Early Dodge Vital Records from Vermont
NOTES: All information that was available, excepting the names of the town officials, ministers, and/or cemeteries, was transcribed. Causes of death were not consistenly transcribed. All towns in Vermont, except where noted.

extracted and transcribed from the
Index to Early (pre 1870) Vermont Vital Records
Vermont State Archives
microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Andover Arlington Athens Barnard Barre Belvedere Bennington Berkshire
Berlin Bethel Bradford Brattleboro Bridgewater Burlington Calais Cambridge
Cavendish Chelsea Chester Chittendon Clarendon Colchester Concord Corinth
Craftsbury Danby Derby Dummerston East Montpelier Eden Elmore Essex
Fairfax Fairlee Fairfield Ferrisburg Fletcher Glover Grafton Groton
Guildhall Groton Groton Guilford Halifax Hancock Hardwick Hartland
Hartford Halifax Hyde Park Irasburg Jericho Johnson Kirby Lincoln
Loudenderry Lowell Ludlow Lunenburg Lyndon Manchester Muderhill(?) Marshfield
Middlesex Milton Monkton Montgomery Montpelier Morrisburgh Morristown Mount Holly
Newbury Newhaven Northfield Orange Orwell Pittsford Pittsfield Plainfield
Post Mills Pownal Putney Randolph Reading Rochester Rockingham Royalton
Rutland St. Albans St. Johnsbury Shaftsbury Sharon Shrewsbury Springfield Stanford
Starksboro Stowe Strafford Thetford Topsham Troy Townshend Tunbridge
Vershire Walden Wallingford Washington Waterbury Weathersfield West Fairfield West Fairlee
Westfield Westminster Weston Weybridge Whitingham Williams Williamstown Windham
Windsor Wolcott Woodstock
Betsy, b. 12/29/1798, d/o Joseph and Elisabeth Dodge.
Betsy, m. Lieut. Asa Pierce? 1/29/1818.
Dorcas, b. 3/2/1812, d/o Daniel and Polly Dodge.
Eliza, b. 3/101808, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam Dodge.
Eliza, b. 7/23/1808, d/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Elizabeth, d. 12/9/1845, AE 73.6.14, w/o Joseph Dodge.
Ezra, b. 1/15/1812, s/o Ezra and Rachel Dodge.
Hannah, b. 6/6/1810, d/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Harriet, b. 8/1/1808, d/o John and Nabby Dodge.
Harriet, of Andover, m. Abel Pierce 5/8/1825.
John, of Wisconsin, m. Dorothy Pierce 7/18/1837.
John, Jr., b. 9/10/1813, s/o John and Nabby Dodge.
John Parker, b. 9/7/1834, s/o Joseph, Jr. and Celinda Dodge.
Joseph, b. 5/27/1800, s/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Joseph, d. 12/9/1865, AE 65.6.12, s/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Joseph, d. 3/29/1848, AE 77.7.8.
Lt. Joseph, d. 8/2/1822, AE 75.8.0, h/o Mollie Dodge.
Joseph, Jr., of Andover, m. Celinda Haselton 1/17/1832.
Joseph Hiland, b. 1/11/1844, s/o Joseph and Celinda Dodge.
Joseph Hiland, d. 1/24/1870, AE 26.13.0, s/o Joseph and Celinda Dodge.
Leonard H., b. 2/9/1833, s/o Joseph and Celinda Dodge.
Lois, of Ludlow, m. Gideon Locke 1/26/1835.
Lucy K., of Andover, m. Rueben Clark 12/3/1829.
Lucy Maria, b. 9/15/1827, d/o Nathaniel Putnam and Lucy Dodge.
Luther, b. 10/2/1806, s/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Lydia R., of Andover, m. Jacob S. Cummings 3/13/1820.
Mary, d. 2/2/1810, AE 57, w/o Joseph Dodge.
Mary Alice, of Andover, d/o Robert and Peninal Graham, m. Timothy Hasselton 1/5/1865.
Mary Eastman, b. 6/4/1810, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Mollie, d. 2/2/1810, w/o Joseph.
Nabby, of Andover, m. Benjamin Pierce 2/8/1820.
Nancy, b. 3/21/1804, d/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Nathaniel Putnam, b. 3/20/1802, s/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Nathaniel Putnam, b. 8/27/1838, s/o Joseph Jr. and Celinda Dodge.
Parynthia, b. 7/28/1812, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Parynthia, m. Moses H. Hutchinson 10/6/1831.
Peggy, d. 5/6/1816, AE 38, w/o Moses R. Dodge.
Persis, b. 12/30/1803, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Polly, b. 8/12/1810, d/o Daniel and Polly Dodge.
Polly, b. 3/14/1806, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Dodge.
Susan, b. 11/25/1810, d/o John ans Nabby Dodge.
Thomas, b. 9/24/1800, s/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Thomas Frink, b. 8/21/1806, s/o John and Nabby Dodge.
Wallace Little, b. 8/30/1802, s/o Thomas and Hannah Dodge.
Wesley M., d. 8/24/1864 at New York Harbor, NY, tumor, AE 19.11.15, s/o Dana and Clarissa Dodge.
William p., AE 25, of Andover, s/o Dana and Clarissa Dodge, m. Sarah Pierce 12/19/1866.
Mrs. Dodge, d. 5/23/1848, AE 51, w/o Norris Dodge, consumption.
Lois, of Mansfield, CT, m. Caleb Simond 10/5/1800.
Marian, of Athens, d/o E.A.C. and Marian Dodge, m. George A. Griswold 12/15/1861.
Jane, d. 6/26/1865, AE 20, d/o Norman and Emeline Cobb Dodge, b. Bridgewater.
Nellie, b. 3/13/1865, d/o Elbridge R., blacksmith, b. Hartland, and S.J. Dodge, b. Bridgewater.

___, twins, b. 2/19/1803, c/o Thomas Dodge, Barre, and Abigail (2nd wife).
___, b. 11/16/1857, d/o Horace Dodge, blacksmith, b. Auburg; and Abigail p., b. Barre.
___, d. 6/21/1816, s/o Rev. Nathaniel B. and Sally Dodge.
___, d. 8/24/1819, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Abbie p., b. Barre, m. Horace W. Dowles, 10/21/1849.
Abigail, b. 10/27/1787 at Charlton, MA, d/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Abigail, b. 10/21/1808, d/o Thomas and Sarah Dodge.
Abigail, d. 1/11/1790, d/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Abigail, d. 3/15/1803, twin, d/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Abigail, d. 2/22/1802, AE 40, 1st w/o Thomas Dodge.
Abigail, d. 3/22/1804, AE 43, b. 4/11/1761 at Brookfield, MA; 2nd w/o Thomas Dodge.
Abigail, m. Horace Batchelder, 12/5/1830.
Abigail Blodgett, d. 1/4/1855; b. 6/26/1776, w/o Asa Dodge.
Adilla Maria, b. 2/28/1860, d/o N.B. Dodge, farmer, b. Barre; and Elizabeth J. Smith, b. Barre.
Albert F., AE 23, b. Barre, s/o Oramel and Lucy D. Dodge, m. Laura Bacon, 8/7/1862.
Angelina, b. 12/26/1814, d/o Thomas and Sarah Dodge.
Asa, m. Abigail Blodgett 10/23/1794.
Asa, b. 9/5/1797, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Asa, d. 5/12/1855, h/o Abigail Blodgett Dodge. b. 2/13/1770 at Winchester, NH.
Asa, b. 3/2/1804, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Asa, d. 9/5/1856, AE 59.
Azubah, d. 4/15/1830, AE 33, w/o Joseph Dodge.
Betsy, d. 8/10/1808, AE 1y6m20d, d/o John and Mary Dodge.
Calista Ann, b. 11/14/1817, d/o John Dodge and Mary Batchelder.
Calista Ann, m. Dudley Taft 5/31/1838.
Caroline, d. 8/21/1856, w/o Allen T. Wood.
Cassius M.C., d. 1/21/1846, infant.
Catherine, d. 1/12/1819, d/o Joseph and Azubah Dodge.
Clarissa, b. 10/3/1832, d/o John Dodge and Mary Batchelder.
Clarissa, d. 5/20/1833, d/o John Dodge and Mary Batchelder.
Daniel, b. 7/5/1801, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Eleazer, b. 1/26/1802, s/o Thomas and Abigail.
Elizar, d. 10/2/1822, AE 21.
Emma L., d. 8/2/1864, consumption, d/o Jefferson and Chastina Dodge.
Frank Ellsworth, b. 10/23/1866, s/o Albert F., carpenter, b. Barre, and Laura S. Dodge, b. Orange.
Frank L., d. 7/2/1864, s/o Jefferson and Chastina Dodge.
George W., AE 31, of Berlin, s/o Asa and Iilea Dodge, m. Emily C. Blanchard 10/11/1864.
Harry Augusta, b. 6/2/1834, d/o Nathaniel and Polly Clark Dodge.
Haman, d. 2/19/1832, AE 2.1.24, s/o David and Roxanna Dodge.
Henry, b. 6/3/1830, s/o John and Mary Batchelder Dodge.
Henry, d. 10/15/1859, AE 29.4.12, s/o John and Mary Dodge.
Hiram, b. 11/28/1815, s/o John and Mary Batchelder Dodge.
Jared, b. 6/18/1779 at Dudley, MA, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Jared, d. 3/1/1859, AE 82, h/o Neoma
Jefferson, b. 10/15/1812, s/o Thomas and Sarah.
John, of Barre, m. Mary Batchelder 12/14/1814.
John, d. 4/17/1835, AE 68, s/o Nathaniel Dodge, h/o Mary Dodge.
John, of Barre, m. Amanda Bigelow 8/18/1861.
John, Jr., b. 11/13/1791, s/o John and Mary Dodge.
Joseph, b. 11/14/1795, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Joseph, of Barre, m. Lorena Thornison 6/14/1832.
Joseph, of Barre, m. Azubah Thomson 3/12/1818.
Joseph, d. 8/3/1864, AE 68.8.20, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge, h/o Azubah Lorinda Dodge.
Justus, b. 2/23/1822, s/o John and Mary Batchelder Dodge.
Justus W., m. Juliette Nye 11/25/1845.
Laroy, d. 10/29/1864, AE 27, s/o Joseph and Lorinda.
Lewis, d. 3/5/1818, AE 0.10.0, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Lorinda, d. 5/15/1844, AE 43, w/o Joseph Dodge.
Lovina, b. 7/4/1810, d/o Thomas and Sarah Dodge.
Lucinda, of Barre, m. Micah French 1/20/1831.
Lydia, of Barre, m. Justus Ketchum 6/6/1820.
Marinda, m. Nathaniel Wilson 4/4/1850.
Mary, b. 8/24/1817, d/o John and Mary Dodge.
Mary, m. Ambrose Penniman 2/23/1841.
Mary, m. Lemuel Stickney 3/3/1814.
Mary, d. 2/4/1857, AE 63.5.6, d/o Nathan and Phebe Batchelder, w/o John Dodge.
Mary, d. 6/1/1837, AE 68, w/o John Dodge.
Miranda, b. 3/2/1824, d/o John and Mary Batchelder Dodge.
Nancy, m. Francis Clark Jr. 12/1/1831.
Nathan, b. 8/1/1799, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Nathaniel, b. 6/11/1797.
Nathaniel, m. Polly Clark 1/1/1824.
Nathaniel, d. 10/6/1868, AE 71.3.25.
Nathaniel Brown, b. 11/25/1838, s/o Nathaniel and Polly Clark Dodge.
Nathaniel B., m. Sally Gale 3/22/1803.
Nathaniel B., d. 7/20/1823, AE 83.5.0. Revolutionary patriot.
Noah, m. Rebecca Cameron 12/1/1800.
Noah, m. Roxannah Thining 7/15/1844.
Noah, d. 5/14/1855, AE 44.6.0.
Oramel B., b. 6/16/1813, d. 11/4/1850.
Oramel J., b. 5/8/1869, s/o Albert and Laura S. Dodge.
Orlessea Eveline, b. 2/5/1827, d/o John and M.B. Dodge.
Orlinda, m. George M. Sherburne 10/1/1848.
Orvin, d. 7/18/1868, AE 2.8.2, s/o G.W. and E.C. Dodge.
Phineas, b. 12/31/1792 at Norwich, MA, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Phebe, b. 3/27/1781 at Sturbridge, MA, d/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Phebe, m. Nathaniel Higgins 3/7/1802.
