The family of Samuel Dodge and Olive Hoag

Ann Suter purchased the prints from at the bottom of this page, in an antique shop and sent these copies to us. When we first received them we did not know who O. Alanson Dodge was. In September 2003, we received a handwritten Journal along with some other things such as letters, from whoever took care of the estate of one of our members who died in December of 2002. Imagine our surprise to find that this Journal had been written by an Otis Alanson Dodge, and was started in 1902.

This was a mystery family but has now been solved because of information given to us by Karen Proctor in October of 2009.
This family descends from Richard Dodge, son of John Dodge of Middle Chinnock, Somerset, England. The photos directly below was sent to us by Karen Proctor.

Below: Charles Dodge 1849-1912 son of Corydon and Lydia (Hamblett) Dodge

Botanical Prints of O. Alanson Dodge
The prints in the top row can be seen in a larger view by clicking on those thumbnails.

The signature blocks on these photos were very light. In the 2nd row, you can see the blocks with heightened contrast so that they can be read more easily.