Old Hancock County Families (Maine)

Richard Dodge married Edith , by whom he had five sons and two daughters. He died in Beverly, Mass., June 15, 1671; and his widow died in Beverly, Jan. 27, 1677, aged about seventy-five: years

Richard Dodge and his family came to America from East Coker, Somersetshire, England, or vicinity, about 1638; and they settled in Salem, Mass., where Richard Dodge "desired accommodation;" and where he and his family lived on land belonging to his brother, William Richard Dodge and his family later settled on "Dodge Row," North Beverly (which was once a part of Salem), Mass., not far east of Wenham Lake.

Richard Dodge was a farmer. He and his wife were members of the church in Wenham, Mass., before 1648. He was one of twenty-one subscribers to Harvard College, in 1653. He gave a piece of his land for use as a cemetery (Dodge Row Cemetery). By his will, Richard Dodge gave his wife personal property and "the sole and proper use of the parlor and chamber over it in my now dwelling house." He made provision for annual payments to be made her by their five sons. He gave his sons, Joseph and Edward, his farm, valued at $1000; and he gave his son, John, a farm valued at over 100, Richard Dodge's estate was valued at 1!764.2. His widow also left a will.


John Dodge, son of Richard and Edith, was baptized in East Coker, Somersetshire, England, Dec. 29, 1631. He married Sarah, by whom he had four sons and four daughters. John Dodge died in Beverly, Mass., Oct. 11, 1711, 'aged about eighty years;" and his wife died in Beverly, Feb. 8, 1706, aged sixty years.


John Dodge and his family lived in that part of Beverly, Mass., which was later annexed to Wenham, Mass.

Lieut. John Dodge built a sawmill on Mill River, at Wenham Neck. He received from his father's estate a farm valued at over [100, about eighty acres, lying about his (John Dodge's) mill, and five acres of meadow on the same side of Longham Brook as John Dodge's house Lieut. Dodge was elected a deputy to the General Court; and he was often elected a selectman. He served in public capacities too numerous to mention.

John Dodge, son of John and Sarah, was born in Beverly, Mass., April 15, 1662. He married Martha Fi ske, who was born in Wenham, Mass., April 27, 1667, daughter of Thomas and Joan (White?) Fiske, by whom he had two sons and two daughters; and who died Dec. 29, 1697. He married secondly, in Beverly, April 11, 1698, Ruth Grover, who was baptized in Beverly, Oct. 14, 1677, daughter of Nehemiah and Ruth (Haskell) Grover; and by her, he had two sons and three daughters. John Dodge died in Wenham, Jan. 18,

John Dodge's will was dated July 7, 1703; and it was signed by his father, mother, and first wife's father. His estate was valued at 453, less debts of 13.

Phineas Dodge, son of John and Martha (Fiske), was born in Wenham, Mass., May 23, 1688. He married Martha Edwards, int. in Wenham, Nov. 15, 1712; and by her, he had five sons and one daughter; she died in Wenham, March 31, 1723. He married secondly, in Salem, Mass., Sept. 21, 1726, Sarah Whipple, who was born in Salem, Feb. 26, 1692, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Hutchinson)

Whipple; and by her, he had five sons. Phineas Dodge died in Wenham, July 19, 1759; and his widow died in Wenham, May 27, 1769

By his father's will, proved March 6, 1704, Phineas Dodge received about thirty-six acres adjoining the town common and Thomas White's land; and he was to pay his mother 20s. a year while she remained widowed. Phineas

Dodge's will was dated Nov. 4, 1757; and proved Aug. 6, 1759. In this document, he mentions among other persons, his son, John. His estate was valued at 648.