Prussia, b. 11/23/1805, d/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Prussia, d. 3/31/1830, AE 24.
Richard, b. 5/19/1783, at Dudley, MA, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Rufus, b. 1/1/1791, at Warneck, MA, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Rufus, d. 6/2/1804, AE 12.
Sally, b. 9/6/1785 at Charlton, MA, d/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Sarah, b. Newburyport, MA, d. 11/19/1862, AE 91.11.4, w/o Thomas Dodge, d/o Timothy and Susan Worth.
Sarah M., of E. Montpelier, d/o Robert and Alma Dodge, m. William Lawson 2/26/1868.
Thomas, b. 8/17/1789 at Warwick, MA, s/o Thomas and Abigail Dodge.
Thomas, m. Abigail Harper 7/10/1802.
Thomas, d. 8/11/1827, h/o Abigail. ô1st Abigail, 2nd Abigail, 3rd Sarahö
Wesley, b. 7/13/1803, s/o Asa and Abigail Dodge.
Wesley, d. 7/28/1864 at Petersburgh, VA, K.I.A. s/o Joseph and Lorinda Dodge.
William Appleton, b. 12/27/1824, s/o Nathaniel and Polly Clark Dodge.
Aligarl Raymond Dodge, b. 6/24/1825, s/o Malachi Foster Dodge and Jenny Hutchings.
Elisha Cochran, b. 9/2/1816, s/o Malachi Foster Dodge and Jenny Hutchings.
Elisha Cochran, d. ______ AE 9.5.17.
Elisha Enoch, b. 11/17/1827, Malachi Foster Dodge and Jenny Hutchings.
Enoch, b. 12/4/1795.
Franklin, b. 8/23/1828, s/o Enoch and Susannah Adams Dodge.
Frederick, b. 2/21/1823, s/o Enoch and Susannah Adams Dodge.
June, of Belvedere, m. Daniel Cornish 12/6/1821.
Malachi, of Belvedere, m. Jenny Hutchings 1/9/1812.
Malachi Foster, b. 6/4/1815, s/o Malachi Foster and Jenny Hutchings Dodge.
Priscilla, b. 5/22/1813, d/o Malachi Foster and Jenny Hutchings Dodge.
Rodney, of Montpelier, AE 26, s/o Joseph and Bridget Dodge, m. Patty M. Lanphere 9/21/1865.
Sally Jane, b. 7/6/1818, d/o Malachi Foster and Jenny Hutchings Dodge.
Thomas Hutchings, b. 9/27/1823, s/o Malachi Foster and Jenny Hutchings Dodge.
Eliza, of Hoosick, NY, m. Stephen W. Bushley 9/22/1849.
Francis G., of Bennington, s/o Samuel G. and Lucinda S. Dodge, m. Sarah E. Moore 2/7/1870.
Edwin, of Sutton, Quebec, s/o Daniel and Hannah Williams Dodge, m. Emma Whittemore 6/24/1870.
Caroline, m. Allen T. Wood 2/1/1844.
Daniel, of Barre, m. Roxanna Pierce 7/24/1824.
Errin A., d. 7/18/1868, AE 2.8.0, s/o George W. and Emily Dodge.
Frances H., AE 19, of Montpelier, d/o Theodore Dodge, m. Jeremiah Presley 6/1/1861.
Irvin N., b. 11/16/1865, s/o George W., farmer, b. Berlin and Emily C. Dodge, b. Calais.
Leon, b. 2/25/1867, s/o George W., farmer, b. Berlin and Emily C. Dodge, b. Calais.
Lyman, of Barre, m. Eliza Benjamin 12/18/1827.
Priscilla, of Berlin, m. Stephen Werth 3/11/1832.
T.A., m. Harriett B. Wood 3/22/1839.
Marion, m. Ransom Hubbard 1866.
Lucinda, of Bradford, m. Nathaniel W. Gross.
Mary Ann, of Fairlee, m. Gilman Davis 3/24/1841.
Phineas, of Bradford, m. Mary A. Knight 4/14/1851.
Relief, of Bradford, m. Obidiah Davis, Jr., 7/13/1809.
Mary Ann, of Braintree, m. John Spafford 11/19/1843.
Phineas, of Chelsea, m. Polly Pratt 3/1/1825.
Achsah, b. 9/22/1820, d/o Elijah Dodge.
Amasa, d. 4/14/1868, AE 75y6m. Farmer. Paralysis and gangreen.
Betsy, m. Antipas Willis 12/4/1828.
Charlotte, m. Samuel Paul 5/3/1808.
Clara C., m. John Williamson 8/14/1817.
Elijah, of Brandon, m. Thankful Beeman 9/5/1816.
Elijah, s/o Jonathan and Anna Dodge, d. 2/1863, AE 70.
Emma Jane, b. 7/11/1866, d/o Joel C. Dodge, farmer, b. Pittsford.
Emma Jane, d. 11/28/1869, AE 3.4.18, d/o Joel and Philoma p. Dodge.
James Walter, b. 8/12/1861, s/o Joseph, farmer, b. Royalton, and Ohilma, b. Willsboro, NY.
Jana, of Brandon, m. Joseph Lawson 9/25/1811.
Jonathan, b. 1/26/1764, d. 10/22/1837.
Julia, of Brandon, m. David Capron 12/3/1828.
Laura Laurette, b. 3/1/1822, d/o Elijah Dodge.
Marietta, of Brandon, m. Isaac Dow 9/12/1837.
Marrietta, b. 3/13/1818, d/o Elijah Dodge.
Mary, d. 9/1/1834, w/o Jonathan.
Noah, d. 3/20/1800, AE 19, s/o William and Elizah Dodge.
Sally, of Brandon, m. Gardner Carr 11/11/1824.
Stephen, b. 3/4/1826, s/o Elijah Dodge.
Thankful, b. 2/11/1794, d. 3/19/1835. w/o Elijah Dodge
Willie W., b. 3/13/1864, s/o Joel and Louisa Dodge.
Charles L., d. 12/5/1864, AE 17y2m12d, s/o Lyman Dodge. b. N.H.
Charles N., d. 12/5/1864, AE 17y2m, s/o Josiah and Eliza Dodge. b. Dummerston. Debility from hyamatic disentery.
Emma B., AE 20, of Brattleboro, b. Boston, MA, d/o Andrew Dodge, m. George W. Haywood 9/16/1866.
Frances, AE 24, of Amherst, MA, s/o John C. and Lovina Dodge, m. Elvira H. Adams 9/1/1868.
L.p., AE 32, merchant, s/o Andrew, b. Nashua, NH, of Brattleboro, m. Mary Blanche Carpenter 1/1/1866.
Mary Ann, of Mt. Vernon, NH, m. Henry Mason 8/20/1846.
Oliver, of Springfield, s/o E.A.C. and M. Dodge, m. H. Francis Warner 10/31/1868.
Samuel, d. 12/15/1865, AE 74.
T.R., d. 11/23/1861, AE 25.20.0, s/o William C. and Martha Dodge.
___, b. 4/3/1866, d/o Omri Dodge, banker, b. Montpelier; and Catherine, b. Leicester.
Hagar A., ae 17, of N. Hero, d/o James and Polly Dodge, m. Charles Hyde 5/22/1866.
Jenny Rich, d. 1/31/1868, AE 4.8.0, d/o O.A. and C.H. Dodge.
Jeremiah, d. 6/30/1868, AE 0.4.8., s/o O.A. and Catherine Dodge.
Joseph, b. 11/26/1857, s/o Isaiah and Charlotte Dodge.
Kate Alden, b. 10/20/1864, O.A. and Catherine Dodge.
Kate, d. 2/4/1868, O.A. and Catherine Dodge.
Luther I., of Burlington, m. Lucia p. Moore 10/4/1849.
Mary, b. 1/15/1861, d/o O. and Catherine Dodge.
Nathan, of Burlington, m. Hannah Backus 10/8/1818.
Omri A., m. Catherine H. Alder 10/4/1854.
___, b. 8/28/1867, s/o Oramel S. Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and (undecipherable), b. Calais.
___, b. 11/20/1861, c/o Ira C. and Laura E. Dodge.
Almira, d. 7/12/1861, AE 56y2m7d, dropsical consumption.
Charles R., farmer, AE 28, s/o Robert Dodge, m. Lucelia W. Chapman 12/31/1864.
Clarissa, d. 1/6/1863, AE 71y10m, w/o James Dodge. b. Brookfield, MA.
Daniel, of Marshfield, m. Almira Langer 1/4/1829.
Daniel B., s/o Robert and Anna Burgess Dodge, d. 6/2/1869, AE 46.1.0
Don, b. 11/15/1862, s/o Nathan H. Dodge, blacksmith, b. Calais, and Marinda Bass, b. Braintree, MA.
Edward, b. 1/17/1863, s/o Oramel Dodge, laborer, b. Calais, and Rulianna Brown, b. Calais.
Fluella M., b. 5/2/1859, d/o Oramel and Rahanet Brown Dodge.
Gertie May, d. 6/1/1864, AE 11m, b. Middlesex, d/o Ira C. and Laura E. Dodge.
Glen, d. ____, AE 4.2.0, s/o J. Solomon and Fannie M. Dodge.
Harriet p., of Calais, m. Simon S. Wheeler 11/4/1827.
Hattie E., b. 5/17/1867, d/o Henry, shoemaker, b. East Montpelier, and Ann Jackson Dodge, b. Woodbury.
Hiram, of East Montpelier, m. Elizabeth Harvey 11/29/1849.
James, d. 2/25/1866, AE 75.10.20, s/o Solomon Dodge, h/o Clarissa Dodge.
Joseph S., of Calais, s/o Nathan H. Dodge, m. Fanny M. Andrews 3/20/1868.
Lida Fanny, b. 6/23/1869, d/o Oramel and R. Brown Dodge.
Luther, b. 5/23/1866, s/o Oramel and R. Brown Dodge.
Mary Emeline, b. 3/17/1861, d/o Oramel and R. Brown Dodge.
Mary R., of Calais, d/o Nathan H. Dodge, m. Alexander Dingwall, Jr. 5/2/1861.
Oramel S., m. Rheuhemlina p. Brown 12/7/1854
Solomon, b. Montpelier, d. 10/11/1867, AE 56, s/o James and Eunice Dodge.
Stanley, of Plainfield, m. Sabrina Kelton 10/15/1826.
W. Wallace, AE 23, of Montpelier, m. Mary Jeffords 5/12/1866.
Esther, of Cambridge, m. James Foster 11/6/1821.
Hepsibah, d. 3/19/1838, AE 82, w/o James Dodge.
James, of Johnson, m. Hepsibah Swelley 10/22/1815.
Joseph, of Cambridge, m. Mary Smith 7/1/1822.
Loraine L., of Cambridge, m. Jared F. Wilcox 1/1/1856.
Martin N., of Cambridge, AE 21, b. Eden, s/o Nathaniel, m. Charlotte O. Barnes 3/5/186_.
Mary, of Cambridge, m. Simeon McCoy 10/20/1829.
Nathaniel C., b. 1802, d. 1883.
Sally K., of Cambridge, m. Harvey French 7/1/1839.
Enos, b. 11/3/1788, s/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Josiah, b. 6/13/1793, s/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
L.E., of Reading, m. C.A. Allen 10/9/1856.
Paul, b. 10/5/1783, s/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Relief, b. 5/19/1782, d/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Relief, b. 8/5/1790, d/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Sally, b. 10/7/1794, d/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Shadrack, b. 6/18/1765, s/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Thankful, b. 2/11/1787, d/o Shadrack and Rachael Dodge.
Winthrop, of Chelsea, m. Polly Barrett 10/19/1801.
Austin, b. 2/8/1831, s/o Levi and Olivia Dodge.
Betsy, d. 4/3/1824, AE 62, w/o Phineas Dodge.
Betsy Morse, b. 8/15/1793, d/o Phineas and Betsy Dodge.
Betsy Morse, d. 7/30/1795, d/o Phineas and Betsy Dodge.
Charles A., m. Cordelia Fuller 12/4/1834.
Dana D., of Tunbridge, m. Olivia Fifield 11/17/1849.
Elbridge, b. 12/9/1828, s/o Levi and Olivia Dodge.
Elizabeth, d/o Henry M. and Caroline Dodge, d. 4/2/1836, AE 11m.
