Adoption: May Isabella Dodge

daughter of Charles and Almeda Keller Dodge by James K. & Addo (spelling?) E. Wilson 1892


State of Maine

To the Honorable Judge of Probate for the County of Lincoln James K. Wilson and Addy E. Wilson of Boothbay Harbor in said County, husband and wife, respectfully represent that they are desirous of adopting May Isabella Dodge a child of Charles Dodge and Almeda Dodge born on the sixteenth day of March A.D. 1882 - and that they are of sufficient ability to bring up and educate said child properly, having reference to the degree and condition of its parents. They further represent that the parents of the child are now living in Boothbay said county of Lincoln.

Wherefore your petitioners pray that your Honor may grant them leave to adopt said child in the manner provided by law, and that the name of said child be changed to May Isabella Wilson Dated this 6th day of September 1892

James R. Wilson
Addy E. Wilson

The undersigned being the father and mother of the child mentioned in the above petition, herely consent to the adoption and change of name prayed for.


Charles X(mark) Dodge

Almedia Dodge

Joseph Maddocks witness to the above. Lincoln County, Maine Registry of Probate 8 Sep. 1892