 Jul 1878 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.

Adelia C. "Delia" DODGE was born on 2 Nov 1853 in Hinman, Vermont. She died in 1937 in Orlando, Florida.

111. Sarah A. TEMPLETON was born on 22 Nov 1834 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (218) She died on 22 Apr 1916.  She was married to Denison S. ORMSBEE (son of Caleb (#2) ORMSBEE and Sarah K. DODGE) on 10 Sep 1854 in East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.(219) Denison S. ORMSBEE was born on 20 Apr 1831 in Vermont. He died on 7 Apr 1878.

Held at the Vermont Historical Society:  Author: Templeton, Hiram E.  Title: H. E. Templeton letters, 1862.  Description: 3 letters. Repository: Vermont Historical Society. Library 109 State Street, Montpelier, Vt. 05609-0901

[285]  Notes: Letters from Hiram E. Templeton, Surgeon, Quartermaster department, to his wife, Melvina. The letters are dated July 22 (fragment) and July 23, 1862, at Harrison's Landing, and November 26, 1862.

Bio./Hist.: Hiram E. Templeton of East Montpelier, Vt., the son of James Templeton, was a physician. He served in the Quartermaster Corps under his relative Perley Pitkin, as postmaster at City Point and Harpers Ferry, and served as surgeon.


Templeton, Melvina, fl. 1862.
United States. Army. Quartermaster Corps. [2]
East Montpelier (Vt.) Archival resources.
United States History Civil War, 1861-1865. [166]
Vermont History Civil War, 1861-1865. [152]
Doc. type: Correspondence. [160]

He was married to Melvina L. ORMSBEE (daughter of Caleb (#2) ORMSBEE and Sarah K. DODGE) on 16 Jul 1854 in Berlin, Vermont.(213) Melvina L. ORMSBEE was born on 22 Feb 1829 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.(214) She died on 19 Aug 1917. Hiram Edwin TEMPLETON and Melvina L. ORMSBEE had the following children:

130. Susan R. TEMPLETON was born on 23 Feb 1833 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (17) She died on 22 Jan 1919. (17)  She was buried in the Cutler Cemetery, East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont.(17)  She was married to Ira C. DODGE (son of Stanly DODGE and Sabrina KELTON) on 29 Jan 1879 in Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. Ira C. DODGE was born on 14 Mar 1836 in Marshfield, Washington County, Vermont.(17) The grave marker indicates his date of birth to be March 14, 1886. However, this must be in error since he would have had to get married and die by age eight! The stone graver must have mistaken 1836 for 1886.

He died on 3 Feb 1894.(17) He was buried in the Cutler Cemetery, East Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. (17) He is buried with his wife and her parents.

The folks there copied a Death Certificate of Theresa Dodge, whose father was John Dodge and whose mother was Minnie Manosh. Theresa died 09 October 1997 at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, Vermont. She was born 14 July 1925 in Montgomery, Vermont. She was single at the time of death. Well educated with two years of college. Her remains were cremated. The death information was reported by John Levesque, PO Box 164, Ripton, Vermont 05766.

I also copied a death certificate on Elvira Amelia Sargent Dodge. She was the widow of Charles Dodge. She died 31 August 1931 at Eden Mills, Vermont.    She was born 82 years, five months and 11 days before her death (interesting way to give her date of birth, but that's the way it's listed!). She was a professional nurse. Her father was David Sergent who was born in Canada. Her mother was Susan Aiken, also born in Canada. 

I also obtained a copy of a certificate of marriage of Harlan A. Shattuck to A. Susie Dodge. Susan Shattuck was the person who reported the death certificate information on Elvira Dodge.   Harlan was a resident of Eden, Vermont and A. Susie (I suspect Susan, as indicated in the death certificate mentioned above) was listed as a resident of Morrisville, Vermont. It was the first marriage for both. Susan gave a place of birth of Morrisville, Vermont and Harlan listed his birth as being in Waterville, Vermont. He was a "telegraphist". Susan listed her father as being Charles C. Dodge and her mother's maiden name was Alvira E. (Sergeant) Dodge, confirming that she was the daughter of the above deceased Elviara or Alvira Dodge. This marriage took place 23 August 1891 before justice of the peace Edwin C. White (who was also the Town Clerk of Eden at the time) at Eden, Vermont.

I also copied a page or two from the Eden Historical Society's book "The History of Eden, Vermont" and located a Ritterbush and Dodge. I suspect that a great many more early Vermont Dodge family residents were born, raised and died in nearby Montgomery, Vermont and Waterville, Vermont.


Vermont restructured itself with different county lines back then, so older records will be found in St. Albans, Vermont, which is Franklin County. Searchers should use caution in breaking down the towns and counties. Today's county makeup is entirely different from two hundred years ago!


Based on personal research of the vital records in Waterville, Vermont (a very small town about ten miles from Eden) I located just one Dodge. Ida M. Dodge of Johnson, Vermont and the daughter of Jacob and Lucy Dodge was 23 years old when she married Henry p. Drown, a farmer from Waterville, Vermont.    . Henry was 25 years old. The wedding took place on 21 February 1881 and   took place in Waterbury, Vermont. The official documentation was posted by the Town Clerk on 28 February 1881. It was the first marriage for both.