Henry Morse, d. 8/3/1862, s/o Phineas and Betsey Dodge.
Henry M., of Chelsea, m. Caroline Hatch 6/20/1826.
J. Henry, of Randolph, s/o Levi and Olive Dodge, b. Chelsea, AE 27, m. Ann Hyde 5/31/1862.
James Henry, of Randolph, s/o Levi and Olive Dodge, m. Ann Hyde 6/10/1862.
Joseph Farrar, b. 12/17/1797, s/o Phineas and Betsey Dodge.
Leander, b. 6/2/1805, s/o Phineas and Betsey Dodge.
Luthera, d. 5/9/1838, d/o Charles A. and Cordelia Dodge.
Mary J., d. 10/1/1865, AE 22.1.22, d/o A.S. and Lucy Hatch Dodge.
Mary Jane, d. 8/9/1848, w/o Albert Dodge.
Merinda, b. 9/17/1795, d/o Phineas and Betsey Dodge.
Philomena Chase, b. 12/8/1791, d/o Phineas and Betsy Dodge.
Philomena, m. D.A.A. Buck 11/10/1816.
Polly Howe, d. 12/12/1870, AE 97.4.0.
Abram, b. Claremont, NH, s/o Isaac and Martha Dodge, m. August B. Sargeant, 3/10/1857.
Amelia, AE 22, b. Lempeter, NH, d/o Milton and Ruth Dodge, m. Jonathan Mitchel 11/6/1869.
Carrie A., b. 3/15/1864, d/o Abram Dodge, farmer, b. Claremont, NH; and Augusta B. Sargeant, b. Chester.
Edward, b. 1/1/1859, s/o Abram Dodge, farmer, b. Claremont, NH; and Augusta B. Sargeant, b. Chester.
Florence B., AE 19, of Andover, d/o David and Clarissa Dodge, m. Albert S. Clapp 2/13/1865.
Frank, b. 10/15/1860, s/o Abram Dodge, farmer, b. Claremont, NH; and Augusta B. Sargeant, b. Chester.
Rachel, of Chester, m. John p. Williams 10/21/1805.
Susannah H., d. 3/3/1825, AE 79.
Albert B., m. Hannah Noyse 6/12/1866.
Dolly Thomas, w/o _______, d/o Ebenezer Thomas, d. 10/14/1870, AE 24.5.0.
Emma B., b. 5/12/1867, d/o Albert B., farmer, b. Chittendon, and Hannah A Goshen Dodge, b. Chittendon.
John, d. 1/12/1850, AE 73.
Oliver, m. Lodisha Shipper 5/4/1851.
Rosanna, d. 10/18/1851, AE 72, w/o John Dodge.
Alvira H., b. Winnoski, m. Wallace H. Brink, 7/14/1853.
Calvin, farmer, s/o Mason and Abigail Dodge, m. Anna B. Smith 1/5/1857.
Hannah, d. 3/25/1861, AE 65.11.18, d/o William and Mercy Backus, w/o Nathan Dodge.
Mason, of Colchester, m. Abigail Thomas 2/21/1825.
Joseph, d. 5/15/1846, AE 33.
Mary, of Concord, m. Edmond B. Pratt 1/1/1841.
Mary J., of Lunenburg, m. George M. Stone 12/15/1869.
Moses, d. 10/5/1843, AE 46.3.0.
Susan S., d. 8/26/1853, AE 26.9.2, w/o Moses Dodge.
Clementine, b. Plainfield, NH, m. Clarence H. Reynolds 9/18/1853.
Edward, of Corinth, m. Rebecca Matson 7/2/1848.
J.L., of Irasburg, AE 28, m. S.J. Merrill 10/15/1861.
Abraham, m. Elsea Cook, 9/23/1805.
Electa, of Jordan, NY m. Philip Crane 10/16/1843.
Elizabeth, of Danby, m. John Wilber 2/19/1804.
Alpheus, d. 7/29/1856, AE 72, h/o Anna.
Anna, d. 10/7/1848, AE 72, w/o Alpheus.
Lucy A., of Derby, m. Joseph Longee 11/28/1861.
Mrs. Dodge, d. 2/20/1848, w/o Josiah Dodge.
Electa Melvina, b. 9/26/1839, d/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Eliza Thankful, b. 7/25/1838, d/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Eliza T., of Dummerston, d/o Willard and Zilpha Dodge, m. Sylvanus Kelley 11/11/1862
Hannah C., d. 2/20/1848, AE 33, w/o Josiah Dodge.
Henry, d. 9/1/1863, AE 13.5.25, s/o Josiah and Eliza Dodge.
Horace E., b. 8/9/1859, s/o Josiah and Eliza Dodge.
Jerry Josiah, b. 9/28/1845, s/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Joseph Temple, b. 5/22/1852, s/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Lucina, of Dummerston, m. Henry C. Amidon.
Lucinda Lestina, b. 6/25/1841, d/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Lucinda Lestina, d. 8/13/1842, d/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Melvina E., of Dummerston, m. Daniel B. Burnham 5/29/1856.
Phebe, d. 1/8/1860, w/o Josiah Dodge.
Thankful, m. Larson Stone, 1/11/1843.
Willard, b. 2/26/1813.
Willard, m. Zilipha Temple, 9/5/1837.
Willard George, b. 2/13/1843, s/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Willard George, d. 2/21/1844, s/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
Zilipha Lucinda, b. 1/10/1848, d/o Willard Dodge and Zilipha Temple.
East Montpelier
___, d. 2/27/1856,AE 10m; s/o Robert and Anna Dodge.
Alma C., AE 45, m. Jonas Gale, 1/26/1863.
Andrew Jackson, m. Sarah Cummings Snow 9/9/1855.
Caroline L., m. William Benton 3/18/1851.
Charles A., m. Alfaretta A. Merrill 7/4/1870.
Cordellia L., of East Montpelier, m. William Benton 3/18/1851.
Ella Calista, b. 10/29/1856, d/o Nathan, b. Montpelier, and Calista Phinney Dodge, b. Montpelier.
Hannah, b. 1797, d. 1851, d/o Benjamin and Betsy Phinney, w/o Nathan Dodge.
Job, d. 7/__/1852 in Peru, IL, AE 33, b. Montpelier.
Jonathan, b. 1828, d. 1829, s/o Nathan and Hannah Phinney Dodge.
Julia Ella, b. 10/29/1856, d/o Nathan and Calista Phinney Dodge.
Lucius O., b. 1851, s/o Hiram T. Dodge.
Mary Polly, d. 2/27/1833, AE 66, w/o Solomon.
Nathan, of East Montpelier, m. Calista Phinney 5/25/1854.
Nathan p., of East Montpelier, AE 23, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge, m. Sarah Ames 5/29/1862.
Orville A., m. Elsie A. Guernsey 4/19/1863.
Polly, d. 1820, AE 1, d/o Nathaniel and Hannah Dodge.
Rhoda K., of Lowell, d/o Andrew Dodge, b. Montpelier, m. Clark King 8/29/1855 in Barre.
Robert, d. 3/3/1856, AE 40.
Sarah R., d. 11/30/1864, AE 22.9.27, w/o Nathan p. Dodge.
Amos, of Johnson, m. Sarah N. Ritterbush, 9/15/1846.
Christopher, m. Dorathy Shute 8/26/1840.
Eliza A., of Johnson, m. Daniel Dow 8/3/1845.
Elizabeth, d. 8/1/1862, b. NH, AE 53.
Hiram, d. 5/13/1859, AE 51.3.18, s/o Enoch and Joel Dodge. suicide by hanging.
James, of Eden, m. June E. Abbott 1/10/1839.
Joseph, of Eden, m. Brigett McGrokin 11/5/1844.
Joseph, d. 6/13/1864, AE 60.2.13, s/o Enoch and J. Dodge.
Mary, of Eden, m. Daniel Cornish 9/29/1844.
Richard, b. 3/19/1858, s/o Joseph Dodge, b. Eden, farmer, and Bridget McGooken, b. Ireland.
Filene, d. 4/5/1822, d/o Lyman and Eliza Dodge.
Betsy, m. Isaac Baker 8/27/1807.
Henry, of Duane, WI, m Sarah Jane Hunt 3/2/1852.
Abigail, m. John Woods, Jr., 2/12/1832.
Lizzie L. Southworh, b. 1/28/1835, d. 5/7/1865 at Westfield, NH, w/o Henry C. Dodge.
Samuel, d. 10/7/1820, AE 89.5.0
Laura Ellen, b. 1/-/1867, d/o Judson, farmer, b. Johnson, and Mary J. Dodge.
Jane, d. 2/9/1828, d/o John and Anna Dodge.
John A., d. 2/17/1828, AE 1, s/o John A. and Anna Dodge.
Ellen F., b. 4/30/1869, d/o Judson, farmer, b. Johnson, and Mary Jane Brien Dodge, b. Plymoth, MA.
Arnold, b. 5/9/1805.
Calista, b. 5/20/1810.
Charles C., of Troy, AE 36, s/o Andrew and Artemissa B. Dodge, m. Alvisa A. Sargent 12/17/1868.
Mandana, b. 10/15/1807.
Rebecca, b. 3/15/1803.
Eleanore A., b. 4/23/1865, d/o Randolph, farmer, b. Haverhill, NH, and Ovina, b. Rockingham.
James Warren, b. 7/25/1868, s/o I or J.W., farmer, b. Mt. Holly and Eugene Upham Dodge, b. Windham.
Randolph, of Athens, b. Haverhill, NH, s/o Edward A.C. and Marion Dodge, m. Orissa Chase 1/1/1860.
Willie Randolph, b. 11/2/1860, s/o Randolph, farmer, b. Haverhill, NH and Orvilla Chase Dodge, b. Cambridgeport.
Albert E., b. 4/1/1862, s/o Smith Dodge, b. Newbury; and Luceta Rhoades, b. Groton.
John, d. 1/20/1829, AE 0.9.0, s/o John and Fannie Dodge.
Maria, d. 3/16/1839, AE 0.2.0, d/o John and Sarah Dodge.
Mary, d. 11/11/1818, AE 0.11.0, d/o John and Fannie Dodge.
William, d. 10/23/1816, AE 0.6.0, s/o John and Fannie Dodge.
Augusta, of Deerfield, MA, m. Chester Graves 7/5/1847.
Dinah, of Guilford, m. Abel Torry 5/27/1798.
Fanny, d. 10/14/1831, w/o John Dodge.
Mary E., of Marlboro, m. Ashley Miller 2/9/1835.
Phoebe, m. William Jones 11/14/1796.
Exekiel, of Shelburn, m. Elmira Dodge 5/13/1826.
Ouri, d. 12/27/1826, AE 32.
Jefferson, of Washington County, VT, m. Christiana Holmes 1/17/1842.
Josiah, of Hardwick, m. Hannah Webber 2/5/1839.
Andrew, b. 5/28/1803, s/o Andrew and Sally Dodge.
Eliza, b. Windsor, w/o Joseph, d/o William and Eliza Ayres, d. 2/23/1865, AE 56.1.26.
Elizabeth K., d. 3/26/1838, AE 20, w/o Grover Dodge.
Enos, 9/25/1809 in Barnett, s/o Paul and Jerusha Higg Dodge.
Hannah, b. 7/11/1811, d/o Andrew and Sally Dodge.
Hannah A., of Manchester, NH, m. Josiah Miller 3/28/1850.
Henry, b. 4/7/1817, s/o Paul and Jerusha Dodge.
J.L., of St. Louis, MO, m. Melissa J. Marble 10/24/1850.
James p., d. 1870, b. 1848, s/o William C. and Martha Farrell Dodge.
Leonard p., b. 11/1/1807, s/o Paul and Jerusha Dodge.
Mary, of Hartland, m. Curtis Moore 10/9/1825.
Mary, d. 2/8/1864, AE 85.5.1, d/o William Blair, w/o Parker.
Rufus, b. 3/27/1813, s/o Paul and Jerusha Dodge.
Sally, b. 9/9/1799, d/o Andrew and Sally Dodge.
Susan M., d. 6/9/1833, AE 3, d/o William C. and Martha Farrell Dodge.
Thomas, b. 5/9/1815, s/o Paul and Jerusha Higg Dodge.
Thomas, b. 1836, d. 1861, s/o William C. and Martha Dodge.
William E., of Hartland, m. Martha Farrell 3/31/1829.
Clarissa H., d. 1838, AE 19.
