Minnick-Dodge Photo Album
The photos in the top two rows are known.
The rest of the photos are of unknown people. Many may be Dodges. Can you help?

We are looking for the ancestors of Marietta Dodge, 2nd photo from the left.

William Minnick _ Son John
This is possibly
Marietta Dodge 1865
Baby John Minnick - 1868
Eliz Haughney - likely1892
William and John Minnick - 1885
John F. Minnick
Eliz Haughney - likely1888 Ivy Minnick
Eliz Haughney - likely1891 Eliz Haughney and Ivy - 1895

If you have any more information on any of these people or if they are your ancestors, please let us know.
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