John Dodge, son of Phineas and Martha (Edwards), was born in Wenham, Mass., Feb. 25, 1715. He married, in Wenham, Nov. 17, 1737, Bethiah Conant, who was born in Beverly, Mass., Jan. 29, 1720, daughter of John and Martha (Dodge) Conant; and by her, he had five sons and five daughters, one of whom, Martha, married Benjamin Friend (see Friend genealogy). John Dodge was "shipwrecked" and drowned near Annisquam, Cape Ann, while on his way to Bluehill, May 13, 1762; his widow married, in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 29, 1768, Joseph Noyes, of Newbury, Mass.; she died a widow, in Rowley, Feb. 22, 1802, in the old Dodge house on the Georgetown road.


John Dodge, a weaver, and his family moved to Rowley, Mass., probably from Wenham, Mass.; and he had a farm in what is now Georgetown, Mass.

Elisha Dodge, son of John and, Bethiah (Conant), was born in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 22, 1757; and haptized Aug. 27, 1757. He married, Feb. 27, 1783, Dorcas Osgood, who was born in Andover, Mass., Aug. 2, 1759, daughter of Ezekiel and Mary (Barker) Osgood; and who died Dec. 1, 1794. He married secondly, Nov. 19, 1795, Han- ] nah Dyke, who was born in BeverIy, Mass., March 17, 1767, daughter of William and Eunice (Gallup) Dyke. Elisha Dodge died in Bluehill, May 8, 1804; and his widow died May 18, 1806. :

In or before 1783, Elisha Dodge moved to Bluehill, probably from Rowley, Mass.

Elisha Dodge was a weaver; and he served in the Revolutionary War, engaging for the town of Rowley, Mass., for a term of three years: and being a private in Capt. Job Whipple's company, Col. Rufus Putnam's (4th) regiment, Continental army pay accounting for service from March 10, 1777, to March 10, 1780.

By Dorcas (Osgood), Elisha Dodge had four children:

(1) Dorcas, born Jan. 6, 1784; died Nov. 27, 1804.

(2) Elisha, born Sept. 18, 1785; died Jan 26, 1820; married Lydia B. Day, Sept. 25, 1806; children: (a) Sophia, born Jan. 18, 1812. (b) Phineas, born Sept. 6. 1813; died in 1887; married Harriet Newell Candage, May 16, 1837; she survived him; he was successively a sailor ship carpenter and farmer; children: Justin Evander, born Nov. 24, 1840; Rosina Harriet, born Oct. 26, 1842; Adelbert Delasco, April 6 1845; Clara

Havilah Whitney, born Sept 26, 1847; Mina Herbert, born April 3, 1850 Frank W., born Oct 31, 1852, Annah Elizabeth, born Sept. 7, 1855; George A., born Sept. 24, 1859. (c) Sabin, born Sept.15, 1315, drowned.


(3) John, born June 28,1787, in Bluehill; died Sept. 5, 1862; married Thankful Sophia Townsend, in May, 1816; married secondly, Sarah Hadley, of Mount Desert, May 3, 1837; he was a farmer; children; (a) Mary Hotchkiss, born Sept. 19, 1817; died Feb. 2, 1855 (b) Charlotte, born July 9, 1819, died in July, 1835. (c) Caroline, born July 14, 1821; died June 30, 1835. (d) John Hamilton, born July 24, 1823, married, in Bluehill, Nov. 5, 1855, Lydia B. Hadley, who was born in Eden (Bar Harbor), Aug. 29, 1828. he was a farmer and carpenter; children: Willis Eugene. Born Nov. 5, 1856; Ansel Leland, born May 8, 1859; Elsie Phedora, born April 17, 1862; Nellie Amie, born Sept. 9, 1867; Luther Hamilton, born Sept. 10, 1869. (e) Thankful Sophia, born July 31, 1825; died Feb. 24, 1844. (f) Maria E., born July, 1827; died in 1833, (g) Julia Ann born Aug. 16, 1830; died Dec. 24, 1859. (h) Luther Calvin, born Jan. 24, 1833; died Jan 24, 1889. (i ) Sarah Caroline, born Aug. 14, 1838

(4) Phineas, born Jan. 18, 1791; dies Dec. 6, 1808

By Hannah (Dyke), Elisha Dodge had a daughter: Hannah, born Aug. 6, 1796

Joseph Dodge, Son of Richard and Edith, was born in 1651. He married, in Beverly, Mass, Feb. 21, 1671, Sarah Eaton, who was born about 1650, daug hter of Jonas and Grace Eaton, of Reading, Mass.; and by her, he had five sons and five daughters. Joseph Dodge died in Beverly, Aug. 10, 1716; and his wife dies in Beverly, Dec. 12, 1714.