Norman, d. 10/21/1868, AE 2.8.0, s/o Allen and Jennie Dodge.
Parker, d. 12/26/1846, AE 74, h/o Mary Blair Dodge
Parker, d. 8/8/1804, AE 2.9.0, s/o Parker and Mary Dodge.
Elmira, of Deerfield, m. Ezekiel Dodge 5/13/1826.
Royal, of Halifax, m. Molly Whitney 12/27/1812.
Hyde Park
___, b. 1/5/1863, s/o James Dodge, farmer; and (not named) b. Hyde Park.
Charles, of Johnson, m. Pauline Clemans 10/27/1845.
Hannah J., AE 17, of Hyde Park, d/o Bridgett J. Dodge, m. Alonzo Jones 12/31/1865.
___, b. 9/15/1860, s/o William p. Dodge, farmer, b. Lyme, NH; and Hannah M., b. Charleston.
Abigail, d. 4/29/1831, AE 29y; w/o James Dodge.
Elva Brown, b. ______, d/o William p. and Hannah M. Dodge.
George Sullivan, b. 8/3/1838, s/o William p. and Nancy Dodge.
Irene L., b. 7/26/1868, d/o John L., farmer, b. Irasburg and L.J. Merrill Dodge, b. Craftsbury.
Irene L., d. 8/18/1868, AE 15d.
James, d. 6/28/1834, AE 78, h/o Mary.
John, b. 10/21/1833, s/o Wilham and Nancy Dodge.
Mary, d. 3/22/1846, AE 76, w/o James.
Mary Ann, d. 2/12/1831, AE 3, d/o Amos and Abigail Dodge.
Nancy B., b. 5/26/1806, d. 6/25/1853, w/o William R. Dodge.
Salmon, b. 1/12/1841, s/o William p. and Nancy Dodge.
Susan, of Irasburgh, m. David Allen 9/24/1820.
William p., of Irasburgh, m. Hannah Marstin 1/2/1856.
Daniel, of Ausable, NY, m. Enice F. Reed 11/24/1852.
___, d. 8/13/1865, AE 1d; s/o p.A. Dodge.
___, d. 8/28/1814, s/o B.R. and Sarah Dodge.
Aaron, b. 11/12/1817, s/o Phineas and Elizabeth Dodge.
Aaron, b. Johnson, s/o Phineas Dodge, m. Prudentia Waterman, 1/12/1841.
Aaron, d. 3/18/1862, AE 64, b. 1798, h/o Lydia Dodge.
Amos, b. 4/9/1773.
Amos, m. Sally Clark 2/18/1796.
Amos, esq., d. 5/22/1831, AE 59.
Amos, b. 12/27/1806, s/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Amos, m. Nancy Griswold 12/16/1832.
Ann, b. 2/17/1815, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Ann, m. Stephen Dow 12/17/1840.
Ashley, b. 12/3/1826, d/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Ashley, d. 9/22/1847, AE 2y, d/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Ashley, b. 5/21/1867, d/o Nathan and Mary Dodge.
Betsy, m. Daniel Foster 1/1/1815.
Caroline, m. Calvin Whiting 12/24/1846.
Caroline Matilda, b. 8/20/1823, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Charles, b. 8/8/1821, s/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Charles F., d. 5/23/1851, AE 5y, s/o J.C. and Eliza Dodge.
Charles G., d. 2/7/1837, AE 9m, s/o Daniel and Dorothy Dodge. b. 5/1836.
Clara, b. 11/6/1857, d/o Aaron, farmer, and Prudentia Dodge.
Clarissa, m. Richard Fowler 6/1/1851.
Clark J., b. 8/3/1861, s/o Jacob H. Dodge, mechanic, b. Johnson; and Lucy A., b. Johnson.
Daniel, b. 4/17/1809, s/o Amos and Sally Dodge.
Daniel, b. 4/15/1833, s/o Amos and Nancy Dodge.
Daniel, s/o Amos and Nancy Dodge, b. 4/15/1833, d. 11/15/1834
Daniel, of Johnson, m. Dorothy George 12/2/1832.
Daniel, h/o Dorothy, d. 7/7/1837, AE 28.
Daniel, h/o Jenny Dodge, d. 3/17/1859, AE 70.
Dorothy, of Johnson, m. Charles Reed 10/23/1842.
Edwin, b. 12/18/1836, s/o Nathan I. and Dolly Dodge.
Eleanor, b. 2/5/1786, New Boston, NH
Eleanor, of Johnson, m. Thomas Waterman 1/5/1806 at Coits Gore(?).
Elisha, b. 7/22/1808, s/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Elisha, d. 5/26/1813, AE 64.
Elisha, d. 5/23/1846, AE 73, h/o Polly Dodge.
Elizabeth, b. 7/31/1824, d/o Phineas and Lydia Dodge.
Elizabeth, d. 7/17/1819, w/o Phineas Dodge.
Elizabeth I., of Johnson, m. Oliver Wolcott 5/28/1848.
Esther Isabel, b. 12/21/1860, d/o Phineas and Jane Dodge.
Eunice, b. 12/7/1806, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Eunice, d. 1/19/1804, w/o Elisha Dodge.
Hannah, b. 8/19/1812, d/o Phineas and Elizabeth Dodge.
Hannah, b. 12/12/1796, d/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Hannah, d. 4/29/1813, d/o Amos and Sally Dodge.
Hannah C., d. 7/4/1814, AE 4, d/o B.R. and Sarah Dodge.
Hannah W., d. 11/3/1830, AE 3.7.0, d/o Aaron and Lydia Dodge.
Helen Brink, b. 9/6/1869, d/o Nathan and Mary Potter Dodge.
Henry, d. 5/24/1844, AE 2, s/o A. & p. Dodge.
Ida, b. 5/2/1858, d/o Jacob H., carpenter and joiner, b. Johnson, and L. Ann Dodge, b. Canada.
Israel, of New Boston, NH, m. Priscilla Andrews 11/5/1845.
J.C., d. 10/27/1863, AE 65.
Jacob H., of Johnson, m. Lucy A. Gilman 5/24/1855.
James, b. 12/28/1835, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Jane, b. 12/13/1834, d/o Amos and Nancy Dodge.
Jennie, d. 9/22/1860, AE 72.2.9, d/o Samuel G. and June Dodge. b. New Boston, NH.
Jennie p., b. 6/14/1865, d/o Nathan, soldier, b. Johnson, and Mary Dodge, b. Johnson.
Jensey (?), d. 9/21/1860, AE 72, w/o Daniel Dodge.
Jonathan Clark, b. 5/11/1798, s/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Jonathan C., d. 10/27/1863, AE 65.6.15, b. New Boston, MA, s/o Amos and Sally Dodge.
Jonathan Holt, b. 7/20/1819, s/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Juliet, b. 3/12/1824, d/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Laura, b. 5/8/1834, d/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Laura M., d. 9/18/1853, AE 15, d/o J.C. and Eliza Dodge.
Lucinda, b. 5/6/1817, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Lucinda, b. 2/13/1800, d/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Lucy, b. 6/17/1813, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Lydia, b. 1798, d. 2/14/1828, w/o Phineas.
Lydia Arvilla, b. 5/20/1826, d/o Phineas and Lydia Dodge.
Lydia A., of Johnson, m. Ammi Yalboth 4/4/1848.
Margaret, of Johnson, m. Amassa Ober 12/5/1832.
Martha L., b. 4/18/1857, d/o Amos and Sarah.
Mary, b. 9/29/1811, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Mary, d. 12/-/1842, AE 54, w/o Phineas Dodge.
Mary W., d. 3/21/1851, AE 15, d/o J.C. and Elizabeth Dodge.
Nancy, d. 6/15/1844, AE 38, w/o Amos Dodge, Jr.
Nathan, b. 3/19/1837, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Nathan, b. 5/29/1785, d. 4/23/1851, h/o Hannah Dodge.
Nathan Cram, b. 11/28/1800, s/o Elisha and Eunice Dodge.
Nathan C., of Johnson, m. Dolly Burnham 2/13/1828.
Phineas, b. 6/27/1824, s/o Aaron and Lydia Dodge.
Polly, b. 10/15/1821, d/o Nathaniel and Hannah Dodge.
Polly, d. 9/9/1847, AE 66, w/o Elisha Dodge
Rachel Augusta, b. 12/24/1830, d/o Nathan I. and Dolly Dodge.
Sally, b. 3/29/1802, d/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Sally, of Johnson, m. James Warren 11/15/1820.
Sally, of Johnson, m. Theophilus H. Patch 5/13/1829.
Sally, d. 4/18/1831, b. 6/26/1771, w/o Amos Dodge.
Sally, d. 4/11/1806, AE 3, d/o Amos and Sally Dodge.
Sally M., of Johnson, m. Israel F. Andrews 2/6/1848.
Sally M., b. 1829, d. 1868.
Samuel, of Johnson, m. Nancy Ellinwood 12/4/1817.
Sarah, b. 7/4/1815, d/o Phineas and Elizabeth Dodge.
Sarah, b. 2/13/1810, d/o Elisha and Polly Dodge.
Sarah, of Johnson, m. Andrew Dorr 5/24/1859.
Sarah T., b. 11/3/1825, d. 11/25/1830, AE 5.0.22, d/o Aaron and Lydia Dodge.
Silas, b. 1/15/1837, d. 11/18/1837, s/o Amos and Nancy Dodge.
Solomon, b. 4/20/1811, s/o Amos and Sally Clark Dodge.
Sylvester, b. 12/11/1832, s/o Nathan I. and Polly Dodge.
William W., of Johnson, m. Lucy Chamberlain 9/4/1836.
Zebina Burnham, b. 10/17/1834, d/o nathan I. and Dolly Dodge.
Caroline, AE 29, d/o Moses and Caroline Dodge, b. Bath, NH, m. Benjamin F. Smith 1/13/1861.
Augustus, d. 11/11/1869, AE 33y3m25d, s/o Daniel and Roxanna Dodge. Typhoid.
Roxanna Florence, b. 7/4/1857, d/o Augustus Dodge, lawyer, b. Duxbury and Emily, b. Warren.
___, b. 10/16/1869, d/o Henry p. Dodge, farmer, b. Andover; and Ruth, b. Danbury.
___, d. 6/30/1866, AE 11m; d/o George W. Dodge, b. Loudenderry; and Oliva ___, fits.
___, d. 7/19/1866, d/o George W. Dodge, b. Loudenderry; and Olivia, b. Mount Holly.
Elmira, of Andover, m. Emerson How 12/31/1855.
Rachall, of Loudenderry, m. William W. Rugg 2/11/1836.
Susan, of Loudenderry, m. James p. Hall 3/16/1834.
___, b. 12/21/1867, d/o Andrew J. Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and Luncina Snow, b. Montpelier.
___, b. 5/23/1866, s/o A.J. Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and Lucinda Snow, b. Montpelier.
___, d. 5/24/1866, AE 1d; s/o A.J. Dodge.
Andrew, d. 2/3/1855, AE 69.
Clarence Herbert, b. 10/17/1857, s/o Andrew I. Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and Sarah, b. Montpelier.
Carrie E., d. 4/30/1860, AE 1y1m23d, d/o Andrew J. Dodge and Sarah Snow. Canker rash.
Sarah C., d. 7/30/1863, AE 30.3.17 d/o Elias and Irene Snow.
Sarah G., d. 1863.
Willis Edward, b. 5/17/1857, s/o William B., farmer, b. Montpelier, and Harriett Dodge, b. Lowell.
Alvin, b. 6/23/1815, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge
Alvin, d. 7/12/1815.
Azel, b. 11/13/1809 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Azel D., m. Susan Sinclair 1/14/1836.
Ira, b. 2/28/1804 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Ira A., d. 1837, AE 33, d/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Louis, b. 1/26/1806 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Malinda, b. 4/9/1802 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Margaret K., of Ludlow, m. Benjamin Jackson 12/30/1838.
Martha, of Cuttingsville, m. Abraham Vanzile Hermaan 5/15/1855.
Mary, b. 12/19/1823 at Cavendish, VT, d/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
M.p., of Andover, AE 26, m. Emma S. Belden 12/17/1864.
Patty, b. 6/1/1813 at Grantham, NH, d/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Salmon H., b. 1800 at Croydon, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Stephen, b. 1/29/1808 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge.
Stillman, b. 12/19/1811 at Grantham, NH, s/o Stephen and Mary Dodge. Died 8 weeks later.