Is researched the oldest birth, marriage and death files in Waterville and this is the only Dodge name posted. It should be noted that more records will be located in St. Albans, Vermont.

The Waterville, Vermont Town Clerk is  Nancy Larose, who can be reached via E-mail at


Enoch Dodge, Sr., no date of birth given, wife Jacle (difficult to read)


Malachi b. 20 August 1789 at New Boston, NH.
Enoch Dodge, Jr., b. 8 December 1795 at New Boston, NH.
Jaen (Jane?) b. 25 January 1800 at New Boston, NH.
Nathaniel Cochran Dodge b. 10 May 1802 at New Boston, NH.
Joseph b. 31 March 1804 at New Boston, NH.
Mary b. 24 January (no year given) in Belvidere, Vermont
Hiram b. 25 January 1808 in Belvidere, Vermont
John b. 2 December 1810.

Two of Enoch's children stayed in the Belvidere area and raised familles.

Malachi Foster Dodge married Jane (no last or maiden name given and no marriage record to document that information. Their children:

Priscilla Dana b. 22 May 1813
Malachi Foster Dodge, Jr., b. 8 January 1815
Elisha Cochran b. 27 September 1816
Sally Jane b. 6 July 1818
Samuel Darling b. 28 June 1820
Enoch DodgeJr., 8 December 1795 and son of EnochSr.,, married Susanna
Wheelock Adams b. 26 January 1803, married 26 November 1818. Two children:
Frederic b. 21 February 1823
Franklin b. 23 August 1828


Data from Eden, Vermont. All taken from "A Walk Through The Garden Of Eden," published by the Eden, Vermont Historical Society, 1996.

Rhoda Dodge was a school teacher in Eden, circa 1851-52.

The Eden Congregational Church was quite heavily supported by The Honorable Thomas H. Dodge of Worcester, Massachusetts and a resident of Eden, Vermont prior to 1907. Dodge gifted the church with $104.00 and a new communion   table. Dodge also donated a book to the church in memory of Elizabeth Dodge in 1907. In 1909 Thomas H. Dodge presented the church with the deed to the parsonage. The Dodge Cemetery, officially declared as such in 1820 is located on Rt. 118 on the property formerly owned by Enoch Dodge (and at that time in Belvidere, Vermont).

Among those buried there are:

Enoch Dodge - died at age 72.
Mary Dodge, wife of Enoch, died in 1844.
Hiram Dodge, died May 13, 1859.
Elizabeth M. Dodge, wife of Hiram, died in 1862.
Mary Dodge, infant daughter of Joseph and Bridget Dodge.
Richard Dodge, died in 1888.
Jane Dodge Cornish, daughter of Enoch and Mary Dodge, died in 1844 (same year as her mother), at the age of 44.
Daniel Cornish, Jane Dodge Cornish's husband.

There are about 50 gravestones in the cemetery and it's believed that there are quite a few more people buried there than that, including Dodge family members.


Data from History Of Johnson, Vermont, compiled by the Oread Literary Club, Essex Publishing Company, Essex Junction, Vermont April 1962:

Nette Davis Dodge - contributor to the History and Alumni Record, State Normal School, Johnson, Vermont 1867-1941.
W.W.II Veteran: Warren Albert Dodge
Civil War Veteran: Jacob H. Dodge, Judson A. Dodge, Nathan Dodge
War of 1812 Veterans: David Dodge, Elisha Dodge, James Dodge, Jr., Phineas
Dodge, Samuel Dodge.
Vermont State Representative From Johnson: 1848-Jonathan C. Dodge
1824 - Daniel Dodge, 18 - Daniel Dodge.

Town Clerk of Johnson, Vermont:

1792-93 Amos Dodge
1796-99 Amos Dodge
1803 - 1816 Amos Dodge
1824 - 1833 Daniel Dodge

Selectmen (Alderman, local ward representative to town government):

1861 - 62 Amos Dodge
1854 - 56 Amos Dodge
1853 - 54 Amos Dodge
1840 - 43 Solomon Dodge
1838 - 39 Amos Dodge
1845 - 37 Daniel Dodge
1828 - 29 Johathan E. Dodge
1827 - 28 Johathan E. Dodge
1825 - 26 Daniel Dodge
1824 - 25 Daniel Dodge
1823 - 24 Daniel Dodge
1821 - 22 Daniel Dodge
1820 - 21 Daniel Dodge
1817 - 19 Daniel Dodge
1814 - 16 Amos Dodge
1811 - 14 Amos Dodge
1810 - 11 Amos Dodge
1809 - 10 Amos Dodge
1808 - 09 Amos Dodge
1807 - 08 Amos Dodge

Among the oldest homes on record in Johnson, Vermont is one belonging to Aaron Dodge, whose son Phineas is also mentioned several times.   According to the records, Amos Dodge arrived in Johnson around 1800 and cleared 135 acres of land for his homestead. He built a log cabin first and later a more conventional home. The name Justice Dodge is mentioned in this same passage, but nothing more about him.

In the Cemeteries we find:

Evergreen Ledge Cemetery - Nathan Dodge d. 1851
Plot Cemetery - Phineas Dodge d. 1870 His epitaph reads "How blest the righteous".
Stearns Street Cemetery - Early settlers, including those with the name Dodge (no formal entries noted).