Joseph Dodge was a farmer. He was one of the executors of his father's will; and he and his brother, Edward, jointly received a share of the estate which they held under a verbal agreement until Feb. 1709, when they put their division in writing.

Jonah Dodge, son of Joseph and Sarah (Eaton), was born in Beverly, Mass., Aug. 21, 1683. He married Sarah, daughter of John Friend, of Wenham, Mass., March 27, 1707; and by her had three sons and one daughter; she died in 1741. He married secondly, Oct. 20, 1743, in Beverly, Priscilla Lovett, who was born in Beverly; July 3, 1710, daughter of Samuel and Prudence (Dodge) Lovett. Jonah Dodge probably died in 1754; and he was buried in Dodge Row Cemetery.

Jonah Dodge was a weaver and farmer. He and his first wife received 40 from the estate of her father. Joseph Dodge divided his land in Ipswich, Mass., between his sons, Jonah and Elisha, May, 3, 1716.


Jonah Dodge, son of Jonah and Sarah (Friend), was born in Beverly, Mass., Nov. 8, 1710. He married, Feb. 22, 1738, Mary Edwards, who was born in Wenham, Mass., March 4, 1719, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Lamson) Edwards; and who died in Beverly, July 30, 1761. He married secondly, May 29, 1770, Sarah (Prince) Thorndike, who was born in Beverly (Nov. 22, 1736?), daughter of John and Sarah (Morgan) Prince; shemarried in Beverly, Sept. 7, 1750, Hezikiah Thorndike, who was born in Beverly, Jan. 5, 1729, son of James and Anne (Ober) Thorndike; and by him she had two sons and one daughter; Hezekiah Thorndike dies on board a man-of-war in 1758. Jonah Dodge died in Bluehill, March 8, 1788; and his widow died April 12, 1809.


In June, 1784, Jonah Dodge and his family moved to Bluehill, from Beverly, Mass.


Lieut. Jonah Dodge was a weaver. On April 24, 1784, Jonah Dodge and his wife deeded twelve acres in Ipswich, Mass., five acres of woodland in Manchester, Mass., and four acres in Wenham, Mass., to Thomas Appleton, a yeoman, of Ipswich, for 80; and for 350, he and his wife sold seventy-six acres in Beverly, Mass., (with buildings at Long Hill) abounded by Amos and John Dodge's land. Jonah Dodge's will was dated June 17, 1784; and probated the first Wednesday in Sept., 1788; he left an estate valued at 326.5.10. By the terms of his will, his widow received "the improvement of" one-

half of his real and personal property as long as she remained his widow; his sons, Jonah, Abner, Benjamin and Abraham, received 13.6.8 each; his sons, John Prince and Reuben, received the remainder of his real and personal property; and his daughter, Abigail, wife of Simon Dodge, received 15s. ; his wife was appointed exucutrix of the will. On Aug. 27, 1788, John Prince and Reuben Dodge chose their mother as their guardian.

By Mary (Edwards), Jonah Dodge had nine children (the first and the last six born in Beverly, Mass.):