Susanna, b. 7/23/1818 at Sand Lake, NY.
___, b. 12/1/1859, s/o Daniel Dodge, farmer, b. Bath, NH; and Clara, b. Lunenburg.
___, d. 4/8/1870, AE 2d; s/o Daniel Dodge.
Charles E., b. 10/15/1868, s/o Stephen Dodge, farmer, b. Bath NH; and Almira, b. Lunenburg.
Chester W., m Laurette Marbe 4/7/1858.
Clara Estella, b. 7/15/1869, d/o Hozen Dodge, farmer, and Almeda.
Dan A., of Lunenburg, s/o John and Vasta Dodge of Bath, NH, m. Clara Lyon 3/30/1859.
Dora, b. 6/10/1860, d/o George N. Dodge, farmer, b. Bath, NH, and Philometia, b. Lunenburg.
Emily F., of Glover, d/o Brown and Elizabeth Dodge, m. Ira A. Benjamin 9/22/1867.
Frankie N., d. 12/23/1863, AE 21d, s/o J. Marshall and Maria B. Rice Dodge.
Hannah, m. Jerubbabel Eager 10/30/1793.
Hannah E., b. 11/20/1869, d/o Nelson, farmer, b. Lunenburg, and Philometa Dodge, b. Lunenburg.
Hannah L., d. 1/10/1864, AE 5, d/o Thomas and Philometa Dodge.
Henry John, AE 22, of Lunenburg, m. Miranda A. Hastings 3/23/1869.
John M., AE 41, of Lunenburg, b. Bath, NH, s/o John and Vastia Dodge, m. Lucy A. Brooks 12/19/1870.
Louisa Powers, d. 11/23/1852, AE 27, w/o John.
Luella S., b. 2/6/1869, d/o Albert Dodge, farmer, b. Lunenberg, and Mary, b. Concord.
Maria, d. 2/1/1870, d/o Nathan and Julia Rice Dodge.
Mary S., d. 6/15/1862, AE 2.0.16, d/o John and Abigail J. Dodge.
Nelson, of Lunenburg, m. Philomena Morse 3/26/1857.
Orinda A., d/o John and Vasta Dodge, m. Joseph Powers 3/30/1859.
Sophia, of Lunenburg, m. Levi Stoner 9/14/1808.
Addie Louisa, b. 11/5/1870, d/o George E. Dodge, furniture dealer, b. Thetford; and Cornelia Blake, b. Sutton.
Esther, d. 2/19/1822, AE 77.
Tabitha, d. 12/7/1819, AE 83, w/o Nathan B.
___, d. 5/15/1813, AE 8y; c/o Nathaniel and Anna Dodge.
___, died, c/o Nathaniel and Anne Dodge; father died in 1843, mother died in 1854.
Alexander p., b. 7/13/1817, s/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Almira, d. 7/18/1861, AE 57, w/o Daniel Dodge.
Anna, d. 5/6/1854, AE 76, w/o Nathaniel Dodge.
Betsy, m. Owen Pitkin 5/30/1813.
Bradley W., m. Samantha Tyler 2/12/1851.
Charles, d. 2/7/1813, AE 16m6d, s/o Ebenezer and Mary Parkhurst Dodge.
Corvilla, of Marshfield, m. William Bemis 12/2/1861.
Cynthia, b. 2/28/1811, d/o Nathaniel and Anna Dodge.
Cynthia, of Marshfield, m. James Vanormum 1/1/1838.
Daniel, h/o Almira Dodge, d. 1/4/1866, AE 64.
Ebenezer, h/o Rebeckah Dodge, d. 6/1/1833, AE 89.5.0.
Ebenezer, h/o Polly Dodge, d. 8/14/1850, AE 81.
Jonathan Strandler, b. 12/6/1800, s/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Leslie, b. 6/5/1857, d/o B.M. Dodge, painter, b. Marshfield, and Samantha, b. Randolph.
Luthera, b. 1860, d/o A.p. and Abigail Dodge.
Mary, b. 3/26/1807, d/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Mary, of Marshfield, m. Harvey Bancroft 10/26/1828.
Monicy, b. 8/31/1813, d/o Nathaniel Dodge.
Nathaniel, d. 2/5/1843, AE 66, h/o Anna Dodge.
Olive, b. 3/24/1803, d/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Olive, of Marshfield, m. Jabez C. Carpenter 2/6/1825.
Polly, b. 8/25/1795, d/o Nathaniel Dodge.
Polly, of Marshfield, m. Bradley Webber 1/6/1824.
Rebeckah, d. 8/23/1820, AE 76.4.7, w/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Sally, of Marshfield, m. Thomas McCloud 3/16/1797.
Sarah A., of Marshfield, m. Alanson Luce 10/8/1843.
Spencer, b. 6/21/1804, s/o Ebenezer Dodge.
Stephen, b. 6/15/1805, s/o Nathaniel Dodge.
William, b. 8/28/1807, s/o Nathaniel Dodge.
Gertie May, b. 7/1/1863, d/o Ira C., farmer, b. Marshfield, and Laura E. Dodge, b. Montpelier.
Mary, d. 3/14/1830, AE 1.10.0, d/o Mason and Abigail Dodge.
Polly, d. 12/9/1816, AE 21.11.0, w/o Nathaniel Dodge.
Joel, of Monkton, m. Seabury (?) Salisbury 8/23/1820.
Franklin H., b. 8/10/1866, s/o Rodney, farmer, b. Eden, and Polly Dodge, b. Sheldon.
Patty M., d. 4/4/1867, AE 20.5.0, d/o Louis and Sheba Lanpher, w/o Rodney Dodge.
Abby S., b. 4/13/1802, d. 8/5/1870.
Abigail, b. 10/20/1811 at Dudley, NH, d/o Jared Dodge, shoemaker; and Neoma Olcott.
Abigail, d. 2/2/1832, AE 20.3.13, d/o Jared and Naomi Olcott Dodge.
Agnes A., b. 1844, d/o Theodore Dodge, shoemaker, b. Montpelier; and Harriet Woods, b. Montpelier.
Almira, b. 10/18/1815, d/o Jared Dodge, shoemaker, b. Montpelier; and Neoma Olcott, b. Montpelier.
Almira, m. E.B. Spear, 8/28/1839.
Almora, m. E.B. Spear, 8/29/1839.
Alonzo A., b. 1853, s/o Samuel Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and Mary Davis, b. Montpelier.
Amanda, d. 7/11/1849, w/o Hiram T. Dodge.
Andrew, m. Rhoda Gray 9/21/1817.
Andrew J. b. Lowell, MA, m. Lucina O. Snow 10/4/1864.
Angelina, b. 10/19/1808 at Dudley, NH, d/o Jared Dodge and Neoma Olcott.
Angelina, d. 7/9/1813, AE 4.8.20, d/o Jared Dodge and Naomi Olcott.
Ann, of Moretown, m. Hugh McNulty 10/25/1858.
Anna, b. ___, d/o Soloman Dodge and Mary/Nancy Taggert.
Aurellia Amanda, m. John M. Young 2/21/1846.
Caira Caroline, b. 7/12/1832, d/o Nathan Dodge and Hannah Phinney.
Charles Anson, b. 1847, s/o Samuel Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier; and Mary Davis, b. Montpelier.
Charles V., b. 4/1/1868, s/o William Wallace Dodge, painter, b. Montpelier; and Mary E. Jeffords, b. Chester NH.
Clara E., b. 3/-/1845, d/o Hiram T. Dodge, b. Montpelier; and Amanda White, b. Montpelier.
Cynthia K., of Montpelier, m. Parley Davis 10/22/1845.
Eben Jr., of Marshfield, m. Polly Parker 8/24/1800.
Edwin Hiram, b. 10/6/1847, s/o Hiram T. and Amanda White Dodge.
Edwin R., b. 1838, s/o Samuel Dodge, farmer, b. Montpelier, and Mary Davis, b. Montpelier.
Eleazer, b. 9/6/1822, s/o Jared, shoemaker, b. Montpelier, and Neoma Olcott.
Eleazer, s/o Jared, shoemaker, b. Montpelier, and Neoma Olcott, d. 1822.
Eleazer E., b. 12/8/1852, s/o William Dodge, shoemaker, b. Montpelier, and Lydia Randall, b. Montpelier.
Ellen A., of Montpelier, b. Barre, d/o Joseph I. and Electa M. Dodge, m. Henry G. Staples 1/9/1868.
Emma Amanda, b. 3/12/1849, d/o Hiram T. and Amanda White Dodge.
Emeline, b. 1846, d/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
Emeline, d. 1848, AE 2.
Eunice C., of East Montpelier m. Charles A. Gould 7/3/1869.
Fanny, b. 1/24/1814, d/o Thomas Jr. and Relief Dodge.
Fanny, b. 9/3/1819, d/o Rhoda Gray.
Fanny, of Montpelier, m. Austin D. Arms 1/19/1841.
Frances, b. 1840, d/o Tyeadore, shoemaker, b. Montpelier and Harriet Woods Dodge, b. Montpelier.
Frances C., AE 17, of Berlin, m. Thomas H. Cane 9/7/1859.
Fred E., b. 1856, s/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
Fred p., b. 3/1/1862, s/o J.A., shoemaker, b. Montpelier and H.B. Dodge, b. Berlin
Fred p., d. 6/8/1862.
Gilman, b. 2/29/1820, s/o Jared and Neoma Dodge.
Gilman R., m. Clara R. Luce 7/4/1847.
Hannah, b. 1795/96, d/o Solomon and Nancy Taggert Dodge.
Hannah, of Montpelier, m. James Kelton 5/29/1836.
Hannah B., of Montpelier, m. Sethus F. Wells 5/2/1857.
Hannah T., of Montpelier, m. Jasper M. Stoddard 12/1/1816.
Harriet B., d. 9/9/1841, AE 39.
Helen E., d. 4/6/1848, AE 2.4.0, d/o William and L. Randall Dodge.
Henry Lee, b. 1/31/1825, s/o Nathan and Hannah Phinney Dodge.
Hiram, of Calais, m. Amanda White 4/28/1840.
Jacob F., d. 9/1/1838, AE 56, b. New Boston, MA, h/o Sarah Dodge. Sgt., Montpelier Company, Vermont Militia, War of 1812. s/o Noah and Joannah.
Jacob F., Jr., d. 10/3/1857 in California, AE 42, s/o Jacob and Sarah Dodge.
James, b. 4/5/1790, s/o Solomon and Nancy Taggert Dodge.
James, of Montpelier, m. Eunice Carpenter 7/21/1811.
James, of Montpelier, m. Harriet Peck.
Joamah, d. 5/9/1826, AE 70, b. Beverly, MA, w/o Noah Dodge.
Joel, b. 12/12/1816, s/o Thomas and Relief Dodge.
Joel, d. 3/11/1817, AE 1.4.0., s/o Thomas Dodge.
Joel, b. 9/23/1828, s/o Jared and Neoma Dodge.
Joel, of Montpelier, m. Sarah Lewis 12/7/1851.
John, b. 1805, s/o Solomon and Nancy Taggert Dodge.
John, of Montpelier, m. Laura C. Parmenter 1/16/1832.
Jonathan Woodman, b. 5/13/1828, s/o Nathan and Hannah Phinney Dodge.
Joseph, of Montpelier, m. Electa Marsh 5/8/1845.
Judah, of Marshfield, m. Lucy Cutler 7/30/1797.
Lavinia, of Barre, m. Joseph E. Watson 12/23/1835.
Lorinda, d. 8/22/1826, AE 4, d/o Thomas and Relief Dodge.
Lucia, b. 1853, d/o Hiram T. Dodge.
Lusible, of Montpelier, m. Winthop Dodge 9/27/1818.
Luther Cummings, b. 9/7/1821, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Lydia, of Montpelier, m. John Rodney Young 10/30/1831.
Mary, b. 3/1/1819, d/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Mary, of Montpelier, m. Addison Peck 5/14/1837.
Mary, of Montpelier, m. John p. Wallace 3/10/1833.
Mary, b. 10/20/1811 at Dudley, NH, d/o Jared and Naomi Dodge.
Mary A., of Calais, m. Scribner E. Paige 11/17/1839.
Mary B., of Marshfield, m. Edgar A. Lamberton 12/19/1867.
Mary L., b. 10/13/1844, d/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
Mary L., of Elmore, d/o Samuel and Mary Dodge, m. Solomon W. Davis 7/3/1862.
