Vital Records From the Maine Archives

These records were sent to us by Frances Dodge who is researching Freeman Dodge of Maine

From the Maine Archives

1860 Westfield, Aroostoock County, Maine
Artthero (E. or C.) Dodge 37 farmer
Sarah 31 wife
Adelaide 12
Byron 10
Willis 7

1840 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Hannah Dodge widow - 3males 3females

Jeremiah Dodge no wife listed, 6males 3females

Noah Dodge no wife listed, 6males 1female (maybe wives were counted by

Rachael Dodge widow 4males 2females

1850 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
James Dodge 28 sailor
Jerome Dodge 45 farmer
Bertha Dodge 48
Furdenand 18 sailor
Isabella 16
Francis 14
Alphonse 13
Eugene 11
Helen G. 8
Parthena (odd listing for her) 14 Townsend

1860 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Jeremy Dodge 55 farmer
Betsy 50
Ferdenand 28 m merchant
Isabella 26 f domestic
Francis 24 m harness maker
Alphonso 22
Eugene 20 m laborer
Hellen 18 f domestic

Cheney Dodge 61 card wainer (maybe cord winder)
Sarah 51 wife
Mary M. 24 f tayloress
Cheney 19 m sailor
Lewis R. 16 m loborer
Jose C. 11 sex?
also in the home:
Joseph Thomas (Dodge?) 24 m stage driver
Louisa wife 23 domestic
Wilfred McClure 11 m (maybe brother of Louisa)

Francis Dodge single no other info on him

1870 Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Jeremy Y. Dodge 64 retired farmer
Betsy 68 keeping house (doesn't list her as wife so maybe sister,
also notice that she is 4 years older than Jeremy, in 1860 she was 5
years younger)
Isabella 36 at home

1880 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Atthero Dodge 17 servent
Ida Dodge 15 servent
they are in different homes

1890 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Henry Dodge b. Sept.1866 age 33 married March 5 (no year given)
Lucy wife b. Aug.1875 age 24
Agnes L. b. Feb.1888 age 2

1900 census Belfast, Waldo County, Maine
Walter Dodge b. Mar.1862 age 38 widower
Joseph A. b. Aug.1875 age 24
Arthur b. Sept.1877 age 22
Granville O. b. Feb.1884 age 16
Warren E. b. Nov.1885 age 14
Fred R. b. Apr.1891

Henry O. Dodge b. Oct.1854 age 45 married March 26 (no year given)
Margaret wife b. Oct.1850 age 49
Myra L. b. May 1879 age 21

Stephen Dodge b. Mar. 1823 age 77 married Mar.10
Helen M. wife b. Nov.1846 age 53

Flora M. Dodge head b. Nov.1855 age 44 married Mar.23
Grace M. b.Mar.1879 age 21

Susan J. Dodge b. Sept.1830 age 69 widow

James H. Dodge b.Jan.1852 age 48 married Mar. 17
Etta F. wife b.June 1863 age 36
Burt E. b. Apr.1889 age 11

My Husbands' grandprents
John A. (Abner) Dodge head b. Apr.3, 1877 age 23 married June
26, 1899
Mattie M. (Martha) (first and middle names switched on marriage record)
wife b. May 22, 1881 age 19
Leslie b. Feb.1900 (given date in family records is Jan.14, 1900)
age 3 months (?)

Tewksbury Dodge head b.May 1846 age 54 married Mar.25
Exa wife b. May 1851 age 49
Blanch M. b. May 1886 age 14