This Dodge family is part of the family of
Trustram Dodge and Adeline Harvey

Looking at the back of the photo, we read:
Dick, Elmer, Viola Haven, Philpa Hall,  William
Below that we see: Ida Chamberlain, parents, Della Gilmore

Is the elderly man sitting in the front, Trustram? 
We know that 'Viola Haven' was Trustram's daughter Viola Clara Dodge who married Edgar Francis Haven
Dick was named at birth, 'Marvin Trustram' but was called 'Dick'
Trustram's daughter Phoebe married Edgar Eugene Hall so the notation, 'Philpa Hall', could be a son of theirs OR could actually mean "Phoebe"
The notation on the far right (which would be far left when the photo is turned over) on the photo back says 'Ida Clendennen' we think', but there is no female on the far right side of this photo. Ida Atta Dodge was a daughter of Trustram.
Dellia was the daughter of Trustram, 'Adelia Adeline Gertrude Dodge'. She married George Jesse Gilmore, and we suppose that she has one of her little daughters standing beside her.
If you can help naming those in this photo, please contact us.