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Sanborn Winchester Dodge and Eva Lillian Dodge
Eva Lillian Dodge was the daughter of Pardon Macumber Dodge.
She married Sanborn Dodge in Arcata, Humbolt Co., CA.
Sanborn Winchester Dodge was the son of Francis Dodge and Adeline Sterns.
This familiy descends from Richard Dodge of Massachusetts

Sanborn accompanied his parents by boat around the horn of South America. This was in 1890 from New Castle Maine to either San Fransico or Eureka - 'The family did settle in the Arcata Bottum area. Sanborn later married here and raised a family. Many of his children remained in the Eureka Arcata area.

 Sanborn Winchester Dodge b. 10 Mar 1854, Newcastle Lincoln Co., Maine and d. 15 Sep 1954, Walker Point, Humboldt Co., California . Sanborn was a descendant of the Richard Dodge line out of Massachusetts
Sanborn's wife, Eva. She was b. 23 Oct 1863, Humboldt Co., California and d. 21 May 1915, Arcata, Humboldt Co., California. She is buried in Greenwood Cem. Arcata, Humbolt Co., California. Eva was a descendant of the Tristram Dodge line.
If this is the father of Sanborn's wife, Eva, then his name is Pardon Macumber Dodge and he is a descendant of Tristram Dodge of Block Island, Rhode Island. The text on this picture says that he was a Methodist minister. Our data base only states that he was a farmer and blacksmith.
Lucinda Averill Dodge. She was b. 17 Nov 1843, Newcastle, Lincoln Co., Maine and d. between 1900 AND 1910. We have her middle initial as "W". This photo lists her middle name as 'Averill' but that is an error. She MARRIED Dunbar D. Averill 1 Sept. 186. She and Dunbar had 6 children.

The above three photos are of Jesse Dodge Glover who was the daughter of Sanborn Winchester Dodge and Eva Lillian Dodge. Therefore, she has Dodge ancestry to both the RIchard Dodge line and the Tristram Dodge line. She married William Glover. 15 Jun 1910, Arcata, Humboldt Co., California. We do not know when William was born, nor do we know his parentage. We do not know if William and Jesse had any children.