Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Boston Charlestown Chelsea Dorchester Revere Roxbury
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Joshua, son of Joshua and Elizabeth Dodge b. 11 May 1724
Caleb, s. of Joshua and Elizabeth Dodge, b. 14 Dec. 1726
Mary, d. of James and Mary Dodge, b. 27 Feb. 1738
Joanna, d. of James and Mary Dodge, b. 27 Feb. 1740
James s. of James and Mary Dodge, b. 3 May 1743
Sarah, d. of James Dodge and Mary, his wife. b. 26 March 1747
Ebenezer, s. of James Dodge and Mary his Wife, b. 17 July 1749
Daniel, s. of James Dodge and Mary his wife, b. 21 August 1751


Ann Dodge and Patrick Goffe, July 13, 1749
Benjamin Dodge and Margaret Winter, July 2, 1737
David Dodges [Int. reads Dodge] and Mather Thisgate, Dec. 2, 1729rried by Mr. Benj. Colman
James Dodge and Mary Balsh [int. reads Balch], Sept. 16, 1736, m. by Rev. Benjamin Coleman, D.D.
John Hurliut and Jemima Dodge, Intentions, July 17, 1728
Joseph Dodge and Anne Hamilton [int. reads Hambleton], Nov. 30, 1731, m. by. Dr. Tim Cutler, Presn.
Josuah Dodge and Elizabeth Clough {int. reads Elizath], Apr. 25, 1723, m. by Mr. Bejn. Wadsworth, Precn.
Martha Dodge and John Fyfield, Aug. 8, 1723, m. by Mr. Peter Thatcher, Presn.
Mary Dodge and Nicholas Langly, Oct. 3, 1730
Nathanll. Dodge and Anne Allen [int. reads Ann], Sept. 27, 1716, m. by Rev. Mr. Joseph Dewall, Presbytn.
Nathaniel and Rebecca Notewear, [rec. between Apr. 20, 1812 and Apr. 20, 1813}*
Rebecca Dodge and John Eustus, Nov. 23, 1732, m. by Dr. Joseph Sewell, Presn.
Ammasa Sa[w?]yer Dodge and Lucy Jennison, Aug. 18, 1784
Isaac Dodge of Groton and Betsy Dodgerch 21, 1797
Betsy Dodge of New Boston, N.H. and Nathl. Whettemorer. 5, 1809
David Dodge and Betsey Andross,[Int. reads Andress], Oct. 21, 1792, m. by Rev. Wm. Walter
Eliza Dodge and John Smith, June 6, 1802, m. by Rev. Thomas Baldwin
Hannah Dodge and Christopher Brace, Oct. 26, 1806, m. by Rev. Sam Merwin
James Dodge and Lydia Coxy 28, 176[5], m. by Rev. Samuel Stillman
James Dodge and Abigail Oliverr. 31, 1794
Jane Dodge and Ephriam Sale, Sept. 23, 1798, m. by Rev. Peter Thatcher
John Dodge and Ruth Ruddock, Oct. 14, 1792, m. by Rev. Sam Stillman
John Dodge and Eliza. Typler of Newbuty Portr. 16, 1809, m. by Rev. J. S. Buckminster
Lydia Dodge and Samuel Eames, Nov. 12, 1786, m. by Rev. Peter Thatcher
Mary Dodge and William Berray, Jan. 21, 1766
Nathaniel Dodge and Mary Allen, Dec. 6, 1800
Polly Dodge and John Laurence, Dec. 1, 1803, m. by Rev. Thomas Baldwin
Rachel Dod [int. reads Dodge] of Boston, and John Gray of Salem, Oct. 13, 1742, Record of Episcopal Church
Rebecca Dodge and George Allan, Oct. 23, 1783
Reuben Dodge of Ch’sn and Mary Oliver of Boston [Int. reads Ruben]r. 17, 1798, m. by Rev. Jedh. Morse
Ruthy Dodge and Winslow Bruce, Oct. 9, 1806
Sally Dodge and William Wheeler, Dec. 28, 1800, m. by Jos. Greenleaf, Juctice of Peace
Sally Doge [ Int. reads Dodge] and [Capt.] Barker Baker, Jan. 17, 1802, m. by Rev. John Eliot, D.D>
Sarah Dodge and John Chandler, July 29, 1773
Thomas Dodge of Ipswich and Elen Story, Oct. 19, 1763
William Dodge and Lovey Holbrook, Jan. 24, 1793, m. by Rev. Peter Thatcher
Lucy Dodge and James Long, blacks, April 25, 1799

List of Ministers and Magistrates

Josiah Dodge, Constable (Charlestown, 1695)