The Johnson Methodist Church noted that in 1835, in their very first Methodist Class (taught by circuit riding preachers) were Charles and Lucinda Dodge, the later died in 1900.


In 1860 Charles Dodge enlisted in the War of the Rebellion.

The Eleventh Vermont Regiment (the largest from the state) included Chester Dodge, who would go on to have a colorful military experience. He was cited for gallant action in Benedict's "Vermont in the Civil War."

In September, 1864, Lieut. Henry Bedell of Westfield, Vt., a member of the Eleventh Vermont, was seriously wounded near Berryville, Va. His captain, Charles J. Lewis, of thistown, and Capt. Chester Dodge, also from Morristown, took care that he was removed to a dwelling and money and medicine left for his care.


In the 1790 census of Vermont I noted a Samuel Dodge living   in "Fairley Town" -- now Fairlee, Vermont. The household consisted of one adult male (Samuel), one adult female (unidentified) and two males under the age of 16 (unidentified)


Johnson, Vermont.

In book #1:

Amos Dodge b. 9 April 1773
Sally Clark b. 26 June 1771-Married 18 February 1796 ..."..and moved to Johnson in the State of Vermont".

Their Children: Hannah b. 12 December 1796 d. 29 April 1813
Jonathan Clark b. 11 May 1798
Lucinda b. 13 February 1800
Sally (I) b. 29 March 1802 d. 11 April 1806
Sally (II) b. 20 December 1807 d. 18 April 1831
AmosJr., 27 December 1806
Daniel b. 17 April 1809
Solomon b. 20 April 1811
Amos Dodge, Esquire died 22 May 1831 "in his 59th year".


Even though I didn't have time enough to record all of the data available in Johnson, Vermont, I did have copies made of the master file.

For Birth records on the following (All Dodges):

Aaron, Amos, Amos Jr., Anna, Ashley, Caroline, Charles, Daniel, Daniel, Edwin, Eleonor, Elisha, Elizabeth, Eunice, Gebina, Hanna, Hannah, Hannah, James, Jane Jonathan, Jonathan, Juliet, Laura, Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucy, Lydia, Mary, Nathan Jr., Nathan, Phinras (Phineas ?), Polly, Rachael, Sally, SallyII, Sarah, Sarah, Silas, Solomon, Sylvester.

Marriages recorded in book one include:

Aaron Dodge and Prudentia Waterman
Amos Dodge and Sally Clark
Amos Dodge and Nancy Griswold
Ann Dodge and Stephen Dow
Betsey Dodge and Dianiel Foster
Caroline Dodge and Calvin Whiting
Clarissa Dodge and Richard Fowler
Daniel Dodge 2nd and Dorothy George
Dorthy Dodge and Charles Reed
Eleonor Dodge and Thomas Waterman
Ismuel Dodge and Pricilla Andrews
Jacob Dodge and Lucy Gilman
Margaret Dodge and Amasa Ober
Nathan Dodge and Dolly Burnham
Sally Dodge and Isreal Andrews
Sally Dodge and Theophilus Patch
Sally Dodge and James Warren
Samuel Dodge and Nancy Ellinwood
William Dodge and Lucy Chamberlin

Deaths recorded in Book #1 include:

Amos Dodge
Daniel Dodge
Elizabeth Dodge
Eunice Dodge
Hannah Dodge
Lydia Dodge
Sally Dodge
Sally Dodge
Silas Dodge


The marriage of Nathan Dodge and Dolly Burnham  - Lamoille County (sometimes spelled Le Moille)

I would also say he is either Nathan or Nathan Jr. from the birth listing.


1) Henry William Dodge b. 24 October 1875 in Calais, Vermont. d. 29 June 1958 at the age of 82 in Morrisville, Vermont. Father: Oramel S. Dodge b. Montpelier, Vermont Mother: Ruhanna Brown (sic from record) b. Calais, Vermont. Wife: Ada George Dodge. Lived on Park Street, Morrisville, Vermont and was a farmer. Never in the military service. SSAN/ 008-07-3394.   Was buried July 2, 1958 in Pleasant View Cemetery, Morrisville, Vermont. Under marital status the box "widower" is checked, so Ada predeceased him.   William Henry (known to all as Henry) Dodge was brother to George Adelbert "Bert" Dodge.

2) Ruth E. Dodge b. 7 April 1922 in Massachusetts. d. 16 February 1982 in Morrisville, Vermont. Died at Copley Hospital in her 59th year. Lived on Fitch Hill in Hyde Park, Vermont and was an accountant. SSAN/ 020-14-6675.  Was widowed (name of spouse blank). Was a W.W. II veteran! Father: Bertrand E. Hubbell Mother: Dorothy A. Wood whose address is given as Brooklyn Street, Morrisville, Vermont. Buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Morrisville, Vermont.

3) Agnes Mae Dodge b. 5 October 1818 "in Vermont". d. 28 January 1982 at the age of 83 in Morrisville, Vermont. Father: Ai Fisher (sic from document) Mother: Minnie Grant Dodge. Address: 18 Maple Street, Hardwick, Vermont. Died at Copley Hospital and was buried in Plain-Mont Cemetery, East Montpelier, Vermont of 01 February 1982. Was widowed (no spouse given) and listed as a housewife. SSAN/ 008-26-1979.

