Dodges Who Fought For Their Country
Not all Dodges were sympathetic to cause of the War of Independence fought between a young America and the 'mother country', England. Those who fought on the English side, called 'Tories' in America and 'Loyalists' in Canada believed strongly that it was wrong to break away from England. They believed so strongly that they were willing to give up all they owned here; homes, land, extended families; in order to follow their beliefs.
Loyalists and British songs and poetry of the American Revolution (The War for Independence)

Lineage: Tristram Dodge of Block Island, Rhode Island

Dodge, Stephen, son of Tristram Dodge III, and Sarah Hawxhurst

Rebecca Walsh has sent a lot of information on what may be two separate Stephen Dodges, who were Loyalists in Canada. However, we do think that both of them belong in the Tristram Dodge line. This page contains her information and information that we already had. There may be some duplication. To see this extended information, Click here.

All authorities seem to agree that Stephen Dodge, son of Tristram III and Sarah Hawshurst Dodge, emigrated Oct, 1783, with wife and five children, to Nova Scotia and settled there pursuant to conditions of treaty of peace. Judge Savary, in his History of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, calls him a "worthy Loyalist..."

In the book Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, Volume II by Murtie June Clark, published 1981 is the following information:

Page 568: Muster Roll of the Light Infantry Company, Captain James Murray, Queen's Rangers, J. Graves Simcoe, Esq., Lieut Colonel Cammandant, from 25 August to 24 October 1779
Nr-36, Rank-Private, Name-Dodge, Stephen, Remarks-in Rgtl Hosp
Attest: Francis Stephenson, Captain

Page 569: Muster Roll of Captain Francis Stephenson's Light Infantry Company, Queen's Rangers, from 25 October 1779 to 24 December 1779
Nr-21, Rank-Private, Name-Dodge, Stephen
Attest: Francis Stephenson, Captain