Essex County, Massachusetts
Those towns that have an asterick to the right of the name have so many Dodges listings that they each have their own page.
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Amesbury Andover Beverly* Boxford Bradford Danvers* Essex Georgetown Gloucestor*
Hamilton* Haverhill Ipswich*
Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts

Abigail Dodge [int.] and Wells Davis, Apr. 25, 1811 C.R. 2*
Mary Ann Dodge of Ipswich and William Frye, int. May 13, 1842
Moses Dodge of Newburyport and Susan Webster, int. Oct. 11, 1834


Elizabeth Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia, Mar. 17, 1813
Enos, s. Enos and Lydia, July --, 1820
Eveline Dodge, s. Amos, hostler, and Angeline, at Boston, Oct. 24, 1846
Hepzabeth Dodge, s. ZADOCK AND Lydia, Dec. 11, 1806
Jona[than] Beverly Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia, Feb. 11, 1811
Lydia Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia, Feb. 2, 1806
Sarah Haskel, d. Enos and Lydia, July 12, 1809
Tammy Sawyer Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia, Nov. 12, 1807
--------, ch Tammy, Oct. 18, 1827 (musdt have been an illegitimate birth and possibly child died)
Andover, Essex County,Massachusetts

Abigail Dodge, Mrs., of Tamworth, N.H. and Mark Newman Esq., int. Oct. 21, 1814
Abner Dodge of Bridgton and Sarah Barker, Feb. 21, 1804
Enos Dodge and Lydia Beverly, May 23, 1809* (does this mean that Lydia was also a Dodge?)
Jammy S. Dodge[Tammy p. C.R.2] and William Town, Mar 10, 1831*
Margaret E. F. Dodge, and Simon Wardell, 2d, int. Aug. 14, 1830
Mary Dodge of Boxford and Daniel Cummings at Boxford, Feb. 28, 1782*
Phebe W. H. Dodge and Samuel Woodbridge, Jr. Feb. 10, 1825*
Sarah H. Dodge and Andrew Town, Nov. 26, 1829*
Tho[mas] Dodge of Newburyport and Nancy Trull, Dec. 11, 1817*
William Dodge of Wenham, and Hannah Goldsmith, Nov. 23, 1780*


Ann Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia, Aug. 29, 1838, a. 15 y.
Asa Dodge [b. Salem. C.R.1] at Mrs. Elizabeth Poor’s, Jan. 17, 1825.
Enos Dodge, July 17, 1838, a. 57 yr.
Hannah Dodge, wid., old age, bur. At Beverly, Mar 10, 1807, a. 88y C.R.2
Joel Dodge, consumption, Mar. 9, 1835, a. 20 y C.R.2
Lydia Dodge, d. Enos and Lydia, Apr. 16, 1830, a. 25 y. [a. 24 y. C.R.2]
Lydia Dodge, wid. Enos [consumption C.R.2], Jan 5, [4.C.r.2] 1840, a. 58 y.
Susan Dodge, s. Enos and Lydia [consumption C.R.2] June 4, 1834 [a. 17y. C.R.2]


ANN Dodge, bur. June 17, 1810, a. 62 y. C.R.2

Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts

Daniel Dodge, s. Solomon, bp. June 16, 1745. C.R.2
Isaac Dodge, s. Isaac and Abigaill, Apr. 15, 1746
Isaac Dodge, s. Nicholas bp. Aug, 2, 1767 C.R.1
Lydia Dodge, s. Nicholas, bp. July 10, 1763 C.R.1
Mehitable Dodge, s. Isaac and Mehitable, June 10, 1732
Moses Dodge, s. Ebenezer, bp. Mar 8, 1778 C.R.1
Moses Tyler Dodge, s. Isaac and Mehitable, June 29, 1739
Nabby Dodge, s. Isaac and Abegail, Mar 20, 1744-5
Nancy Dodge, d. Isaac and Mehitable, Dec. 18, 1736
Prudance Dodge, d. Isaac and Abegail, Feb. 10, 1747-8
Ruth Dodge, d. Isaac and Mehitable, May 8, 1742
Sarah Dodge, d, Colomon, bp. Nov. 6, 1743 C.R.2
Solomon Dodge, s. Solomon, bp. Aug 16, 1747 C.R.2