4) Ruth L. Arubuckle Dodge b. 13 July 1906 in Vermont. d. 22 July 1985 at Morrisville, Vermont at the age of 79. Lived at the Dumont Convalescent Center in Morrisville at the time of her death. Was never married and was listed as a housekeeper for private residences. Father: Chandler Arbuckle Dodge. Mother: Minnie Eva Bacon Dodge. Legal Guardian: Thelma A. Ward.    SSAN/ 009-40-6080. Was buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery, Morrisville,  Vermont on 25 July 1885.

5) Wilbur Charles Dodge b. 8 August 1913 in New York State. d. 28 December 1968 at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, Vermont at the age of 55. Died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Father: Raymond Dodge. Mother: Agnes Croake Dodge. Address: 4265 Casino Blvd., Flushing, New York. Was listed as an undertaker and a fireman. SSAN/ 067-01-7829. Was married to Virginia Dodge.  Information given for death record by Virginia Dodge. Was cremated at the Farncliffe Crematory in Hartsdale, New York on 1 January 1969. Was not a veteran of military service.   Wilbur was rushed to Copley Hospital and died a very short time later. There is no indication of why he and his wife were in Morrisville, Vermont at the time of his death.


Margaret Dodge married Amasa Ober in Johnson, Vermont.


Barre, Vermont


Asa Dodge b. 9 May 1797 - Father: Asa Dodge Mother: Abigail Dodge
Abbie p. Dodge b. 21 October 1849
Abagail Dodge b. 5 December 1830
Albert G. Dodge b. 7 August 1862
Alfarate A. Dodge b. 22 August 1881

No parents listed for any of thelast four birth records.


Walter Edward Holmes m. Cleora Mae Greenslit Colby 29 June 1948
Asa Dodge m. Abigail Blodgett 23 October 1794.
Bert Ormal (sic from record) Dodge m. Doris Trudell 31 July 1937.   Parents: - Bert Dodge and Dora Holmes Dodge.
Calista Ann Dodge m. Dudley Taft 31 May 1838
Claracy Dodge m. John Willson (sic) 14 August 1817
Dr. David Dodge m. Helen A. Barnharu (?) 1 March 1842
Florinne Dodge m. David E. Blair 4 January 1881
George W. Dodge m. Emily C. Blanchard 11 October 1864
John Dodge m. Mary Batchelder (sic) 14 December 1814
John Dodge m. Mary Batchelder (sic) 15 December 1814 (a corrected file?)
John Dodge m. Amanda Bigelow 18 August 1861
John C. Dodge m. Nettie A. Heath 15 May 1896   Parents - W. W. Dodge and Mary Jeffords Dodge
Joseph Dodge m. Azuba (sic) Thomson (sic) 12 March 1818
Joseph Dodge m. Lorruda Thomson (sic) 14 June 1832
Justice W. Dodge m. Juliette Nye 25 November 1845
Liddy F. Dodge m. Fred G. Crockett 5 September 1887.  Parents - O. S. and Hurenah Brown (Oramel Samuel?)
Louise Lucy Dodge m. Osruace (?) b. Boyce 15 January 1881 - Parents: Oramel B. and Lucy D. Barlow Dodge
Lucinda Dodge m. Micah French 20 January 1831
Lucy Dodge m. John McLaughlin 23 March 1871   Parents - A. Fitch Dodge and Lydia Waterman Dodge
Lyda E. Dodge m. Virgil Coddington 2 July 1942   Parent - Bert Dodge and Dora Holmes
Third marriage for Lyda E. Dodge noted.  Lydia Dodge m Justus (sic) Ketchum 6 January 1820
Marinda Dodge m. Nathaniel Wilson 4 April 1850
Mary Dodge m. Leonard Stickney 3 March 1814
Mary Dodge m. Ambrose Perriman (?) 23 February 1841
Nancy Dodge m. Francis Clark Jr. 6 December 1831
Nathaniel Dodge m. Polly Clark 1 January 1824
Nath B. Dodge (short for Nathaniel or Nathan?) m. Sally Gale 22 March 1803
Noah Dodge m. Rebecca Cammeron 1 December 1800
Noah Dodge m. Roxanna (sic) Thruing(?) 15 July 1844
Oramel J. Dodge m. Edith A. Boyce 23 November 1899   Parents - Albert F. Dodge and Laura S. Bacon Dodge
Orlusha (sic) Dodge m. George N. Sherburne (of Orange, Vt.) 1 October 1848
Phebe (sic) Dodge m. Nathaniel Wiggins 7 March 1802
Sarah M. Dodge m. William Lawson 26 February 1868   Parents - Robert and Alice Dodge
Thomas Dodge m. Abigail Parker 10 July 1802


Oceon Warner Dodge b. 18 February 1881 in Worcester, Vermont. Parents: Oramel Samuel Dodge and Ruhamah (sic) Brown Dodge. Copy of birth certificate obtained.

Walter Edward Holmes b. 27 December 1916 at Worcester, Vermont. Parents: Edward Calvin Holmes and Lyda Dodge Holmes. Walter was born at Worcester, Vermont. Mother born in Elmore, Vermont. Father, who was a teamster, was born in Worcester, Vermont.

