Stockport Dodges

 A Dodge descendent whose paper trail goes back to Stockport had his DNA tested and the results show that those Dodges in the Stockport area and the Tristram Dodge descendents in America have an ancestor in common at some point in the past.. The family lore in the Tristram Dodge genealogy published in 1904, is that Tristram Dodge came from near the River Tweed, England. This is north of Stockport.

We have received a goodly number of wills belonging to Dodges in the Stockport/Offerton area of northern England, and we will be posting them on our web site as soon as they are typed.  This project will definitely take awhile, so don't expect this to be done any time soon.

A number of mayors of Stockport were Dodges and that information will be here very soon.

We are looking for residents of Stockport and surrounding communites who have the surnames of DODGE, DODGSON, DODSON, DOGGE, DOGG, and other names that fit the profile including DOIDGE to submit DNA so that we can see how these various names fit the DODGE profile.