Epitaphs from Copps Hill Burrial Ground

James Dodge – Here lies the Body of Mr. James Dodge, who died Novr ye 24th 1759, aged 46 years
Nabby Dodge – In memory of Mrs. Nabby Dodge wife of Capt. James Dodge who departed this life March 28th, 1796 aged 25 years
Sarah Dodge – SARAH DODGE Daur to Mr James & Mrs Mary Dodge aged 13 months died May 4th 1748

Inscriptions from Granary Burying Ground

Charles A. Dodge, fam. Peter S., Dec. 14, 1845, se. 1 y. 9 m. Tomb 1
Charlotte Dodge, Jan 9, 1832, ae. 33 y. Tomb 155

Hananiah, son of Samnell Dodge died Novr 5, 1696 Boston
Charles A. , fam. Peter S., Dec. 14, 1845, se. 1y. 9m. Tomb 1, Granary Burying Ground, Boston
Charlotte, Jane. 9, 1832, ae. 32 y. Tomb 155, Granury Burying Ground, Boston
Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Marriages etc. from Charlestown – Wyman’s Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

William 1. Marriage-contract between W. D. of Beverly (termed William Dodge 2d) and Joanna Larkin (widow of John Larkin) May 25, 1685, rec. 4 (4) 1685 (Middlesex Records, ix.: 368-9); m. 26 (3) 1685 (Chas. Rec.); m. (3) Mary Creatty [Crease] 1698.

Joshua 2. Son of William 1; m. Hannah …..

Estates - Deed to Edward, John and E. Larkin Jr. 1 ½ acres –s, T. Call; N E, causeway; E. country road; x w. 8. Whittemore; s w, Mill pond, ¼ acre march. Adj. E. T. Call, J. Penny; else on Mill pond; given by John Larkin to Joannn, mother of J. D.; 1720, rec. 1729.

Marriages etc. from Charlestown – From Charlestown Genealogies and Estates

Dodge, William 1. Marrige-contract between W. D. of Beverly (termed William Dodge 2n) and Joanna Larkin (widow of John Larkin) May 25, 1685, rec. 4 (4) 1685 (middlesex Records ix.: 368-9); m. (26 (3) 1685 (Chas. Rec.); m (3) Mary Creatty [Crease] 1698.

Joshua 2. Son of William 1; m. Hannay ……….

Estate – Deed to Edward, John and E. Larkin Jr. 1 ½ acres –s. T/ Ca;;; N.E. causeway e. country road; x w. 8. Whittemore; s w, Mill pond ¼ acre marsh. adj. E. T. Cll. J. Penny; else on Mill pond; given by Joan Larkin to Joannn, mother of J.D.; 1720, rec. 1729.

Benjamin 3. Mar. Margaret ………. Issue. ------i. Margaret, bapt. June 4, 1738, ii. Lucy, b. June (bapt. 10) 1739 – Estate – Tax abated for 1710, run away; taxed 1742

Jesse 4. From Lunenburg; notified 1764. Estate –Taxed 1764

William 5. mar. Katherine………. He, with wife and child. Katherine from Lincoln, notified 1765

Hosea 6. Mar. Sarah Hovfy, Nov. 8, 1801. ii. Tabitha-Robbinsy 6, 1807.
Estate – With John Hovey, buys of Towne, lot – n w, River st. (40 wwide) 105; on Holden mort. Lot, re’t this day of O. 11. – s w, Box st. 33; N L, O. 13. 31; N W 1. Rand 36; S E, J. Brasier heirs 39; Oct. 14, 1807

Rueben 7. Mar. Mary Oliver of Bostonrch 18, 1798
Estate – Buys of C. and C. Henley. J. and R. T. Soley, as follows, 1866. To Joan Southwick, above, “the house Ilive in” – N, Bartholomew Raymond; 5. W. Gray; E. street through the Training field aa; w. 30 sft. Street 1; 180G “Dodge valued aa perches 1;18 ft., 1798

David 8. Writing-master; Town-Clerk 1811-1817, 1825-1847; first City-Clerk 1947-1816; His portrait hangs in the Public Library reading room; m. Mary ----------- Issue. – 1. Benjamin Franklin, b. at Hillsboro, NH, July 19, 1798; d. 1799 -ii. Horace, Aug. 23, 1800, Amherst; died 1816; -iii. Mary , b. April 22, 1802 at A. –iv. Susannay 18, 1801 at Dunstable. – v. David, b. April 8, 1806, at l). –vi. Jane, Jan 18, 1808, here. –vii. Minerva-Ester, Oct. 10, 1809. –viii Elizabeth, Dec. 28, 1811. –ix. Martha-Ann, Jan 1, 1820

Ruth 9. Mar. Joseph Carter [27 1728]

Martha 10. At N. Tuft’s from Camb.; notified 1751

Elizabeth 11. Of Littleton from Camb.; at p. Tufts Jr.’s; notified 1759
Martha 12. Single; from Groton; notified 1762