Mary L., of Montpelier, d/o Samuel and Mary Dodge, m. William Henry Flanders 7/4/1870.
Mary Wallace, of Montpelier, d/o Jared and Naomi Dodge, m. William Sanders 12/24/1837.
Miranda C., of Montpelier, m. James T. Marston 12/22/1833.
Minnie Mary, b. Fairfield, O., d. 9/30/1868, AE 6.1.18, d/o Solomon and Elizabeth McDonough Dodge.
Naomi, d. 9/8/1877, AE 90, w/o Jared Dodge.
Nathan, b. 3/6/1798, s/o Solomon and Nancy Dodge.
Nathan, m. Hannah Phinney 3/2/1818.
Nathan H., of Calais, m. Merinda Bass
Nathan Prentiss, b. 2/8/1839, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Olive C., of Marshfield, m. Martin Cole 9/17/1867.
Olcott T., b. 6/3/1851, s/o Theodore and Harriet Woods.
Omri Alonzo, b. 7/20/1830, s/o Nathan and Hannah Dodge.
Oramel S., b. 1836, s/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
Orville Adial, b. 9/23/1842, s/o Hiram T. and Amanda White Dodge.
Polly, b. 1801, d/o Solomon and Nancy Dodge.
Polly, of Montpelier, m. Joseph Burneau 3/26/1809.
Polly, of Montpelier, m. Ebenezer Scribner 8/26/1841.
Richard, b. 2/10/1825, s/o Jared and Neoma Dodge.
Richard, b. 6/30/1792, s/o Solomon and Mary Taggert Dodge.
Robert, b. 1/9/1814.
Robert, of Montpelier, m. Alma C. Wheeler 5/27/1838.
Robert, d. 1852, s/o James and Harriet Peck Dodge.
Robert, d. 3/3/1856, h/o Alma C. Dodge who d. 1/18/1901.
Dr. Roderick L., of Hartland, m. Emaline Bradshaw 8/23/1838.
Samuel, b. 1809, s/o Solomon and Nancy Dodge.
Samuel T., of Montpelier, m. Mary Davis 9/29/1833.
Sarah, b. 1842, d/o Samuel, farmer, b. Montpelier, and Mary Davis Dodge, b. Montpelier.
Sarah, b. 1803, d/o Solomon and Nancy Taggert Dodge.
Sarah, of Montpelier, m. Caleb Ormsbee 1/29/1826.
Sarah, b. Amherst, NH, d. 20/2/1855, AE 75, w/o Jacob F. Dodge, d/o Nathan and Sarah Cleaves.
Sarah, d. 1848, AE 6, d/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
Sarah L., of Montpelier, m. Richard W. Hyde 5/12/1841.
Solomon, b. 1/17/1788, s/o Solomon and Nancy Taggert Dodge.
Solomon Jr., of Montpelier, m. Rebecca Hammond 11/16/1808.
Solomon, d. 12/11/1864, AE 39.
Solomon, d. 8/8/1831, AE 72. Revolutionary soldier and original settler since March 1791.
Theodore, AE 25, shoemaker b. Montpelier, s/o Jared and Naomi Dodge, m. Harriet B. Wood 3/22/1839.
Theodore, b. 9/15/1814, s/o Jared, shoemaker, and Naomi Olcott Dodge.
Thomas, of Montpelier, m. Abigail Grant 1/23/1842.
Thomas, Jr, of Montpelier, m. Relief Sprague 7/17/1811.
William, b. 11/28/1818, s/o Jared and Naomi Dodge.
William, of Montpelier, m. Lydia Randall 3/27/1842.
William Henry, b. 1840, s/o Samuel and Mary Davis Dodge.
William H., of East Montpelier, m. Ann Jackson 11/22/1864.
Winthrop, of Montpelier, m. Luscible Dodge 9/27/1818.
Anna, d. 6/13/1835, AE 39, w/o Rev. John A. Dodge.
___, b. 10/11/1869, s/o Chester W. Dodge, farmer, b. Elmore; and Jane M.H., b. Eden.
Lyman, d. 8/16/1865, AE 60, s/o John and Mary Dodge of Barre.
Ozias E., b. 2/16/1868, s/o C.W. and Mary J. Dodge.
Phineas, m. Charlotte Munson 7/5/1819.
Phineas, of Johnson, m. Mary Westgate 5/18/1828.
T., b. 7/24/1868, d/o Alfred, farmer, b. Morristown, and A. Dodge, b. Rutland.
Mount Holly
Abraham, b. 2/8/1830, s/o Daniel Dodge.
Abraham, d. 3/4/1864, AE 87, dropsy. Farmer.
Abram, d. 3/4/1844, AE 86, h/o Eliza Cook Dodge.
Eley Ann, b. 1/23/1834, d/o Daniel Dodge.
Eliza, d/o Abram and Elsie Dodge, d. 4.22.1813, AE 2.9.0.
Eliza Cook, w/o Abraham, d. ______ AE 71.
Henry, of Mt. Holly, m. Ruth Buloer(?) 12/25/1842.
Julia, b. 8/6/1838, d/o Daniel Dodge.
Julia, of Mt. Holly, d/o Rosanna Dodge, m. _______ Bixby, 3/3/1862.
Louisa, d. 2/22/1862, AE 33.8.0, d/o Abraham and Eley Dodge.
Louisa E., d. 2/22/1852, d/o Abraham and Elsie Dodge.
Lucius, b. 2/28/1835, s/o Daniel and Mindwell Dodge.
Lucius, d. 6/28/1847, s/o Daniel and Mindwell Dodge.
Lucy, d. 3/27/1833, AE 28, w/o Joseph Dodge.
Lydia, b. 1807, d/o Soloman and Nancy Dodge.
Maria, d. 8/22/1861, d/o Nathan and Hannah Priest.
Maria M. Priest, b. 6/26/1830, d. 8/22/1861, w/o Martin Dodge.
Martin, of Mt. Holly, m. Mariah M. Priest 12/13/1854.
Nelson, d. 10/8/1822, AE 7 weeks, s/o Abraham and Elsie Dodge.
Thomas, b. 7/31/1859, s/o John Dodge, farmer, b. Shrewsbury, and Ellen Noon, b. Ireland.
Wil, d. 10/10/1852, AE 96.7.0.
Hiram, b. ______, s/o James and Sarah Sargeant Dodge.
Martha, b. 1/2/1792, d/o James and Sarah Sargeant Dodge.
Simeon, of Haverhill, NH, m. Susannah Ladd 4/24/1806.
Wesley, of Barre, AE 22, m. Hattie Severance 10/3/1861.
___, d. 6/29/1849, AE 1d; s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
Asa, d. 1/23/1850, AE70, h/o Mary Gillette Dodge.
Charlotte, d. ______, infant, d/o Luther Dodge.
Jedediah R., of Weybridge, m. Vesta White 1/31/1838.
John, d. 7/31/1853, AE 71.
Lucius B., s/o J.R. and Vesta Dodge, of Weybridge, m. Martha A. Wright 12/24/1861.
Martha, d. 1/28/1813, AE 32, s/o Asa and Mary.
___, b. 3/22/1861, d/o Horace Dodge, mechanic, b. Barre; and Mary G. Bain, b. Lincoln.
Aurora H., m. George S. Edson 4/30/1854.
Harriet E., of Northfield, m. Edwin K. Jones 12/30/1852.
Angelina, d. 9/13/1859, AE 44y9m. Consumption.
Irena, of Orange, m. Dudley Judkins 1/3/1826.
Henry L., of San Franscisco, CA, m. Orvia B. Bottieur (?) 12/2/1851.
Asah, of Brandon, m. Harlow Gilbert 8/14/1845.
Charlotte, AE 45, d/o Asa Dodge and Mary, b. Weybridge, m. Hiram Leonard 9/21/1863.
Augustus, of Lincoln, m. Emily Hassidon 2/22/1864.
Daniel, AE 60, of Marshfield, s/o Nathaniel and Anna Dodge, m. Marinda Greely 10/22/1861.
Enos, d. 11/5/1845, AE 18, s/o Jonathan and Sabrina Dodge.
Levie, d. 2/19/1841, AE 0.0.8, d/o J. and S. Dodge.
Louisa, of Plainfield, m. Stephen Skinner 8/5/1832.
Post Mills
___, b. 11/8/1858, d/o Harvey Dodge, farmer, b. Thetford; and Sarah, b. Lyndon.
___, b. 3/24/1857, s/o Harvey Dodge, farmer, b. Thetford; and ___, b. Norwich.
Ada, d. 4/23/1812, AE 9m, d/o Eliphalet and Mary Dodge.
Tempey, b. 1772, d. 1799.
Hannah, of Adams, MA, m. William Waters 9/4/1806.
Jane, of Sandy Lake, NY, m. Samuel Sears 8/_/1839.
Mehitible, m. Sewell Moore 1/15/1788.
___, b. 12/4/1864, d/o J. Henry Dodge, farmer and blacksmith, b. Chelsea; and Ann, b. Randolph.
Adaline M., b. Duxbury, d/o Daniel and Roxanne Dodge, m. Tiba N. Paige, 3/26/1858.
A.p., b. Grantham, NH, s/o Levi and Olive Dodge, m. Letitia Forbes, 7/20/1865.
Clara A., b. 1/7/1859, N.L. Dodge, farmer, b. Barre; and Mary L. Wood, b. Randolph.
Ellen R., AE 22, of Randolph, b. Lincoln, d/o Daniel and Roxanna Dodge, m. Samuel C. Norce 8/28/1866.
Harrison Nathan, of Montpelier, m. Rebecca Merinda Bass 3/5/1843.
Henry C., merchant of New York City, b. West Fairlee, m. Elizabeth L. Southworth 12/24/1864.
L.N., d. 1/11/1867, AE 36.1.6, s/o Daniel and R.B. Dodge.
Leonard N., of Randolph, s/o David and Roxanna Dodge, m. Mary L. Wood 3/31/1858.
Leonard N., d. 6/11/1867, AE 35.
Levi, d. 9/26/1862, AE 60, s/o Levi and Keziah Dodge.
Marian, of Randolph, d/o John and Abigail Dodge of Tunbridge, m. Rawson S. Hebard 7/4/1866.
Susan, of Reading, AE 51, d/o Daniel Sinclair, m. 2nd Henry S. Austin 8/22/1865.
Theresa, m. Nathaniel Huntington Bowen, 4/26/1796.
Sophia A., of Rochester, d/o Benjamin and Lydia Dodge, of Goshen, AE 27, m. J.D. Huntington 3/26/1860.
Abby Maria, b. 6/6/1848, d/o Lyman Dodge and Barbara Ann Baker.
Amilla Lovina, b. 10/30/1840, d/o Nahum Dodge.
Amilla L., of Charlestown, NH, AE 21, b. Rockingham, d/o Nahum Dodge and Louisa Seaver, m. John W. Fisk 12/18/1861.
Charles Lyman, b. 4/11/1846, s/o Lyman Dodge and Barbara Ann Baker.
Edward p., s/o Eleazer A.C. and Marion Upham Dodge, d. 10/19/1840 AE 6.8.0.
Elizabeth W., of Mt. Vernon, NH, m. William F. Peacock 9/12/1846.
Frances, d. 9/12/1843, AE 68, w/o Capt. Billy Dodge of NY.
Gardner, of Walpole, NH, m. Fanny Graves 11/12/1834.
Hosea Nahum, b. 6/17/1838, s/o Nahum Dodge.
Isabell A., b. 7/6/1854.
John R., of Rockingham, m. Mary Worden 12/3/1818.
Lydia J., of Stoddard, NH, m. Cummings Moore 1/1/1856.
Lyman B., b. 7/19/1811.
Lyman B., of Springfield, m. Barbara Ann Baker 3/14/1844.
Melissa Louisa, b. 5/27/1832, d/o Nahum Dodge.
Nahum, m. Louisa Seaver.
Rosina Omway, b. 4/5/1836, d/o Nahum Dodge.
Sarah A., of Walpole, NH, m. Carlos E. Dunshee 2/21/1856.
Theodore, d. 5/23/1853, AE 18.2.0, s/o E.A.C. and Marion Dodge.
William Edward, b. 6/25/1845, s/o E.A.C. and Marion Dodge. d. 8/9/1848.
Alen M., b. 1867, s/o Constant and Ellen Dodge.
