Francis Gibbs Dodge
6 Sep 1841 - 8 May 1910

5/13/1910 Tribune.
Well Known Citizen Passed Beyond Last Sunday (handwritten date 5/13/1910)


The Masonic Fraternity Attended in a Body, Dr. Mitchell Delivered Sermon.

Mr. Francis Gibbs Dodge of Hiawatha township, on of the most highly respected citizens of Schoolcraft county, died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Sheriff A---- Smith, in this city Sunday afternoon at 5:10 o'clock after a short illness. For several years Mr. Dodge had been afflicted with heart disease but aside from occasional attacks of the disease his condition was not deemed critical. On the day previous to his [picture about 4" by 2" inserted here] death he came to the city with Supervisor Aldrich. He was not feeling well that day, and enroute to the city he became chilled. He stopped at the office of his physician early in the evening and when in the vicinity of the C.L. hardware store, he was taken with a chill, andit was with great effort that his son who accompanied him, brought him to the sheriff's residence, not far distant. Medical aid was immediately summoned, and everything that it was possible to do was done for him. He lapsed into unconsciousness at midnight and his death occurred the following afternoon as stated above.

Mrs. Dodge was hastilly brought to the city, and was with him when the end came, as was his brother from Germfask, his son who resides here and his daughter, Mrs. McIntyre, of Manistique township.

While the end was not entirely unexpected owing to the nature of his ailment, yet the new of his death shocked the community

Mr. Dodge was born at Hume, N.Y. Sept 6 1841. He was a descendent of a family that emigrated to the United States from England, a century before the Revolutionary war, and which family gave scores of its members to the service of the country during the long war between the colonies and the mother country. The records show that there were 217 Dodges in the Revolutionary war from Massachussets, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Conneticut and New York, and that forty seven of them were pensioners of the war.

The patriotic blood of his ancestors also coursed through his veins, for before he was twenty years of age he enlisted in the service of his counry early in 1861 in a New York regiment and as the result of wounds received, was discharged for dissability the following year. On recovery he reenlisted in the 2nd New York Mounted Rifles, and was mustered out in the fall of 1865.

He was married twice. He wedded Emily Huntington in 1864 in the state of New York, who died in 1868. On October 5, 1869 he married Ellen S. Smith, at Oneida Mich., who with six children, survives him. The children are Mrs. A. McIntyre, of Manistique township, Robert N., Ralph G., Cecil p., Glen L., and Clinton B.

Mr. Dodge devoted most of his life to farming. He came to Schoolcraft county in 1884, and settled in Hiawatha township, where he hewed a farm from the primeval forests. During his long residence here he was frequently called upon to filloffices of trust by the residents of his township, and was actively identified with the Republican party and was a factor in political circles. He also served his community for many years as postmaster. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, and was very highly esteemed by his Masonic brethren.

The deceased was a man of genial personality, and was well versed in the questions of the day, and had he tact of making and retaining friends. He made frequent visits to Manistique and was as well known here as the majority of the residents of the city are known. Not only has the immediate family sustained a loss, but tthe same can truthfully be said of the community in which he resided, and of the county as well.

The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon from the Presbyterian church and were under Masonic auspices. Rev. Dr. Mitchell delivered the sermon, and Miss Ward sang several solos. About forty Masons were in line. The pall bearers were selected from the fraternity and were Messrs. A.M. LeRoy, A.A. LaBar, Thomas Pattnison, J.W. Bower, D.D. Fennell and Geo. E. Holbein.