Nancy 13. Mar. Isaac Pratt [21] 1794

Charlestown - Deaths

Josiah Dodge, Constable (Charlestown, 1695)

Chelsea, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Augusta E. [---------], w. of Daniel W., June 15, 1832 G.R.3
Benjamin F., Feb. 27, 1840 G.R.3
Charlotte E.,, d. of John H. and Charlotte M., Nov. 12, 1849
Daniel W.y 23, 1829 G.R.3
Ellen R., d. of Benj[ami]n and Rebecca, 17th day, 12th mo., 1841 (Nov. 17, 1841, G.R.3)
Frank, s. of George A. and Mary, Dec. 3, 1849
George A., Oct. 11, 1813 G.R.2
George F., ----------, 1847 G.R.3
Harriet K., d. of Benj[ami]n and Rebecca W.y 25, 1848
John F., ------, 1836 G.R.3
Mary B. {----}, w. of William O., ---------, 1832 G.R.3
Mary L., Nov. 26, 1824 G.R.2
Sarah J., -----, 1844 G.R.3
William O, ---------, 1830 G.R.3


Lydia H. (p. int.) of Salem, and Abial Cudworth, Aug. 25, 1836


Harriet H., d. of Benj[ami]n and Rebecca W., Oct. 24, 1849 (Oct. 15, 1849, G.R.3), a 1 y. 5 m. Lung Fever
Ralph W. E., s. of Benjamin and Rebecca W., Nov. 30, 1836, a. 11 m.G.R.3
Waldo Emerson, s. Benjamin and Rebecca W., Oct. 3, 1835, a. 1 y. 5 m. G.R.3
Dorcester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

George and Sarah G. Snow of Boston. Int. July 27, 1844
Richard Dodge & Venus Bradee (Negroes) both of Dorchester, June 20th, 1796


Abby Caroline, d. George and Sarah G., Jan 5, 1847
Andrew T. (in Boston) s. Andrew and Sarah M., Sept. 23, 1840
Ann Sarah, d. George and Sarah G., June 6, 1845
Arahel C. (Should this be Asahel C.?)(in Nashua, NH), s. Andrew and Sarah M., Jan. 2, 1835
Francis M. (in Boston), s. Andrew and Sarah M., Dec. 28, 1842
Georgetta, d. George and Sarah G., Oct. 8, 1848
Harriet E. (in Dracut), d. Andrew and Sarah M., Aug. 18, 1831
Lemuel p. (in Nashua, N.H.) s. Andrew and Sarah M., Sept. 9, 1832
Sarah M. (in Lowell), d. Andrew and Sarah M., Feb. 26, 1837

Abby Caroline, d. George and Sarah, Feb. 20, 1847, 7 d.
Revere, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Jane Dodge and Ephraim Sale, b. March 19, 1762, son of John Sale and Sarah Floyd, m. in Boston, Sept. 23, 1798


John F. Dodge was a signer to a document petitioning the Massachusetts legislature to change the name of North Chelsea to Revere. March 24, 1871

June 16, 1775, at Chelsea, Richard Dodge was chosen as a major in Samuel Gerrish’s regiment.
Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Charles H., s. Ephriam. Teamster, and Ann, Oct. 27, 1845
Clarome S., d. Levi, school master, and Emily E., Jan. 28, 1848
Frances J., d. Solomon, laborer, and Jane, Nov. 1, 1846


Ann M., b. Tunbridge, St., d. Apr 20,1847, a 29 yr, consumption
Frances J., d. July 27, 1847, a. 9 mo., cholera infantum
------------, ch. Solomon, d. Aug. 8, 1846, a. 3 yr.


Andrew V., and Sarah A. Milkin. Int. May 5, 1847
Augusta L. of Shirley, and Robert Somerby, int. June 7, 1847
Daniel, and Caroline Calrk of Amherst, N.H., int. Nov. 27, 1834
Ebenezer, jr. and Anne [Ann. Int.] Bennett, Aug. 3, 1845 *
Hannah C., 2nd m., a. 37 y., b. N.H., d. George Blanchard, and Harry Allen, 2d m., a. 55 y., Pianoforte maker, b. Leominster, s. Silas, Oct. 5, 1849
Harriet, a. 20 y., d. Ebenezer and Mary, and Edward Lang, jr., a 23 y., carpenter, s. Edward and Eliza, Jan. 23, 1848*
Sarah F., d. Eben[eze]r and Mary, and John McInnes, overseer in carpet factory, s. John and Nancy, Jan. 23, 1849.*
Solomon, and Jane F. Clarkey 20, 1840*

Sophia DODGEMAN and Thomas Byrom, Sept. 25, 1832