Austin, blacksmith, of Randolph, m. Mary J. Fales 7/30/1865.
Betsy Ann, m. George N. Harper 12/12/1858.
Dana D., of Royalton, m. Louisa Fifield 3/7/1851.
Danforth D., of Roylaton, m. Ellen S. Chamberlin 7/10/1847.
Edson B., s/o Reuben and Betsey Dodge, d. 4/28/1865.
Gracie M., b. 5/15/1867, d/o Dennison D., farmer, b. Tunbridge, and Louisa S. Dodge, b. Chelsea.
Harriet M., of Royalton, m. John Stewart 4/7/1850.
Hiram S., of Boston, MA, m. Ellen A. Crandall 6/17/1856.
John, of Watertown, MA, m. L. Howe 2/28/1816.
Marcia L., of Royalton, m. Harry Bingham 1/27/1850.
Mary Jane, d. 1/4/1850, AE 20, w/o Dennison.
Reuben, of Royalton, s/o Danforth Dodge, m. Carrie Rose 10/31/1868.
Reuben, b. 1793, d. 1860.
Polly, of Starkesboro, m. John p. Woodward 8/2/1847.
Thomas, b. 7/31/1859, s/o John and Ellen Noon Dodge.
St. Albans
Charles Rodney, b. 4/3/1818, s/o Noah and Huldah Dodge.
Huldah Jane, b. 7/29/1828, d/o Noah and Huldah Dodge.
John Leavitt, b. 12/1/1824, s/o Noah and Huldah Dodge.
Luther Cleves, b. 6/9/1820, s/o Noah and Huldah Dodge.
Noah, b. 3/6/1822, s/o Noah and Huldah Dodge.
St. Johnsbury
Adaline, b. Concord, MA, d/o Moses and Caroline Dodge, m. Franklin L. Daman, 12/19/1865.
Alfred J., AE 22, b. Lunenburg, s/o John and Abigail J. Dodge, m. Julia Leighton, 9/8/1870.
Ellen C., AE 20, of Littleton, NH, m. Carlos p. Day 5/29/1867.
Henry C., AE 33, manufacturer of New York City, s/o William and Eunice Dodge, and b. Whitefield, NH, m. Susan A. Spooner 10/27/1869. Second marriage.
Rachel, of St. Johnsbury, m. Artemas Wheeler 1/31/1815.
Julia Mariett, d. 7/29/1831, AE 1.2.8, d/o Norris and Margaretta Dodge.
Margaret, b. 1796, d. 1848, w/o Norris Dodge.
Margaret Ellen, d. 1/1/1829, AE 0.3.26, d/o Norris and Margaretta Dodge.
William, d. 7/29/1819, AE 2.3.6, s/o Norris and Margaretta Dodge.
George, d. 6/18/1856, AE 22, suicide by hanging.
Phineas, d. 8/28/1870, AE 76.9.28, b. New Boston, NH, s/o Solomon and Sarah Dodge.
George, d. 5/4/1843, AE 9, s/o John L. and Mary A. Dodge.
Loricy Gilbert, b. 5/21/1835, d/o William.
Martha Jane, b. 3/5/1832, d/o William.
Orissa Sabrina, b. 9/21/1837, d/o William.
Orissa S., m. Edwin R. Paris 8/26/1866.
William Alden, b. 8/20/1845, s/o William Dodge.
Annette Augusta, b. 3/25/1842, d/o Asahel Dodge.
Asahel, m. Maria Spencer 4/9/1828.
Asahel, m. Caroline C. Bingham 7/10/1836.
Augusta, b. 10/5/18_, d/o Asahel Dodge.
Augusta, d. 8/-/1840, d/o Asahel Dodge.
Augusta, d. 8/25/1839, d/o Asahel Dodge and Caroline C. Bingham.
Caroline, d. 10/17/1846.
Caroline C. (Bingham), d. 10/17/1848, w/o Asahel Dodge, d/o John and Silence Bingham.
Edward Seymore, b. 3/11/1869, s/o Oliver Dodge, farmer, b. Rockingham, and Harriet Warner, b. Aeworth, NH.
Elbridge K., machinist, of Springfield, AE 30, s/o Grover Dodge of Woodstock, m. Laura (Leducer?) 11/29/1869. 2nd. marriage.
Eliza L., of Springfield, d/o Isaac and Martha Lovell Dodge, b. Claremont, NH, m. L.G. Ellis 11/8/1864.
Frances M., AE 20, of Springfield, d/o Asa and Caroline C. Dodge, m. Leonard E. Huey 10/8/1857.
Frederick W., of Langdon, NH, s/o Warren H. and Elizabeth Garfield Dodge, m. Emma J. Hodgeman 11/28/1862.
Isaac, d. 4/1/1869, AE 71.10.21, b. Claremont, NH, h/o Martha Lovell Dodge. (alt. record gives age as 71.9.18).
Jonas Spencer, b. 3/8/1834, s/o Asel Dodge.
Lyman Franklin, b. 12/28/1838, s/o Asahel Dodge.
Major R., of Weathersfield, m. Lucy Ann Lockwood 9/5/1835.
Maria, b. 4/11/1837, d/o Asahel Dodge.
Maria Spencer, d. 12/4/1834, AE 27, d/o Major J. Spencer, w/o Asahel.
Sarah Ellen, b. 10/20/1845, d/o Asahel and Caroline C. Bingham Dodge.
Sarah E., of Springfield, m. Albert W. Allen 2/22/1864.
Sarah Sophia, b. 2/8/1845, d/o Lyman B. Dodge.
Sophia, of Rockingham, m. Benjamin F. Morrison 2/9/1837.
Wilbur Moreton, b. 3/30/1832, s/o Asahel Dodge.
William Lowell, of Springfield, s/o Isaac and Martha Shedd Dodge, m. Hattie S. Steele 4/13/1870.
Joseph, of Adams, MA, m. Hannah Morey 10/2/1842.
John A., of Ferrisburg, m. Sarah Peake 1/6/1836.
Sabra, d. 1/30/1836, AE 32, w/o Joel Dodge.
Theron, d. 5/13/1826, AE 2, s/o Joel Dodge.
___, d. 5/6/1847, s/o J.M. and M. Dodge.
Betsy Ransom, b. 1/28/1814, d/o Reuben and Mary Dodge.
D.O., of Stowe, m. Susan D. Simmons 8/9/1831.
Mary, of Stowe, m. Zebulon Delano 10/10/1831.
Monroe, b. 3/10/1817, s/o Reuben and Mary Dodge.
Elder Reuben, b. 4/30/1773 in Nova Scotia, d. 3/7/1828.
Susan B., d. 5/25/1855.
William, of Johnson, m. Amanda Shuit(?) 7/19/1843.
Edward p., b. 7/24/1836, s/o Charles A. and Cordelia Dodge.
Franklin I., b. 7/7/1827 in Bradford, s/o John and Lucinda Osborn Dodge.
Joseph H., of Fairlee, m. Judith Janette Bacon, 1/13/1850.
___, b. 11/17/1866, s/o Harvey Dodge, farmer, b. Thetford; and Sarah Jane, b. Lyndon
___, d. 12/17/1866, AE 1m; s/o Harvey Dodge.
___, twins, d. 8/4/1870, s/o William A. and Francis Dodge.
___, d. 4/23/1812, d/o Eliphalet Dodge.
___, d. 2/9/1803, s/o Jeremiah Dodge.
Abby L., b. 12/11/1860, d/o Franklin F. Dodge, farmer, b. Bradford; and Elizabeth, b. Strafford.
Adaline, m. Brian D. Wilcox, 6/12/1849.
Amelia G., d. 7/11/1842, d/o Jeremiah and Sophia Dodge.
Arthur O., d. 5/7/1863, AE 5y2m10d, s/o George E. and Cornelia E. Dodge. diptheria.
Charles, dyer, of Chelsea, b. Strafford, s/o Charles and Cordicia F. Dodge, m. Elizabeth p. Southworth 12/3/1866.
Charles p., b. 3/12/1838, d. 10/11/1839.
Clarence B., b. 2/5/1861, s/o George E. Dodge, cabinet-maker, b. Thetford; and Cornelia E. Blake, b. Sutton.
Daniel, of Thetford, m. Lucinda Wilcox 9/4/1834.
Daniel, AE 58, of Thetford, s/o Eliphalet S. and Mary Dodge, m. M.R. Heaton 3/15/1864. 2nd. marriage.
Daniel, b. 1722, d.______.
Edward Stimpson, s/o Harvey and Sarah Dodge, d. 11/4/1860 AE 3.7.11.
Eliphalet, h/o Mary C. Dodge, d. 12/6/1854 AE 78.
Harriet, d. 12/23/1837, d/o Jeremiah and Sophia Dodge.
Hiram, d. 4/7/1820, AE 11, s/o Joshua and Eunice Dodge.
Mrs. Jeremiah C. (Sophia), d. 8/21/1867, AE 52.10.0, d/o Dr. William and Sophia Church.
Jeremiah, b. 1779, d. 1803.
Jeremiah, b. 1748, d. 1824, h/o Judith Spofford Dodge.
Jeremiah, d. 11/6/1864, AE 52, s/o Eliphalet S. and Mary Dodge.
John, of Guildhall, m. Mrs. Sarah Nelson 2/24/1832.
Judith, b. 1770, d. 1830.
Judith Spoffford, b. 1748, d. 1828, w/o Jeremiah.
Lucinda W., d. 6/1/1863, d/o David S. Wilcox, w/o Daniel.
Mary, d. 3/3/1867, AE 84, d/o William Cox.
Mary C., d. 3/2/1867, w/o Eliphalet I. Dodge
Mason Smith, d. 5/25/1863, AE 12, s/o Daniel and L.W. Dodge.
Mason S., d. 5/25/1863, AE 11.11.6, s/o Daniel and L.W. Dodge.
Sophronia, of Thetford, m. Jared Phelps 5/29/1806.
Sarah, b. 1791, d. 1850.
Sarah C., of Vershire, m. Addison Bassett 3/5/1843.
Smith G., d. 2/11/1850, s/o Daniel and L.W. Dodge.
Sophia C., b. 9/16/1814, d. 8/21/1867, w/o Jeremiah Dodge.
Sophronia, b. 1728, d. 1811.
William, of Thetford, m. Elizabeth Jawborn(?) 3/26/1850.
Dr. William, d. 3/27/1867, AE 51.5.0, s/o Eliphalet S. and Mary Dodge.
William, of Thetford, AE 23, s/o Jeremiah and Sophia Dodge, m. Frances M. Miles 1/16/1867.

Hannah Jane, of Topsham, m. William Courier 12/25/1849.
James, b. 12/24/1811, s/o Ziman Dodge.
James, d. 7/31/1852, AE 40.1.0.
John, b. 7/21/1810
John, d. 9/21/1865, AE 55.1.3, b. Newport, NH, s/o Samuel and Olive Dodge, h/o Theodotia.
Lydia, b. 12/15/1805, d/o Ziman Dodge.
Lydia, d. 7/31/1861, AE 55.7.16, d/o Ziman and Mahitable Dodge.
Mahitable, d. 2/23/1844, AE 57, w/o Ziman Dodge.
Smith, b. 3/25/1809, s/o Ziman and Mahitable Dodge.
Theodotia, b. 1/8/1800, d. 2/23/1870, w/o John Dodge.
Theodotia, d. 2/23/1870, AE 70.1.15, d/o Joshua and Eunice Dodge.
Zimri, of Topsham, m. Mehitable Wood 3/19/1805.

Parker, b. 7/5/1775, d. 1/3/1851.
Sally, d. 10/5/1860, AE 86.3.2, b. Townshend, MA, d/o Nathaniel and Mary Baines, w/o Andrew Dodge.
___, b. 12/4/1857, d/o Chester Dodge, farmer, b. Royalton; and Hannah D., b. Tunbridge.
___, d. 12/4/1857, d/o Chester Dodge.
___, d. 2/16/1832, s/o J.C. and A.A. Dodge.
Aba, b. 11/6/1848, d/o John and Abigail Dodge.
Abigail, b. Vershire, m. Mory Bliss, 2/28/1859.
Ada, b. 11/1/1846, d/o John E. Dodge.
Ada, d. 3/30/1849, AE 2y, d/o John E. and Abigail Dodge.
Adella F., b. Montpelier, m. Albert H. Cushman, 3/6/1865.
Albert, b. 4/17/1815, s/o Ammi Dodge
Albert, d. 7/29/1840, AE 25.
