Documents concerning the family of Josiah Rogers Dodge
These were researched by Barbara Middleton
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Henry Dodge/Lourena/Laurena Jolly belong to the family line of Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge.

E. Louis Dodge, another Dodge possibly linked to this family
Information about Henry's son, Sherman Tecumseh Dodge
View the Marriage Affidavit of John Dodge to Louisa Meyers.

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When you click on this thumbnail to see the larger view, notice the name of Diodumy Dodge. This is Diadamus Dodge, daughter of Rev. Josiah Dodge.
All of the items on this page are either related to Henry Dodge/Lourena/Laurena Jolly, or the family of Rev. Josiah Dodge. We had them on one page in the hopes that this would help to solve the Henry Dodge/Lourena/Laurena Jolly mystery. This family is a mystery no more. Henry was a grandson of Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge and the son of Josiah Dodge and his first wife Druscilla Hendricks