Edward Calvin Holmes m. Lyda Emma Smith Dodge Holmes (his third marriage, her second) on 21 November 1916 at Montpelier, Vermont. His father: Clark James Holmes of (and born in) Milton, Vermont. His Mother: Harriet M. Hinkson, born in Worcester, Vermont. Her father: Burt Dodge, born in Calais, Vermont. Her mother: Dora Belle Holmes, born in Woodbury, Vermont.

From the Calais, Vermont Town Clerk's official birth records: George Adelbert Dodge b. 28 August 1867. In Book "N", page 21. The infamous great-grandfather "Bert" Dodge. No document to copy. Simply a line item entry.

No probate records in any area town indicating a legal name change ever applied for or granted. "Bert" just changed his name. Then his son like it so much he called himself Bert Dodge Junior! Barre City birth records indicate that his children listed their father as Bert Jr., as well.


Early births recorded at Worcester, Vermont Town Clerk's Office:

Mary E. Meline Dodge - b. 17 April 1861
Oceon Warner Dodge - b. 18 February 1881 (Entered by Probate Court)  Father: Oramel S. Dodge, POB: Montpelier, Vermont  Mother: Rubamah (sic as entered) Brown, POB: Calais, Vermont

Bernice Estella Dodge - b. 23 November 1894
Linda Mary Dodge - b. 14 May 1896
Ira (?) Dodge - b. 25 July 1896
Sheldon Henry Dodge - b. 8 Sept 1900
Margaret Ana Dodge - b. 1 October 1904
Harry Glenn Dodge - b. 20 July 1909
Grace Mary Dodge - b. 12 October 1910
Howard Arthur Dodge - b. 13 May 1912
Dorothy Irene Dodge - b. 9 June 1913
Myretie Pauline Dodge - b. 22 November 1919
Sybol Irene Dodge - b. 18 January 1930
June Adelia Dodge - b. 20 May 1932
William Harry Dodge - b. 28 January 1948
Nova Leigh Dodge - b. 24 June 1963
Christopher Glenn Dodge - b. 15 June 1972
William Rodney Dodge - b. 23 June 1974

The following Births were personally recorded from the Town Clerk's Ledger in Calais, Vermont:

Flunella M. Dodge - b. 2 May 1859
Dean Dodge - b. 15 November 1862
Edward Dodge - b. 17 January 1863
(?) Neattie E. Dodge - b. 17 May 1867
George Adelbert Dodge - b. 28 August 1867 (Grampa "Bert")
Lida Fanny Dodge - b. 23 June 1869
Ernest Dodge - b. 10 April 1869

The following three birth entries only had the indicated initials written in front of the name "Dodge":

p. D. Dodge - b. 18 August 1871
p. L. Dodge - b. 25 September 1873
H. W. Dodge - b. 24 October 1875

Glenn Dodge - b. 1 June 1884
Forrest Ernest Dodge - B. 14 September 1918

The following are Death records personally recorded at the Calais Town Clerk's office and from the official Ledger:

Susan R. Dodge - d. 22 January 1919
Anna Dodge - d. 11 May 1861
Clarissa Dodge - d. 6 January 1863
James Dodge - d. 25 February 1866
Salomon Dodge - d. 11 October 1867
Daniel B. Dodge - d. 2 June 1869
Glen Dodge - d. 11 January 1875
Samuel Dodge - d. 31 December 1891
Charles R. Dodge - d. 6 January 1892
Eliza Dodge - d. 10 January 1892
Lualia (?) Wheeler Dodge - d. 6 January 1892
Almale (?) Dodge - d. 16 January 1901
Gertie M. Dodge - d. 1 June 1864

The following are the Marriage records personally recorded from the Ledger of  the Calais, Vermont Town Clerk's Office:

Hariet p. Dodge m. Simon S. Wheeler 4 November 1827
Mary R. Dodge m. Alexander Dingwall Jr. 2 May 1861
Georgianna M. Dodge m. William N. Ordner 14 October 1916
June Dodge m. Bernard Morse 19 December 1949
Stanley Dodge m. Sabrina Kelton 15 October 1826
Daniel M. Dodge m. Almira Lougee 4 January 1829
Hiram Dodge m. Elizabeth Hersey 29 November 1849
Oramel S. Dodge m. Rheuhelmina p. Brown (sic) 7 December 1854
W. Wallace Dodge m. Mary E. Jeffords 12 May 1866
Joseph S. Dodge m. Fanny M. Andrews - No month, 20th day of 1868 (?)
Charles R. Dodge m. Lucelia W. Chapman 31 December 1864
Don H. Dodge m. Nellie L. Harran 1 March 1886
Elmer M. Dodge m. Elsie Maude Lane 30 September 1905
Ernest M. Dodge m. Estella Persons 6 May 1935

The following Dodge family births were personally recorded at the Elmore, Vermont Town Clerk's office:

Infant Dodge - b. 01-24-1897
Infant Dodge - b. 8 September 1900
Marian Clara Dodge - b. 30 January 1904
Elbert Dodge - b. 19 February 1894
Kenneth Lee Dodge - b. 20 April 1915
Eluta Etta Dodge - b. 1 May 1917
Louis Raymond Dodge - b. 2 May 1930

Note: For those of us needing the date of birth in Elmore, Vermont for Lyda Dodge, there is no named listing to be found (and I was allowed to comb every record). It's possible that the "Infant Dodge" listed as 24 January 1897   could have been an error that should have been 1895, however the printed entry is plainly 1897. There is no gender entered for either infant Dodge record.