  1. Jonah, born Nov. 19, 1738; married, in Gloucester, Mass., May 4, 1762,Lydia Herrick, who was baptized in Gloucester,) Dec. 3, 1738, daughter of Thomas and Abigail (Evelith) Herrick; about 1770, Jonah Dodge and his family moved from Beverly, Mass., to Sedgwick, which then included part of Brooksville, and Brookin; Jonah Dodge served in the {Revolutionary War, enlisting as a private in Capt. Nathaniel Fales' Company, Aug. 3, 1779; and being discharged Aug. 15, 1779; this company marched on an expedition to Majabigwaduce, by order of Gen Lovell; children: (a) Amaziah, baptized in Beverly, June 5, 1763. married Mary Somes, who as born in Mount Desert, Dec.1, 1766, daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Herrick) Somes; and who died July 12, 1845; Amaziah Dodge and his family moved to Ohio. (b) Ezra Herrick, baptized in Beverly, June 23, 1765; died March 25, 1848; married Mary Richardson, who was born in Gloucester, Jan. 16, 1761, daughter of James and Rachel (Gott) Richardson, and who died Oct. 7, 1823, Ezra Herrick Dodge moved from Sedgwick to Mount Desert, in or before 1790; and he and his family settled on Dodge's Point, on the south side of Seal Cove; Ezra Herrick Dodge and his wife were charter members of the First Church, Mount Desert, children (all baptized in Mount Desert) Lydia Herrick, baptized in July, 1792; Rhoda Richardson, baptized (in July, 1792?) (married John Rich); Mary, baptized in 1794; Ezra Herrick, baptized in 1794; Abigail, baptized Sept. 4, 1796 (died Sept. 20, 1887; married married Nathaniel Gott); John Somes, baptized June 20, 1802; Reuben Freeman, baptized June 10, 1803 (married Lydia Tinker;) Reuben Freeman Dodge and his family moved from Mount Desert Island to Sedgwick, about 1840; children, probably among other children: Mary Jane, baptized in Mount Desert, Sept. 3, 1837; James Alanson, bapitized in Mount Desert, Sept. 3, 1837; Reuben Alphonso, baptized in Mount Desert, July 5, 1840), (c) Mary, baptized in Glouscester, in April, 1767. (d) Abigail Edwards, baptized in Beverly, Jan. 14, 1770. (e) ------- (f) ------- (g) --------- (h) -----------

(2) Abraham, a twin, born Feb. 4, 1741; baptized in Wenham, Mass., March 1, 1741; died June 28, 1741.

(3) Benoni, a twin, born Feb. 4, 1741- baptized in Wenham, Mass., March 1, 1741; died July 23, 1741.

(4) Abner, born March 6, 1743; baptized in Wenham, Mass., March 13, 1743; died in Sedgwick about 1830 married, in Beverly, Mass., April 10, 1764, Lydia Pride, who was born in Beverly, April 21, 1744, daughter of Peter, jr., and Jerusha (Trask) Pride; in Dec., 1766, Abner Dodge sold his house, barn, and ninety-six acres in Beverly, Ipswich, and Wenham, Mass., to Jacob Dodge; and he and his family moved to that part of Sedgwick now Brooklin; Abner Dodge was a joiner; he served in the Revolutionary War, he and his brother, Jonah, serving in similar capacities; children: (a) Abner, born Aug. 18, l765; baptized in Beverly, Aug 31, 1766; died in Sedgwick, April 28, l743; married, in Sedgwick, July 19, 1791, Lois Somes, who was born in Mount Desert, March 25, 1772, daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Herriek) Somes; and who died in Sedgwick, Dec. 31, 1851; Abner Dodge was a storekeeper, shipbuilder and deputy collector of customs; children (born in Sedgwick): Hezekiah, born April 17, 1792; Daniel, born May 16, l794; Jonathan Basa, born June 26, l796; Sophia, born June 18, 1799; Jacob, born Nov. 3, 1801; Eliza, born June 3, 1804; Lois, born Nov. 20, 1806; Almira, born July 22, 1809; Moses, born March 9, 1812. (b) Peter, baptized in Beverly, April 23, 1768; married Sarah Hale. (c) Hezekiah, born in 1771; married Judith Eaton. (d) Mary, born in 1775; married Robert Means. (e) Jonathan, born in 1778; married Hannah Wallace. (f) Mark, born in 1781; married Paulina Tapley. (g) Benjamin, born in 1784; married Martha Babson.