Anna Dodge, and Mark How of Methuen, at Methuen, Apr. 18, 1776*
Daniel Dodge of Topsfield and Mary Dodge, Dec. 7, 1778*
Isaac Dodge of Wenham and Mahittabel Tiller, int. Aug. 18, 1728
Isaac Dodge and Abigail Tyler, Apr. 12, 1744*
Isaac Dodge of Wenham and Mehitable Tyler at Wenham, Apr. 1, 1758
Joanna Dodge and Ambrose Hall [Hale. C.R.1] Dec. 11, 1723
Mary Dodge and John Brown of ------, N.H. int. Feb. 18, 1775
Mary Dodge and Daniel Dodge of Topsfield, Dec. 7, 1778*
Mary Dodge and Daniel Cummings of Andover, Feb. 28, 1782
Solomon Dodge Jr., a. 34 y., farmer, b. at Rowley, s. Solomon and Martha, and Hannah M. Todd, a. 34 y. of Rowley, d. Henry B. and
Priscilla, June 8, 1848 {July 8 C.R.I.]
William Dodge, Dea. Of Wenham and Joanna Herrick, Aug. 11, 1806*


Daniel Dodge, s. Solomon, Oct. 31, 1747, a. 3 y. C.R.2
Mehetable Dodge, w. Isaac, Dec. 30, 1742, a. 31 y. C.R.2
Sarah Dodge, d. Solomon, Oct. 27, 1747, a. 4 y. C.R.2
Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts

Joshua Dodge of Brookfield and Abig[ai]l Bailey, Nov. 11, 1760 C.R.1
Mehitable Dodge of Sutton, and Amos Mulllicken, at Sutton, Feb. 28, 1750-51
Sophia Dodge, and Daniel Gowen of Haverhill, May 20, 1806 [1807 C.R.1]
Essex, Essex County, Massachusetts

Martha Ann Dodge, d. Moses, yeoman, and Lucy, Mar 26, 1846
William G., s. Moses, yeoman, and Lucy, Sept. 4, 1848


Abigail Dodge and Samuel Procter, Apr. 29, 1829*
Betsy Dodge and Dr. Josiah Lamson, Apr. 30, 1839 C.R.*
Grover Dodge s, Nehemiah and Miranda Low, d. Joshua and Mary, Dec. 8, 1843*
Margaret Dodge and Nathan Burnham [3d int.] Apr. [2 C.R.], 1840*
Melinda Dodge of Hamilton and William B. Jackson, int. Spet. 14, 1838
Moses Dodge of Gloucester, and Lucy Gorten, int. Spet. 21, 1839
Nehemiah [jr. int.]. and Elizabeth Choate, Apr. 7, 1834 C.R.*


Abigail Dodge, wid. Grover, Mar. 31, 1836, a. 91 y. C.R.
Grover Dodge, old age, Dec. 29, 1931 C.R.
Moses Dodge, m., laborer, b. Gloucester, s. Moses and Anna, consumption, July 26, 1849. A. 37 y. 11 m.
Nehemiah, yeoman, b.Hamilton, s. Parker and Hannah, dysentery, Aug. 17, 1848, a. 79 y. 8 mo. 14 d.
--------, w. Nehemiah, Dec. 21, 1832, a. 57 y. C.R.
---------, ch. [s C.R.] Moses, Dec. 19, 1840 [a. 2 d. C.R.]
Georgetown, Essex County, Massachusetts

Eliza M. Dodge of Rowley and George M. Nelson of Georgetown, Feb. 25, 1839
Martha p. Dodge of Rowley, a. 35 y. teacher, d. Martha and Solomon, and William Boynton of Georgetown, a 35 yr. , cabinet maker,
s. Ebenezer and Jane, Feb. 12, 1846


