Hampshire County
Western Massachusetts
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Amherst Hatfield Pelham Worthington
Amherst, Hampshire Co.

Epaphrahas Hoyt Ball md Mary Dodge dau of John Chester Dodge & Lovisa (Childs) Dodge
Israel Porter Blodget md Avis Dodge
Jonathan Burr Blodget md Avis Dodge
John Dodge son of Moses Tyler & Lydia (Gibbs) Dodge md Violet Warriner
Zebulon son of Caleb & Merriam (--) Dodge md Salome Thayer asa Sally
David Gould on of John & Phebe (French) Gould md Abigail Dodge
Ferdinand Sherwin md Sarah S. Dodge
Edward Augustus Stanley (aka) Augustus Stanley md Harriet Dodge
Ruth Thayer md Palmer Dodge

Does not say why this record is there
Ora Dodge son of John Chester & Louisa (Childs) Dodge brother of Mary Dodge

Hatfield, Hampshire Co.
From the History of Hatfield

Herbert Hibbard, s. of Dea. Reuben H. (8), was b. June 2, 1855, d. Aug. 2, 1909; m. (1) Sept. 30, 1886, Laura Emma, Dau. Of Harrison and Laura Eaton of Amherst, NH. She was b. Oct. 25, 1857, d. Dec. 11, 1896. He m. (2) Oct. 19, 1899, at Amherst, NH, Laura Susan Dodge. She was b. at No. Leverett, Oct. 29, 1871. They were residents of Amherst, NH

Ch. (all by Laura Susan Dodge):

Herbert Eaton, b. Oct. 9, 1900
Clifford Dodge, b. Mar. 2, 1903
Clarence Eugene, b. May 9, 1904
Theodore Wallace, b. Apr. 28, 1905
Laura Emma, b. Nov. 14, 1906
Alfred, b. Dec. 19, 1907; d. Dec. 25, 1907

Class of 1879, Smith College

Mary E. Dodge, taught in public schools in Westhampton; resides in Brooklyn, NY

Pelham, Hampshire Co.
Abel Dodge, s. Daniel and Esther, Nov. ----, 1823
Achsah Dodge, s. . Daniel and Esther, Jan 14, 1816
Achsa Maria Dodge, d. Chester J. and Levica, Mar. 29, 1834
Annamaria Dodge, d. . Daniel and Esther, Dec. 16, 1817
Cyrus Brown Dodge, ch. . Daniel and Esther, Apr. 23, 1821
Fanny Dodge, d. Chester and Louisa, Dec. 12, 1840
Frances Dodge, d. Chester and Lovica, Sept. 23, 1825 (This was actually a boy)
Harrison Dodge ch. . Daniel and Esther, Feb. 27, 1813
Hollic Dodge, ch. Elison and Esther, Sept. 13, 1831
Lewis Dodge, ch. Elison and Esther, Oct. 12, 1829
Lorinda Dodge, C. John C. and Lovicia, Sept. 6, 1837
Mary Dodge, d. Chester and Lovicia, Sept. 19, 1827
Nancy Dodge, d. Eleson [dup. Alacon] and Esther, Nov. 12, 1820
Ora Dodge, ch. John Chester and Lovisa, Jan. 31, 1831
Otis Dodge, ch. John Chester and Lovisa, Nov. 23, 1829
Pelina Dodge, d. . Daniel and Esther, July 16, 1831
Philo T. Dodge, s. Ralph K. and Susan J., Aug, 26, 1849
Ralph Kellogg Dodge, s. . Daniel and Esther, June 14, 1827
Sarah Ann Dodge, d. Elison and Esther, Nov. 27, 1824

Anna Maria Dodge and James G. Whipple, Apr. 2, 1837*
Chester Dodge and Lovica Childs, int. Mar. 7. 1824
Cyrus B. Dodge and Sarah A. Spears, int. Jan. 10, 1844
Daniel Dodge and Easther Brown, int. Mar 27, 1812
Isaac Dodge of Cha[r]lton, and Nancy McDonnal, int. Oct. 6, 1784
Lewis Dodge and Nancy Dill, int. Mar. 15, 1819
Mary Dodge, 19, d. John C. and Lavica, and Hoyt E. Ball, Oct. 5, 1847
Nancy p. Dodge, d. Daniel and Esther, and Jodiah N. Holden, Dec. 27, 1848*
Ralph K. Dodge, s. Daniel and Esther, and Susan Jane Cook, Dec. 27, 1848*
Sarah Ann, 20, d. Elison, and Samuel H. Packard, Oct. 23, 1844

Index to Marriage, Town of Williamsburg 1844-1900
Chester C. Dodge, 3

Axey Dodge, d. Nethaniel and w., Mar. 18, 1814
Nathaniel, July 21, 1814 (torn in original record: supllies from town copy)
Ora Dodge, s. John C. and Lovcia, drowned, May 19, [18]48, a. 17

Worthington, Hampshire CO.

Orville A. Dodge, [h. Elsie A. (Gurnsey)], Sept. 23, 1842, in Woodbury, Vt. p.R.11.