(5) Mary, born July 5, 1745; died July 21, 1767; married Nathaniel Allen, of Manchester, Mass., in 1766.

(6) Abigail. born Sept. 16, 1750; married Simon or Simeon Dodge.

(7) Benjamin, born March 19, 1753; died in Nov. 1784.

(8) Sarah, born Sept. 29, 1750; died Oct. 12, 1764.


(9) Abraham, born April 5, 176C; died in Sedgwick, in 1836; he is said to have served in the Revolutionary War.

By Sarah (Prince) Thorndike, Jonah Dodge had two sons (the second born in Beverly, Mass.):

(1) John Prince, born Aug. 21, 1771; baptized in Beverly, Mass., Sept. 21, 1771; died July 21, 1827.

(2) Reuben, born Feb. 19, 1773; died in Bluehill, Dec. 16, 1830; married, Jan. 16, -----, Sally Peters, who was born Feb. 2, 1780, daughter of John Peters; and who died Sept. 19. 1850: Reuben Dodge was a farmer and owner in navigation; he was town clerk of Bluehill for twenty-four years; a selectman in Bluehill for thirty-one years; and a treasurer in Bluehill for fifteen years; he represented Bluehill in the General Court, in 181,. 1811, 1812, and 1819: children: (a) Addison, born Feb. 25, 1799; died Sept. 4, 1808 (b) Charlotte born Feb. 25, 1800 died Sept. 6,1872; married Isaac Somes, of Mount Desert, in Sept., 1826. (c) Lucretia, born Feb 6, 1802; died in Jan., 1879; married Sabin p. Jordan, Nov. 11. 1832. .(d) Elvira, born April 17, 1804: died Dec. 4. 1864: married Jeremiah Nichols, Dec. 28, 1825. (e) Sally Prince, born Dec. 12, 1806: married Capt. Moses Clough. Jan. 19, 1832; married secondly, Weston Merritt (f) Addison, born Jan. 16, 1809; died June 27, 1865? being drowned in Union River: married Mary Newell, in Oct., 1837; he was employed by Col. John Black, of Ellsworth. (g) Julia, born Nov. 22, 1810; died Dec. 30, 1884; married William B. Abbott, March 7, 1837; moved to Illinois. (h) Mary Peters, born March 23, 1813; died Oct. 25, 1815. (i) Reuben George Washington. born March 15, 1815; died May 29 or 30, 1886; married Betsey Jackson Cheever, daughter of John Cheever, Sept 8, 1847; she died April 7, 1857; married secondly, Laguira Morgan, Aug. 28, 1858: she died Sept. 4, 1859; married thirdly, Caroline Augusta Allen, Nov. 16, 1862; she was born in Bluehill, Nov. 28, 1831, daughter of Herrick and Lydia (Stover) Allen; and .she died July 26, 1898; Reuben G. W. Dodge and his family lived on what had been his father's homestead; he built the bark "Antioch," on the shore near his home; he was part owner of the bark "R. G. W. Dodge," which was named for him; and he was interested in other vessels; Reuben G. W. Dodge and Rufus G. F. Can dage did more than any other two men to preserve the early history of Bluehill and its families;

children: Agnes Ilanette, born Dec, 1, 1849; Anna Gardner, born Jan. 17, 1852; Sarah E. S., born Nov. 13, 1853; George A., born June 16, 1856 Agnes L., born May 30, 1859; Maude A., or Amy Maude, born March 1, 1866; Cora J., born m Nov., 1867; Ernest Fitz Allen, born Jan. 29, 1870; Carrie McNair, born April 1, 1872. (j) Mary Peters, born April 24, 1817; marrred Dr. Lyman Hall, Nov. 20, 1834. (k) Almira Ellis, born Sept. 4, 1819; died Jan. 1, 1879; married -------- Lord; married secondly, George Somes, June 30, 1852. (1) Emily Walker, born Aug. 25, 1821; died Dec. 1, 1870; married John H. Langdon, Oct. 21, 1852. (m) Harriet Maria, born Feb. 23, 1824