Vital Records of Old Bristol and Nobleboro
in the County of Lincoln, Maine
including the present towns of
Bremen, Damariscotta, South Bristol
and the Plantation of Monhegan

Volume 1 – Births and Deaths
compiled by Christine Huston Dodge
Published 1951

These records were sent to us by Walter Crean, a Dodge descendent from Maine

T.R. = Town Record; C.R. = Church Record;G.R. = Cemetery Record;U.S.C. = Census Record;

Albert W., s. Benja. H. and Sarah E., d. Sept. 17, 1862 a. 6 yr. 3 ˝ mos. G.R.5
Albert W., d. Boston, Mass., Oct. 19, 1915, a 50 y. I mo. 23 d., widr., b. Dama., s. Benja. And Elizabeth (Conley). T.R. 3 (Allie W., 1865-1915. G.R.5)
Alice, daU. Mrs. Clara L. (Dodge) House, by 1st h., m. John Hysom. N.R.6 (Alice S., b. 1878, w. John F. Hysom. T.R.7)
Alice M., b. Boothbay, w. Henry S. McFarland, candy maker, b. B. T.R.2 see Mary
Annie (Flye), 2nd w. Wilder W., d. Oct. 2, 1930, a. 67 y. 1 m. 3 d. G.R.5 A(sa) J., h. Clara F. (Partridge), 1848-1926. G. R. 45 chn; Wintie M., Wilder
Benjamin H., h. Sarah E. (Conley), b. Oct. 3, 1824, d. Apr. 25, 1901. G.R.5 (on experience, May 18, 1867, d. Apr. 26. C.R. 2) (Benja F., h. Elisabeth S., d. Boston, Mass., widr., a. 76y.6mo.23d. T.R.5) (ship and house joiner. U.S.C. see Albert W., Martin C., Lizzie H.
Betsy D. (Beaton), d. N., Sept.16,1923, a. 78y.6d., wid. B. Edgecomb, T.R.1 (Betsy E., wid., hd. Fam. With Danl. H., Frank L., Jennie S., Granvill
Betsey Patterson, 1st w. Daniel Curtis. p.R. 57
Calvin, h. Elizabeth H. N.R. 8.
Caroline B., b. Edgecomb, w. Algenon A. Shortwell, b. Newcastle. T.R. 3
Carrie B., w.----- Poole, b. Newcastle, ch. Frank & Flora (Feltis). T.R.2
Carrie M. (Richardson), w. Wilder W., d. Portland, Dec 29, 1915, a. 54y.11m.2d G.R.5
Charles, b. Newcastle, h. Hattie (Humphrey), b. Alna. See Frank F. Charles B., d. Dama., May 21, 1906, a. 82y., widr., stonecutter, s. Joseph, b. Edgecomb & Betsey (Leman) T.R. 3 (his horse took fright and he was thrown to the pavement, breaking his neck. N.R.6)
Clara, b. Newcastle, w. David p. House, b. B. T.R.2 (Clara L., 2nd m. for both N.R.6) see Alice
Clara F. (Partridge), w. Asa J., 1852-1926. G.R.45
Eliza C., a. 21y., in fam Geo. W. Philbrick. U.S.C.1850, B. (m. 2nd w. Thatcher Wales, bp June 1850
d.1872. C.R.2) (b. Edgecomb. T.R.3)
Elizabeth, Mrs., d. Dama., Dec.2,1891, a.100y,8m,15d. N.R.8
Elizabeth H., bp. June 3, 1877, dis. Mar.30,1900, to Dudley St.Ch., Boston, Mass. C.R. 2
Elizabeth H.( ), w. Calvin, d. May 9, 1892. N.R.8
Elizabeth S. (Conley), w. Benja. F. T.R.3 (Sarah Elizabeth, w. Benj. H., G.R.5 T.R.2)
Emily K., b. Edgecomb, m. Elisha Pinkham, b. Waldoboro. T.R.3
Emma F., w. Charles Weeks, b. Sept. 29, 1847, d. Aug. 29, 1936. G.R.5 (ch. George Thomas & Mary (Stevens), of Wiscasset. p.R.1)
Ferdinand, d. Dama., Mar.26,1893, (or 94) a. 36y.5m. b. Newcastle, Married, s. Eben b. Edgecomb & Emeline (Avery), b. Alna. T.R.3
Flora E. (Feltis), w. Frank W., b. 1867. G.R.45 (m. 2nd, -------- Poland. T.R.2)
Frank Forester, d. Dama., Jan.4,1945, widr., b. Newcastle, Apr. 15, 1858, s.Charles & Hattie (Humphrey), T.R.3 (m. Mabel H. (Humphrey) of B. T.R.2)
Frank W. , h. Flora E. (Feltis), 1858-1893. G.R.45 chn; Lawrences W., Carrie B.
George, h. Mary T. ( ), d. Sept.20,1896, a. 92y.5m. G.R.5
George F. , breakman, d. as car passed under one of the 3 bridges near Dama. FU. By Rev. C.D.Crane. He was found on top of a furniture car lying on his left side, the head showing the mark of the fatal blow. p.R. 22, 189?
Helen M., w. …..Ford, b. Newcastle, Aug 17,1839, ch. Richard,brickmaker, b. Newcastle, & Maria (Dodge?) b. Edgecomb. T.R.3
