Edward Blanchard Dodge Family
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Francestown, New Hampshire
Stoddard, New Hampshire

Dodge line descending from William Dodge with secondary line through the female side to Richard Dodge and Edith Woodbury
William arrived in Salem, from England, in 1629; Richard arrived in Salem, from England, in 1638

William (1), John (2), Jonathan (3), John (4), Charles (5), Frances (6)(m. Sarah Dodge), Issachar (7), Edward Blanchard (8)
Richard(1), Edward (2), Mark (3), Asa (4), Sarah (5) (m. Frances)

Issachar Dodge was the father of Edward Blanchard Dodge and his house is now an historical site.
It is directly across from the large cemetery at Francestown, New Hampshire.
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Edward Blanchard Dodge, b. April 1, 1838, d. May 19, 1915, and Laura Josephine (Woods) Dodge, b. Nov. 3, 1844, d. July 15, 1911, at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration - April 1911

Back Row: Harper & Myra (Dodge) Prentice holding son, Ralph Waldo; Charles Earnest & Mabel Ada (Farwell) Dodge; Ralph Dodge; George & Edith Dodge, Harry Dodge

Second Row, sitting: Clarence Dodge; Horace Woods; Edward & Laura (Woods) Dodge; Edgar & Evelyn (Dodge) Tuttle, Henry Dodge

Sitting behind Front Row: Evelyn Ashford Curcie; Ruth Derby

Sitting front row: Mildred Dodge; Elva Dodge; Pearl Dodge, Estella Dodge

Edward and Laura Dodge lived for a time in Stoddard, New Hampshire. They built a home near the bottom of a mountain which later was sold to a friend. They then built another home higher up. On the left, is the foundation of the first home. On the right, great grandson, Norman Earnest Dodge shows us the cellar hole of the 2nd home. The mountain is now overgrown with trees, but when Edward and Laura lived there, they farmed the land, so the view would have been wonderful, looking off to distant hills and mountains, and in the fall the hills would have been ablaze with trees decked out in reds and orange, with a little yellow thrown in for variety.
Edward Blanchard Dodge married Laura Woods and together they had 15 children. A number of them died young. Of the ones that lived, there are many descendants.
Left: Charles Earnest Dodge, b. Jan. 30, 1870 and d. Aug. 3, 1942, son of Edward Blanchard Dodge and Laura Woods Dodge.
Charles and Mabel were married, on Sept. 2, 1895 in Harrisville, New Hampshire.
Right: Cora Farwell and Mabel Ada Farwell Dodge, b. Aug. 5. 1872, d. Dec. 15. 1956, wife of Charles Ernest Dodge.
Tombstone for Charles and Mabel
Mabel and Edith (below right) were sisters.

Left: Lewis Henry Dodge, b. May 28, 1871, d. June 22, 1934, son of Edward Blanchard Dodge and Laura Woods Dodge

Lewis and Mary were married June 20, 1894 at Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Right: Mary Edith Farwell Dodge, b. Nov. 25, 1870, d. Nov. 26, 1914, wife of Lewis.

Above:  Children of Lewis Henry Dodge and Mary Edith Farwell: Clarence Orrin; Edward Lewis; Earl Farwell; and all 4 of these children with sister, Pearl who died at the age of 14 from TB.  Clarence is the oldest and Earl is the youngest.  Mary, the mother,  died a year and a half earlier than Pearl, also from TB. Pearl, from the same disease.  Lewis married again, to Anne Bailey Gilmore and they had two children: Virginia Huntington and Robert Livingston.  Below are two of the grown children, Clarence and Earl.
Clarence O. Dodge Picture of Edward goes above Earl and his wife, Dorothy Harris Dodge, with their family, Earl Jr., Virginia, and Nancy sitting on her mother's lap.
On the left is Robert Livingston Dodge and his wife, Hilda Margaret Niedermann Dodge and to the right is Robert and his sister, Virginia Huntington Dodge Murphy, children of Lewis Henry Dodge and Anne Bailey Gilmore Dodge
George Edward Dodge, b. Jan. 12, 1873, d. July 16, 1923, son of Edward Blanchard Dodge and Laura Woods Dodge. George never married.
Blanche Louise Dodge, b. Apr. 16, 1878, d. Nov. 15, 1898, daughter of Edward Blanchard Dodge and Laura Woods Dodge with her husband, Henry Albert Coolidge, b. about 1868. Blanche and Henry married Sept. 2, 1895, in New Hampshire. They did not have any children.
Evelyn Dodge and her husband Edgar Horace Tuttle

Maurice Tuttle, son of Evelyn Dodge and her husband Edgar Horace Tuttle.
Myra Dodge Prentice

Harper Howland Prentice, son of Myra Dodge Prentice and Ralph Prentice.