The following are Dodge family marriages personally recorded at the Elmore, Vermont Town Clerk's office:

Oscar E. Dodge m. Inez M. Lyford - 4 December 1889
Lee M. Dodge m. Sadie Hutching (sic) - 5 January 1899
Prentiss M. Dodge m. Elizabeth Morris - 18 June 1918
Edgar Dodge m. Ruth Gates - 12 November 1928
Fred Dodge m. Rose Gates - 1 January 1939
Laurence Dodge m. Pauline E. McNally - 25 August 1956
Prentiss L. Dodge m. Alecta Cynthia Johnson - 4 July 1913


In light of the fact that for almost every entry there is a different spelling (and understandably) for my great, great grandmother -- Rheuhelmina p. Brown Dodge, who married Oramel S. Dodge 7 December 1854, I think someone should officially declare this spelling to be correct! I have viewed her/their marriage certificate and other official documents directly related to her, and have viewed her/their ornate grave stone in the Worcester, Vermont Cemetery and have verified the correct spelling to be "Rheuhelmina"  (pronounced: Ru - hell - mean - ya).


Six dodges listed in Lamoille County. Don't know what the towns are (district numbers, but not the towns).  Census sampler taken 2 June 1880.   District 128, Lamoille County:

Alfred Dodge, W, M, 37, Head of household.
Angie Dodge, W, F, 33, Housewife.
Mary Dodge, W, F, 11, Child.
Cha. (Charles ?) S. Dodge, W, M, 2, child
District 0205, Washington County:
Jefferson F. Dodge, W, M, 69, Head of household.
Chestina Dodge W, F, 60, Wife.


Montgomery, Vermont and personally researched the earliest (and all) births, deaths and marriages recorded in the Town Ledger.Births:

Franklin H. Dodge b. 11 August 1880 (Note: Index says DOB was 10th) I entered 11th from the actual birth record)
Father: Rodney Dodge, a farmer who was born in Eden, Vermont.
Mother: Patty Dodge, place of birth given as Sheldon, Vermont.

Note: Sheldon, Vermont is located abt. 25 miles northwest of Montgomery.

Ann Nora Dodge b. 2 May 1880
Mabel Margaret Dodge b. 15 May 1882
Agnes Ellen Dodge b. 6 March 1885
Charles A. Dodge b. 8 April 1887
Philip Sheridan Dodge b. 15 October 1889
George Gilmore Dodge b. 13 October 1901
Mark Hayes Dodge born and died 6 September 1902
Dodge _______ born and died 17 April 1904
Joseph B. Dodge born and died 12 October 1905
Dorea (sic) Agnes Dodge b. 22 January 1908
Paul John Dodge b. 24 December 1912


Patty M. Dodge d. 4 April 1867 (No birth record found)
George Gilmore Dodge d. 28 September 1902
John R. Dodge d. 18 February 1892


Mary E. Dodge m. Patrick McGough 10 January 1892
John R. Dodge m. Mamie Manosh 18 February 1924
Agnes E. Dodge m. A. Carlton Chickering 20 July 1911
Dorcas (sic) A. Dodge m. Romeo L. Levesque 29 June 1927

It would seem obvious that Dorea and Dorcas A. Dodge are one in the same.   The handwriting was easily readable on both entries and the difference is recorded here.

I also traveled to Hyde Park, Vermont -- the Shire Town of Lamoille County -- and personally documented the following births, deaths and marriages:


Dodge_________no gender, no first name b. 5 January 1863. This child born to "James Dodge & wife" of Hyde Park. James listed as a farmer. (Researcher Note: I'm certainly glad Mrs. Dodge was there at the time!)


John R. Dodge d. 18 February 1954 (date is correct)


Charles Dodge of Johnson, Vermont m. Paulina Clemons of Hyde Park 27 October 1845 Copy of record obtained.
Hannah (sic) Jane Dodge m. Alonzo Jones 31 December 1865 Copy of record obtained.

Dorcas (sic) Agnes Dodge m. Romeo L. Levesque 29 June 1927 (Duplicating of record from above). I know from personal knowledge that Romeo L. Levesque lived his entire adult life in Hyde Park, Vermont. He owned and operated a furniture store in the so-called Village of Hyde Park.

Other Notes: One "Rittenbush" entry located in Hyde Park, Vermont and that was the death of John R. Rittenbush (sic) d. 20 March 1878. This would be a Ritterbush from Johnson or Waterville, Vermont.

Also, for the unknown searcher looking for data on Ober's: Ira N. Ober b. 25 August 1891 at Hyde Park, Vermont. Father: Jacob Ober Mother: Belle E. Page. Note: The Page name is almost synonymous with Hyde Park to this day.   In fact, the current State's Attorney is Joel Page, a direct descendant of the original settlers.

With this submission we have explored Morrisville, Elmore, Hyde Park, Eden, Belvidere, Johnson and Eden -- seven of the ten towns which make up Lamoille County. I'm aware that I have documented primarily the index information of this information.


Stowe, Vermont


No First Name No Gender b. 9 December 1871  Father: E. Dodge, a farmer from Stowe, VT. Mother: Lucinda (No Maiden Name) Dodge, who was born in Claremont, NH.