Henry, a.12y., in fam. Albert Glidden. U.S.C1870 Dama.
Ida May, d. Dama., Mar. 3, 1943, b. Newcastle, May 14, 1864, ch. Eben E., b. Edgecomb & Emalin T. (Averill), b. Alna. Unm. T.R.3
James, h. Polly Little. p.R.16
James M., h. Mabel G.(Sproul), res. Boothbay. Gen28
Josslyn, d. May 26,1896, a 10 y. T.R.2 see Wilder J.
Laura A., w. Henry H. Goudy. T.R.7 (d. B., Oct.9, 1908, a.68y.4m.26d., b. Edgecomb, ch; Simon, b. Edgecomb & Susan (McCobb), b. Boothbay. T.R.2 Laura A. (Dodge)(Willey), m. 2d. Henry H. Goudy
Laura E., b. Boothbay, w. Sanford K. Siders, b. Georgetown. T.R.3 see Mary A.
Lawrence L., ch. Frank W. & Flora E. (Feltis), 188801891 G.R.45
Lawrence W., s. Frank W. & Flora E. (Feltis), 1892-1921 G.R.45
Lenora of Newcastle, m. as 3d w. Joseph Flagg. N.R.8
Leon Alfred, b. Mar.22,1891, at Dama., ch. Wilder William, merchant in Dama. & Carrie Munyon (Richardson). Dep. T.R.3 (m. Christine E. Huston, daU. Joel Payson & Martha (Robinson). p.R.1)
Lizzie H., a. 8y., under Benjamin H. & Sarah E. U.S.C.1870 Dama.
Mabelle (Sherman), wid. William, d. Dama., Feb.10,1938, a.77y.8m.3d. T.R.3
Manfred Call, h. Mary Gertrude ( ), d. Dama., Mar.10,1934, b. Newcastle, Oct.11, 1856, s. Enoch, farmer, b. Newcastle, & Almira (Colby), b. Liberty.
Maria, w. William Flye, both b. Edgecomb. T.R.4
Martha S., w. Amos Flye, d. Dama., Nov.1,1913, a. 84y.9m.7d., b. Edgecomb, wid., daU. Daniel & Elizabeth (Somes), both b. Edgecomb. T.R.3 (b. Jan.4,1829. G.R.50
Martin C., a. 11y. under Benjamin H. & Sarah E. U.S.C.1870, Dama.
Mary, b. Edgecomb, w. William Patterson, b. Newcastle. T.R.3
Mary A. (McFarland), wid. Hd. Fam. With Laura E., Alice M., Arthur L. U.S.C.1900, B.
Mary T. ( ), w. George, d. Mar. 30, 1867, a 53y.8m. G.R.5
Melinda, b. Edgecomb, w. Henry M. Page, brick maker, b. Old Town. T.R.3
Naomi, b. Edgecomb, w. William Beaton, b. Pictou, N.S. T.R.1
Rachel, b. Newcastle, w.James Carney, faarmer, b. Bath. T.R.2
Rex W., ch. Wilder W. & Carrie M., b. Dama., Dec.12,1884, m. 1st, Rebecca (cassard) of Baltimore, MD., m. 2nd, Grace Lunt (Stetson) of Dama. p.R.3
Samuel of Winslow, formerly of N., b. Nov.1,1813, d. Dec.6,1896, m. Ann (Hussey) p.R.60
Sarah, w. Thomas Cunningham, both b. Me. T.R.3
Sarah, 1st w. James Varney, d. Nov.18,1842, a 43y. G.R.*76 ( b. Newcastle, T.R.2)
Sarah E. (Conley), w. Benja. H. , b. Mar.10,1824, d. Feb.13,1899. G.R.5 see Elizabeth E.
Seth W., of Alna, m. 1st, Frances W. (Ames), m. 2nd Susan (Susie) Jane (Brown). p.R.3 chn: Wilder W., Anna.
Simon, b. Edgecomb, h. Susan(McCobb), b. Boothbay. T.R.2 see Laura A.
Susan Jane (Brown), 2nd w. Seth W., d. Dama., Oct.31,1929, a.81y.10m.21d. T.R.3
Thomas, fam. Of; 1 male over 16, 2 under 16; 4 females. U.S.C.1790, B. (h. Phoebe (Sylvesrer) both bU. Wiscasset. p.R.3) (Thomas, d. Sept.4,1849, a. 80y. & Phebe, his w., d. May 26,1837, a. 65y. G.R.161)
Wilder Joselyn, ch.A(sa) J. & C(lara) F., 1886-1896. G.R.45 See Josslyn
Wilder W(illiam), b. July 8, 1860, d. Feb. 12,1932, m. 1st. Carrie M. (Richardson), m. 2nd, Annie (Flye). G.R.5 (merchant, b. Newcastle, s. Seth W. & 1st w. Frances W. (Ames). T.R.3) (Generaous with time andmoney in everything for the good advancement of his community. p.R.3) CHN; Rex, Leon, Gwendolyn.
William came on a visit from Boston, Mass., & d. at Capt. Tilton’s, short illness (Sept. 8, 1847) D.R.1
William, d. Feb. 1874. D.R.5
William, h. Mabelle (Sherman) T.R.3
Wintie M., ch. A(sa) J. & C(lara) F., 1878-1899 G.R.45
--------, inf. Ch. A(sa) & C(lara) F., 1874-1874 G.R.45