Phineas Dodge [h. Lucy. C.R.1.],Oct. 22, 1840, a. 70 yr

Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts

Antipas, s. David and Martha (Esgate,) Mar. 5, 1737-8
David, s. David and Martha (Esgate), Sept. 29, 1740
Elisabeth, d. Ezra and Hannah (Whitting), Sept, 19, 1749
George C., s. Joshua, bp. Jan. 12, 1817 C.R.1
Harriet Elizabeth, d. Thomas, bp. Oct. 16, 1831. C.R.1
Joanna, d. David and Martha (Esgate), Mar. 7, 1734-5
Mary, d. David and Martha (Esgate), Mar. 7, 1734-5
Mary E., d. Joshua, bp. June 27, 1810 C.R.1
Mary Towne, d. --------, b. Sept. 1, 1849 C.R.5
Nathaniel S., s. Joshua, bp. June 27, 1810 C.R.1
Parker, s. David and Martha (Esgate) May 3, 1747
Samuel, s. David and Marthe (Esgate) , Sept. 13, 1743
Susanna, d. David and Martha (Esgate), Feb. 11, 1730-31


Allen Washington {Worthington C.R>1] Esq. Of New York City, and Eliza Green Tileston, Nov. 28, 1832*
Ann D. , of Hampton Fall, N.H., and John Keely, Nov. 27, 1834*
Bethiah, Mrs., and John Wood, int. Sept. 10, 1791
David, and Martha Esgate [bef. 1731]
Elizabeth, of Londonderry, and Joseph Whittaker, int. Nov. 6, 1824
Ephriam, of Beverly, and Hannah Whitting [bef. 1749]
Ezra of Beverly and Hannah Whitting [bef. 1749]
George H. of Hampton Falls, N.H., and Mary Keely, Nov. 26, 1835*
Gilman, and Eliza Eaton, Oct. 16, 1825
Joanna, of Opswich and Nathanael Balch of Beverly [bef. 1740]
Joseph, and Abigail White of Atkinson, Sept. 16, 1773
Joseph, Dea., 2d m., and Martha White, May 21, 1805*
Joshua, Rev., and Mary Shatswell of Opswich, int. Feb. 4, 1809
Judith, of Rowley and Thomas Peabody, int. Nov. 25, 1788
Lucy, a. 40 y, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, and Samuel A{lexander. Int] Garwood, a. 40 y., farmer, s. James and Elizabeth, Apr. 25, 1848*
Nancy, and Samuel Dearbon of Bradford, Aug. 25, 1801*
Rebecca, of Lunenburg, and Lt. Nathaniel Eaton, May 8, 1766
Rebecca, of Francistown, N.Y. and John Gardner, int. Aug. 11, 1844
Sophia, of Bradford, and Daniel Gowin, int. Apr. 18, 1807
Thomas, and Deborah [T. int.] Brickett, Sept. 2, 1830*
Thomas, 2d. m., a. 46 y. , carpener, s. Thoms and Elizabeth, and [Mrs. Int.] Lucy A. C. Dow, 2nd m., a. 32 y., d. James and Abigail Foss, May 15, 1849*


Abigail (White), w. Joseph [inflamation on brain. C.R.1], Dec. 28, 1805 [a. 58 y. C.R.1]
Deborah T., w. Thomas, anemia, Aug. 21, 1848, a. 41 y. 7 d.
Eben[eze]r, Apr. 28, 1779, in his 30th y. G.R.1
George Cleaves, s. Rev. Joshua and Mary [liver complaint. C.R.1] July 7, 1817, a. 7 m. C.R.1
Gilman, h. Eliza (Eaton) , at Boston, Jan. 13, 1841
Joanna, d. David and Martha {Esgate}, Oct. 20, 1735
Joseph, h. Martha (White), at Salem, Nov. 28, 1822
Martha (White), w. Dea. Joseph [consumption. C.R.1], June 11, 1816 [ a. 68 y. C.R. 1; a. 67 ym. G.R.1]
Susanna, d. David and Martha (Esgate), Mar. 29, 1731