E. Munroe Dodge b. 11 June 1880  Father: Edward Dodge   Mother: Lucinda Dodge
Sadie Louise Dodge b. 19 March 1889  Father: C. E. Dodge  Mother: L. C. Dodge
Susan Gail Dodge b. 17 September 1960  Father: Lawrence Harold Dodge  Mother: Pauline Ethel McNally


Charles Edward Dodge d. 29 March 1894 (44yrs, 2mos, 25days)   Father: J. Monroe DodgeMother: Mary Sanborn Dodge
James M. Dodge d. 10 January 1892  Parents: Unknown
Mary A. Dodge d. 1 August 1872 (7mos, 22days)  Father: Edwin (sic)  Mother: Lucinda
Mary M. Dodge d. 9 January 1887 (78yrs, 24days)  Father: Levi Sanborn    Mother: Nancy Sanborn


Lawrence Harold Dodge m. Marilyn Bessie Bandy 14 March 65   (1965, I checked)

Quite surprisingly, that's the entire Dodge Family record from Stowe, Vermont.


Montpelia, VT


No Name Male b. 5 January 1881  Father: Eleazor E. Dodge  Lizzie Marcott
No Name Female b. 27 September 1895  Father: Fred E. Dodge  Mother: Mary M. Root Dodge
Alice Maud Dodge b. 24 April 1876  Father: Olcott T. Dodge  Mother: Martha C. Caustick
Bert Henry Dodge b. 30 October 1877  Father: Eleazer E. Dodge  Mother: Lissie M. Marcott
Charles Elwin Dodge b. 25 June 1893  Father: Fred E. Dodge  Mother: Mary Root Dodge
Charles V. Dodge b. 1 April 1868  Father: William Wallace Dodge  Mother: Mary Jeffords
Don Raymond Dodge b. 4 January 1892  Father: Don H. Dodge  Mother: Nellie L. Harran
Eleazer Edward Dodge Jr., b. 1 February 1882  Father: Eleazer Dodge Sr.  Mother: Lizzie Dodge
Eva Gertrude Dodge b. 19 December 1889  Father: Charles A. Dodge  Mother: Mary A. Safford Dodge
Evelyn N. Dodge b. 25 July 1895  Father: Don H. Dodge  Mother: Nellie L. Harran
Fanny Dodge b. 24 January 1814  Father: Thomas Dodge Jr.  Mother: Relief Dodge
Florence May Dodge b. 3 September 1889  Father: Eleazer Dodge  Mother: Elizabeth M. Marcott (finally, a real name for her!)
Fred p. Dodge b. 1 March 1862  Father: T. A. Dodge (Thomas A. ?)  Mother: H. B. Dodge
Harold Clayton Dodge b. 30 August 1898  Father: Fred Eugene Dodge  Mother: Mary Maria Root Dodge
Harold Albert Dodge b. 22 April 1897  Father: Don H. Dodge  Mother: Nellie Harran
Harry Dodge b. 29 January 1887  Father: Fred Eugene Dodge  Mother: Mary Root Dodge
Hattie Francis Dodge (sic) b. 7 October 1879  Father: Olcott T. Dodge  Mother: Martha Costick
Henry Lee Dodge b. 31 January 1825  Father: Nathan Dodge  Mother: Hannah Dodge
Isabel May Dodge b. 27 July 1893  Father: Don H. Dodge  Mother: Nellie Harran
James Dodge b. 5 April 1790  Father: Solomon Dodge  Mother: Mary Dodge
Joel Dodge b. 12 December 1816  Father: Nathan Dodge  Mother: Hannah Dodge
Jonathan Woodman Dodge b. 13 May 1828  Father: Olcott T. Dodge (sic)  Mother: Martha L. Caustic (sic)
Lottie May Dodge b. 23 January 1878  Father: Olcott T. Dodge  Mother: Martha L. Caustic
Luther Cummins Dodge (sic) b. 7 September 1821  Father: Nathan Dodge Mother: Hannah Dodge
Lydia Eliza Dodge b. 26 November 1871  Father: William W. Dodge  Mother: Mary E. Jeffords
Margaret Elizabeth Dodge b. 9 July 1919  Father: Clyde Frederick Willey  Mother: Cinnie May Dodge - resides in Worcester, Vermont. "Illegitimate"
Mary Dodge b. 1 April 1819  Father: Nathan Dodge  Mother: Hannah Dodge
Myrtie Helen Dodge (sic) b. 3 July 1879  Father: Eleazer Dodge  Mother: Lizzie Marcott
Omri Alonzo Dodge (sic) b. 20 July 1830  Father: Nathan Dodge  Mother: Hannah Dodge
Reach Irene Dodge (sic) b. 11 April 1897  Father: Eleazer Dodge  Mother: (Blank)
Robert Dodge b. 30 June 1792  Father: Solomon Dodge  Mother: Mary Dodge
Robert Henry Dodge b. 5 February 1899  Father: Don H. Dodge  Mother: Nellie Harran
Robert Olcutt Dodge b. 19 September 1893  Father: Eleazer Dodge  Mother: Eliza Marquette (sic -- the original French spelling)
Ruth Theresa Dodge b. 26 February 1887  Father: Eleazer E. Dodge  Mother: Lizzie Marcott
Solomon Dodge b. 17 January 1788  Father: Solomon Dodge  Mother: Mary Dodge
Walter Dodge b. 15 August 1889  Father: Fred E. Dodge  Mother: Mary Root Dodge
Willia Dean Dodge (sic) b. 24 April 1876  Father: Eleazer E. Dodge  Mother: Lizzie Dodge
William Wallace Dodge b. 26 November 1873  Father: William Wallace Dodge   Mother: Mary E. Jeffords

That completes the pre-1900 births.



