Jonathan Dodge Family

These photos are owned by Lew Dodge, Maine.
They may be seen in larger view by clicking on the photo.

Front Row, from left to right: Herman Dodge, Jr - Herman Dodge (father) - Forest Dodge

Back Row, from left to right: Guy Dodge - Norman Dodge

Lewin Dodge of Maine writes: "This is a picture of my great-grandfather and his sons. All Five worked for the Maine Central Railroad at the same time and were listed as the biggest family of workers on the railroad. Herman, my great grandfather, retired after more than 50 years. His sons followed"
Jonathan Dodge Family
On left: Herman Dodge, Jr.
On Right: Chester Dodge
Chester Dodge Jr. Chester Dodge and
Laura McCartney Dodge
Herman Dodge Sr. and
Alfreda Dodge

Herman Dodge, Jr.