Albert, b. Tunbridge, AE 27, physician, s/o John Constance and Abigail A. Dodge, m. Mary Jane Hatch, 11/9/1863.
Albert, b. Tunbridge, AE 31, physician, s/o John Constance and Abigail A. Dodge, m. Ada M. Hatch, 1/22/1868.
Ammi, esq., d. 5/11/1835, AE 62.
Benona Edson, b. 5/23/1822, d/o Reuben and Betsey Dodge.
Bert, b. 8/22/1836, s/o John C. Dodge.
Burton C., b. 1/16/1859, s/o Chester B. Dodge and Hannah A. Preston.
Burton C., d. 3/27/1863, AE 4y2m11d, s/o Chester B., farmer, b. Tunbridge; and Hannah A. Dodge, b. Tunbridge. Fever.
Carrie Louise, b. 9/11/1862, d/o Constant Dodge, farmer, b. Tunbridge; and Ellen Ribler, b. St. Johns, NB.
Carrie L., d. 4/3/1863, AE 6m13d, d/o Chester B. and Hannah A. Dodge.
Charles Ammi, b. 7/26/1809, s/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
Charles Henry, b. 3/31/1861, s/o Constant Dodge, farmer, b. Tunbridge; and Ellen Ribler, b. St. Johns, NB.
Chester, of Royalton, m. Hannah Preston 7/19/1855.
Chester B., farmer, AE 25, of Royalton, b. Sharon, s/o Reuben and Betsy Dodge, m. 2nd. Polly H. Preston 6/25/1869.
Chester B., d. 9/7/1869.
Edward Everett, b. 7/5/1862, s/o Chester Dodge, farmer, b. Tunbridge, and Hannah Preston, b. Tunbridge.
Elizabeth, b. 9/23/1812, d/o Ammi Dodge.
Elizabeth, d. 9/14/1815, d/o Ammi Dodge.
Elizabeth, b. 2/11/1833, d/o John C. and Abigail Dodge.
Elizabeth, d. 1/24/1835, d/o John C. Dodge.
Elizabeth S., of Tunbridge, m. Chester Cleanlaw (?) 4/4/1820.
Frank, b. 7/20/1858, s/o Hiram, b. Royalton, and Ellen A. Crandell Dodge, b. Royalton.
George, b. 8/15/1840, s/o John E. and Abigail A. Dodge.
George W., b. 6/9/1870, s/o Chester B. and Polly Preston Dodge.
Hannah A., d. 4/27/1869, AE 34, d/o Barton and Susannah Preston, w/o C.B. Dodge.
Harriet Malvina, b. 10/13/1820, d/o Rueben and Betsey Dodge.
John Eastman, b. 12/31/1799, s/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
John E., d. 8/7/1848, AE 48.7.7.
Lorana, b. 9/14/1798, d/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
Lorana, of Tunbridge, m. Bailey Putney 12/3/1818.
Lydia, b. 2/11/1862, d/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
Lydia, d. 6/18/1840.
Marian, b. 11/23/1843, d/o John and Abigail Dodge.
Marsha Loiza, b. 3/26/1824, d/o Reuben and Betsey Dodge.
Mary, of Tunbridge, m. Moses Gowel 3/22/1835.
Missy, of Claremont, NH, m. Israel Smith 10/19/1801.
Miles, b. 12/8/1834, s/o John and Abigail A. Dodge.
Milton, b. 1/31/1806, s/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
Miriam, b. 9/23/1812, d/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
Miriam N., of Tunbridge, m. Nathaniel Pettingill, Jr. 3/13/1836.
Olive, m. William Patterson 12/18/1862.
Polly, b. 11/9/1807, d/o Ammi Dodge.
Sarah, b. 7/20/1841, d/o John and Abigail A. Dodge.
Sarah, b. 10/2/1838, d/o John and Abigail A. Dodge.
Sarah, d. 2/28/1840, AE 1.5.0. d/o J.E. and A.A. Dodge.
Syrene, b. 6/16/1830, d/o John and A.A. Dodge.
Thomas Eastman, b. 3/5/1804, s/o Ammi and Polly Dodge.
A.W., d. 4/20/1856, AE 59.
Armandy, d. 5/22/1832, AE 1y., d/o Artemas W. and Abigail J. Dodge.
Mrs. Betsy, m. Jonah Scribner 9/20/1810.
Jane E., d. 4/29/1838, AE 2, d/o Artemas and Abigail Dodge.
John, of Vershire, m. Theodosia Dodge 9/7/1834.
Olive, m. Charles N. Pierce 12/10/1840.
Olive A., d. 6/16/1860, AE 46.7.0, w/o Charles N. Pierce.
Theodosia, of Vershire, m. John Dodge 9/7/1834.
Hattie Severence, d/o Charles H. Severence, m. Amos Bradford 9/24/1867.
___, b. 11/10/1864, s/o Oliver Dodge, farmer, b. CANADA; and Ladusea ___ , b. Shrewsbury.
Edward, d. 12/11/1833, AE 80.
Mary, of Washington, m. Samuel Jackson, Jr. 9/10/1815.
Mary, d. 11/30/1887, AE 77, w/o Edward.
Rebecca, of Washington, m. Ezekial Cheney 1/25/1842.
Charlotte, d. 4/11/1845, AE, w/o Phineas Dodge.
Eva F., b. 3/15/1862, d/o Edward B., carpenter, b. Francestown, NH, and Laura Dodge, b. MA.
Maria A., of Goshen, m. George Sear 5/2/1857.
West Fairfield
Almira, d. 9/9/1838, AE 2y; d/o John and Theodocia Dodge.
West Fairlee
Charles H., AE 24, of Lowell, b. Chelsea, s/o Charles Dodge, m. Lissie Southworth 12/3/1866.
Eunice, d. 12/24/1837, AE 71, w/o Joshua Dodge.
James, of Topsham, m. Alkaline A. Smith 6/12/1843.
Josiah, d. 9/30/1850, AE 83.
Rosanna, of Vershire, m. Asa Lamb, Jr. 12/7/1815.
Samuel, of West Fairlee, m. Silence Wild 5/29/1836.
Mary H., of Westfield, m. Rufus Whitney 9/30/1833.
James, of Keene, NH, m. Randilla Bundy 3/14/1827.
John, Jr., of Lernster, NH, m. Rebecca Gould 4/22/1827.
Josiah, of Dummerston, m. Eliza Jane Hues 2/18/1849.
Augusta, AE 20, d/o Ezra Dodge and Rhoda Jewett, m. Edwin Cady 8/10/1861.
Betsy, d. 1/13/1857, AE 61y3m9d, of breast cancer. w/o Ezra Dodge, b. Wilton, NH, d/o James and Betsy Calvin.
Daniel, h/o Polly, s/o Joseph and Mary Ritter Dodge, b. 11/22/1791, d. 9/19/1842.
Dorcas, of Loundenderry, m. Solon Richardson 11/13/1853.
Eliza, of Andover, d/o Joseph Dodge, m. Hugh Henry Gilmore 9/30/1827.
Ellen A., d. 5/11/1851, AE 3m, d/o E. and R. Dodge.
Estelle Mary, b. 8/25/1863, d/o George W., farmer, b. Loundenderry and Olivia Dodge, b. Mt. Holly.
Ezra, of Loundenderry, m. Rhoda Jarrett 12/11/1834.
Ezra, d. 8/25/1849, b. 11/22/1789, Hancock, NH, s/o Joseph and Mary Ritter Dodge, h/o of Rachel Putnam and (2nd mar.) Betsey.
Ezra, d. 9/13/1851, AE 39.
George, d. 11/21/1855, AE 18
Leona Augusta, b. 6/2/1859, d/o Henry p., Dodge farmer, b. Andover, and wife Ruth, b.Danby.
Nathan p., of Andover, m. Loice Gilmore 12/28/1826.
Peter H., d. 12/12/1845 in Boston, MA, AE 22.
Polly, d. 12/20/1857, AE 70.8.20, d/o Benjamin and Polly Pierce, w/o Daniel Dodge.
Rachel, b. 1/25/1796 in Hancock, NH, d/o Peter and Rachel Hills Putnam, d. 7/13/1844, w/o Ezra Dodge.
Rachel, of Weston, m. Wolcott Peck 8/17/1826.
Sally, of Amherst, NH, d/o Samuel and Susannah Dodge, m. Rogers Smith 9/10/1801.
___, d. 7/29/1848, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
___, d. 3/7/1843, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
___, d. 7/14/1832, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
Mrs. Dodge, d. 1837, AE 89.
Mr. Dodge, d. 1/20/1828, AE 80.
Asa, d. 1/23/1850, AE 70+.
Mrs. Asa, d. 2/10/1849, AE 70+.
Benjamin, b. 10/19/1862, s/o Cyrus, farmer, b. Weybridge; and Jennie Dodge, b. Charlotte.
Benjamin, b. 11/7/1833, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
Benjamin S., d. 5/-/1853, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge.
Benjamin W., d. 9/19/1849, AE 16, s/o Sardis and Sarah Dodge. Drowned.
Cyrus A., b. 2/28/1836, s/o Sardis Dodge and Sarah (Wales).
Cyrus A., of Weybridge, m. Jennie W. VanVlict 1/11/1860.
Edson Asa, b. 3/21/1846, s/o Luther and Anna Dodge.
Henry B., b. 11/28/1840, s/o Sardis and Sarah Wales Dodge.
Henry B., m. Diana Ayres 3/19/1861.
Martha, d. 1/28/1843, consumption, AE 32.
Sardis, of Weybridge, m. Sarah Wales 2/20/1831.
Vilas Luther, b. 10/28/1847, s/o Luther and Anna Dodge.
Charles, m. Rebeckah _______ 6/26/1777.
Charles, b. 9/13/1778, s/o Charles and Rebeckah Dodge.
Charles, d. 9/14/1778, s/o Charles and Rebeckah Dodge.
Charles, b. 10/7/1783, s/o Charles and Rebeckah Dodge.
Rebeckah, b. 3/26/1782, d/o Charles and Rebeckah Dodge.
Elvira F., of Berlin, b. Franklin, d/o Nathan, m. Gideon Stoddard 6/17/1862.
Henry, of Middlesex, m. Sophia Lewis 12/9/1851.
Jeremiah, of Thetford, m. Sophia D. Church 11/2/1836.
Elmira, b. 2/11/1804, d/o Judea and Annis Dodge.
Hiram, b. 4/20/1802, s/o Judea and Annis Dodge.
Judea, b. 1/28/1796, s/o Judea and Annis Dodge
Syndy, b. 5/10/1800, d/o Judea and Annis Dodge.
Tarzy, b/ 10/30/1797, d/o Judea and Annis Dodge. d. 9/22/1800.
Thomas W., AE 29, of Mt. Holly, s/o Thomas W. and Elizabeth Conant Dodge, m. Eugena E. Upham 7/1/1867.
George, d. 1/24/1866.
Mary, of Claremont, NH, AE 38, d/o Benjamin and Lydia, m. Henry Grailing 5/29/1859.
Mary, of New Boston, NH, m. Alonzo Butler 9/21/1847.
Nathan B., of Cornish Flats, NH, AE 22, b. Barre, s/o Nathaniel and Polly Dodge, m. Caltha C. Comings 10/7/1861.
Ovri, of Plainfield, NH, m. Sophia Jordan 12/16/1861.
William W., of New Boston, NH, m. Martha A. Smith 9/2/1847.
Benjamin F., of Morristown, m. Abigail Burbank 4/21/1836.
Elmer E., b. 1862, s/o Charles, farmer, b. Johnson, and Pauline Clemans Dodge, b. Hyde Park.
Almira, m. Ephraim Brewster, 12/13/1836.
Dorcas S., d/o Joseph and Hannah Dodge, d. 4/7/1851, AE 2.
Elbridge K., machinist, AE 24, of Woodstock, m. Jennie S. Cobb 4/28/1864.
Grover, of Woodstock m. Elizabeth K. Wood 1/16/1837.
Jemima, of Woodstock, m James Nichols 9/2/1770.
Sarah J., d. 6/26/1865, AE 19, w/o Eldridge K. Dodge.
Susan J., d. 2/1/1858, AE 43, w/o Leroy Dodge, d/o Asa and Sally Jones.
William Henry, d. 4/5/1851, AE 3.6.0, s/o Joseph and Hannah Dodge.