Malachi Dodge to Enoch Dodge 1814


Lincoln County Courthouse, Wiscasset, Maine, Lincoln County Deeds, Book 80 page 231

Know all men by these presents That I Malachi Dodge of Edgecomb in County of Lincoln & in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, yeoman, in Confideration of the sum of six hundred dollars to me paid by Enoch Dodge of Edgecomb in County & Commonwealth aforesaid yeoman, the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, have remifed, releafed, and forever quit-claimed, and do for myself and my Heirs, by these Prefents remife, releafe, and forever quit-claim unto the faid Enoch Dodge his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land Iying and being in said Edgecomb aforesaid; the same being the Southerly one half of the farm the said Malachi Dodge now lives on and improves adjoining Winthrop Dodges farm that he now lives on, be the number of acres of the same land more or lefs.

To HAVE and to HOLD the afore-mentioned Premifes with all the Privileges and Appurtenances thereunto belonging to him the faid Enoch Dodge first his Heirs and Affigns forever, fo that neither I the faid Malachi Dodge nor my Heirs, or any other Perfon or Perfons claiming from or under me or them, or in the Name, Right or Stead of me or them fhall or will, by any Way or Means, have, claim or demand any Right, Or Title to the aforefaid Premifes, or their Appurtenances, or to any Part or Parcel thereof forever, In witnefs whereof I the said Malachi Dodge Have herunto set my Hand and Seal this twenty eighth Day Of March in the Year of our Lord One thousand and eight hundred and fourteen.

Singned, fealed, and delivered, Malachi X Dodge & a seal In Prefence of us,


Thos Cuningham

Lincoln, March 28, 1814 Then The above named Malachi Dodge Acknowledged the above Inftrument to be his free Act and Deed before me, Thos Cuningham Just. of the Peace

Received Decem 28, 1814 and entered and examined by
Warren Rice, Register