Almira Dodge m. E. B. Spear 29 August 1834
Andrew Dodge Jr. m. Rhoda Gray 21 September 1817
Andrew Dodge Jr. m. Artemissa B. Carlton (sic) 24 February 1823
Andrew Jr. Dodge (of Lowell, Vermont) m. Lucina C. Snow (of Lowell, Vermont) 14 October 1864
Ann Dodge m. Hugh McNalty 25 October 1858
Annette Dodge m. Albert M. O'keefe 29 December 1898
Aurilla Amanda Dodge (of Calais, Vermont) m. John M. Young 21 February 1846
Bessie M. Dodge m. Delbert William Gross 30 April 1910
Charles A. Dodge m. Alfarett A. Merrill (sic) (of Orange) 4 July 1870
Charles A. Dodge m. Mary E. Safford (of Colchester, Vermont) 1 June 1889
Clara G. Dodge m. Levi C. Humphrey (of Boston) 19 May 1874
Ebenezer Dodge m. Polly Parker 24 August 1800
Eleazer A. Dodge m. Harriet Davis (of Northfield, Vermont) 11 November 1871
Eleazer E. Dodge m. Lizzie Marcott 27 June 1875
Eleazer Edward Dodge m. Georgianna M. Wales 4 February 1903
Ellen A. Dodge m. Henry G. Staples 9 January 1868
Eunice C. Dodge (of East Montpelier) M. Charles A. Gould (of East Montpelier) 3 July 1869
Fanny Dodge m. Austin D. Arms 19 January 1841
Fred Eugene Dodge m. Mary Root 25 December 1882
Gilman B. Dodge m. Clara A. Luce 4 July 1847
Hannah Dodge m. James Kelton (Calais, Vermont) 29 May 1836
Hannah T. Dodge m. Jasper M. Stoddard 1 December 1816
Hiram Dodge (of Calais, Vermont) m. Amanda White 28 April 1840
James Dodge m. Eunice Carpenter 21 July 1811
John Dodge m. Laura C. Parmenter 16 January 1832
Joseph Dodge (of Barre, Vermont) m. Electa Marsh (sic) 8 May 1845
Judah Dodge m. Lucy Cutler 30 July 1797
Mrs. Lucy Dodge m. Estes Hatch (of Middlesex, Vermont)
Lusebe Dodge (sic) m. Winthrop Dodge 27 September 1818 (Yes, that's correct!)
Lydia Dodge m. John R. Young 30 October 1831
Mary Dodge m. Addison Peck 14 May 1837
Mary Dodge m. John p. Wallace 10 April 1833
Mary A. Safford Dodge m. Alfred A. Forten 15 September 1896
Mary B. Dodge (of Marshfield, Vermont) m. Edgar A. Lamberton (of Marshfield, Vermont) 19 December 1867
Mary L. Dodge m. William Henry Flanders (of Orange, Vermont) 4 July 1870
Miranda C. Dodge m. I. T. (or I. J.) Marston (of Cabot, Vermont) 22 December 1833
Nathan Dodge & Hannah Phinney marriage Publication 21 February 1819 (No actual marriage recorded....just the publication)
Nathan p. Dodge Sarah R. Arms Ames (sic) (of East Montpelier) 23 May 1863
Olcott T. Dodge m. Martha (Caustic) Courstick (all correct) 20 July 1875
Olive C. Dodge m. M. Martin Cole (of Worcester, Vermont) 17 September 1867
Phebe Dodge m. Andrew Durkee (of Moretown, Vermont) Publication January 1806 ONLY.
Polly Dodge m. Joseph Burneau (sic) 26 March 1809
Rebecca Dodge (of Calais, Vermont) and John Morgan "Intentions" published 25 December 1831. No Marriage recorded.
Robert Dodge M. Alma C. Wheeler (of Calais, Vermont) 27 May 1838
Robert Dodge and Anna Burgess (of Calais, Vermont) "publication" 20 August 1815. No Marriage recorded.
Sally Dodge (of Marshfield) and Thomas McCloud "Intentions" published March of 1793. No Marriage recorded.
Samuel T. Dodgem. Mary Davis 29 September 1833

Very interesting double entry!!!!

Solomon Dodge Jr. & Samuel Dodge Jr. listed on consecutive cards as having married Rebecca Hammond on 16 November 1808
Sarah Dodge m. Caleb Ormsbee 29 January 1826
Sarah L. Dodge m. R. W. Hyde 12 May 1841
Thomas Dodge Jr. m. Relief Sprague 7 July 1811
William Dodge m. Lydia Randall 27 March 1842
William H. Dodge m. Ann Jackson (of Woodbury, Vermont) 22 November 1864
Lavinia Dodge (sic) m. Joseph E. Watson (of Williamstown, Vermont) 23 December 1835

That completes the births and marriages pre-1900 from Montpelier, Vermont.